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Monday, September 1, 2014

Orgasmic Potato: George Carlin- Honesty and Bill Clinton: Imagine Honest Politicians in America

Source: Orgasmic Potato-
Source: Orgasmic Potato: George Carlin- Honesty and Bill Clinton

Americans all the time say they want their public officials to be honest. But let’s be real for a minute and then we can go back to the bullshit. When Public Officials are honest, they tend to get fired and what do public officials tend to care most about, again goes to being real? Their jobs, which is exactly why they say one thing to one crowd and another thing to another crowd. They are pro-gun control in big cities. And pro-2nd Amendment in rural areas. When they know they need the votes of both groups to get reelected.

But lets take a moment to look at what an honest world and political system would look like. And what it would look like if our public officials said whatever they wanted. Only spoke the truth at least to their best ability, remember our public officials are people to. (Shocking I know) So at least we believe, more educated than the general public, but just as capable of screwing up. Just look at their bad decisions and their political scandals. So remember they only spoke the truth and I’ll give you an example of what that would look like.

Imagine there’s a bill in the House or Senate that subsidize what’s called the Green Energy Industry. And lets says Sen. Jones lets call this Senator voted against the bill. And Sen. Jones also takes a lot of political contributions from the oil industry. And after the vote Sen. Jones is asked “why did you vote against the Clean Energy Act”? And Sen. Jones says “because I’m in the pocket of the oil industry. So far in I can’t get out”. Sen. Jones would probably get fired the next election and be fired not only because they were bought by special interests. But also for being honest.

To use another example lets say Sen. Smith up for reelection in Ohio lets say on the campaign trail. A voter who lives in lets say Cleveland, doesn’t like the congested traffic. And the fact their kids go to crumbling schools and would like to see more funding from the Federal Government. Along with his taxes cut because they are already too high. Sen. Smith being a supporter of infrastructure investment in the past, normally would try to help out his constituent Joe Wilson, but the problem is the country is facing a huge budget deficit.

And will be going through deficit reduction the next year and even though Sen. Smith is on the Appropriations Committee, knows that the money won’t be there for new infrastructure investment. And since he has to be honest, tells Mr. Wilson “I would love to help you, but we have a huge deficit issue and just passed a large tax hike in this Congress to deal with the federal deficit. And even though we’ve already raised your taxes, unless we do that again, raise the gas tax, I can’t get you new funding for roads and schools”. What would happen, Sen. Smith would lose the vote of Mr. Wilson but the votes of many others as well. And for what, for telling the truth.

Our political system is only as good as the people who are in it and our politicians are only as good as the people who vote for them. So if you want your politicians to be honest and represent you. You have to acknowledge that they are are going to say things that you don’t like. A lot of times the truth hurts and if you can’t handle the truth as Jack Nicholson said, vote for the schmuck (and you’ll have plenty of choices) Who’s only interested in getting elected and reelected and leaving office making a lot of money. But if it’s a real person you want representing you, be prepared to hear things you don’t like.