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Monday, September 29, 2014

Gary Johnson: Video: MSNBC's Alex Witt Interviews Gary Johnson in 2012

This post was originally posted at FRS Daily Times on Blogger, January, 2012

I don’t believe Gary Johnson is running for President, especially with the Libertarian Party because he believes he’ll be elected President of the United States in 2012. Or even have a good shot of being elected President. The LP simply doesn’t have the ballot access needed to win enough votes for their presidential candidate to be elected President. But that hopefully Gary Johnson is running for President especially for the LP, because he wants to get more attention and publicity for the Libertarian Party.  

And the broader Libertarian movement and put them on the map. And to tell voters especially Independent and Libertarian voters, that there are other choices out there, than just the Democratic and Republican parties. And that they don’t have to settle for Democrats or Republicans. Or left to vote for a third-party candidate that has no shot of winning. And feel left to wonder if you threw your vote away. But to encourage Independents and Libertarians that are anti-big government and believe in individual liberty, to "check out the Libertarian Party and make their political home there.
The Libertarian Party is the largest third-party in American politics. But thats not saying much, considering they still lack the political access to be a major threat to Democrats and Republicans. But if you look at the libertarian movement in the Republican Party with Ron Paul and the liberal movement in the Democratic Party, that are against things like the War on Drugs, Patriot Act, indefinite detention, Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, invading Iran, support legalizing marijuana, gambling, same-sex marriage and other things, there's a real movement for Libertarians.  
There’s enough voters out there for the LP, especially as young people tend to get more liberal and libertarian and tolerant as we move along as a society, that not this year and probably not by 2014, but within 10-20 years if the LP brings in these voters and recruits them to run for public office and recruits credible political candidates people that are actually qualified for the public offices that they are running for, something that the LP hasn’t always done, that the LP could become the official third party in America.
Gary Johnson’s Presidential Campaign is not about winning in 2012. But promoting the LP and broader Libertarian movement in American politics. And if they can get Ron Paul to drop the GOP and join the LP, they would have another credible candidate to join the cause. And build the LP to the point that it could take on Democrats and Republicans and actually win.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Iconic: Muhammad Ali- Interview on Not Joining The U.S. Army

Source: Iconic-
Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Times Plus

One thing that I respect about Muhammad Ali is that no one pushed him around for the most part. Except for Don King perhaps with all the money he screwed Muhammad out of as his promoter in the 1970s. And Muhammad perhaps the most famous athlete in the world not just in the United States in the 1960s. Who was at the heart of the American civil rights movement because of his race.

But also because of Muhammad’s intelligence and the attention that he could bring to himself and because of how honest he was and wasn’t nice to the American establishment no matter the race. And always said exactly what was on his mind so when he said he was against the Vietnam War in the mid 1960s. Like most people in his generation and was not going to fight against a country that never harmed him. Or denied him his freedom and constitutional rights because of his race and his complexion to fight against a country that never hurt him.

Muhammad wasn’t going to fight for a country that was trying to hold him down and when he said “I’m not going to fight for a country that’s been trying to hold me down, because of my race to fight against a country that never called me Nigger”. And so-forth and he was being honest and serious. Muhammad was the Malcolm X of professional sports as far as someone who knew American history and the state of the African-American community.

And what African-Americans were going through and wasn’t going to take trash from anyone and be pushed around. Just like Malcolm X even if it meant his life. Malcolm was assassinated something that Muhammad has avoided. Muhammad was going to live his own life and try to help people that he felt he could and make a positive difference where he could and because of his intelligence. And his personality that he wasn’t going to sacrifice his own freedom. And his own constitutional right to stand up for what he believed even if it meant getting his boxing career back. To fight for a cause that he believed was unjust.

What you see in this interview is Muhammad Ali being himself. And the interviewer bringing up for example all the money that not taking part in being drafted into the U.S. Army to fight in the Vietnam War and so-forth and losing his World Heavyweight Boxing Championship. And his boxing license and the millions of dollars that came with that and Muhammad saying that “yeah I could have that”. But I’m not going to take it at the cost of my freedom. Muhammad Ali wasn’t going to be bought.
Iconic: Muhammad Ali- On Not Joining The U.S. Army

Friday, September 26, 2014

City TV Official: Video: Expos Should Come Back to Montreal

This post was originally posted at FRS Daily Times on WordPress, July, 2013

Build it and it will come, which is a famous line from a baseball movie. Montreal needs a modern baseball park that can support the team and allow for the team to be popular there. And then the people of Montreal and the Province of Quebec need to support this franchise. With a management group with the resources and commitment to winning and baseball can be successful in Montreal and always be there. 

But even if that all happens and that is still and if and a major if, Major League Baseball with the way it is currently set up with twenty-nine franchises in America, would probably not be the right home for the Expos. Not saying that they should be a AAA club. But playing at least half of their games every year in another country and taking long road trips to play just their division games in the National league or American League like they use to, might not work again. 

If Canada wants professional baseball again, let alone major league baseball, than their big cities including Montreal needs to step up. And say "we are ready for professional baseball again and perhaps even Major League Baseball". And build their own Canadian League with MLB being part of that and expanding in Canada. Eight to ten clubs in Canada with two divisions and a national series. 

If that were to work, then MLB might be able to expand in America again to support the new CBL and you could see an MLB-CBL merger and create a real North American Continental Series to decide the pro-club championship of North American baseball. But putting the Expos or whatever the new Montreal club would be called back in the National League or moving them to the American League long-term, I don't believe would work again. 

Canada needs to step up with major league caliber ballparks in their big cities. Like Montreal, Ottawa, Hamilton, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and perhaps even in Toronto the Blue Jays long-term and put the Blue Jays in this new major Canadian league to be able to compete long-term with America when it comes to Major League Baseball. And the way pro baseball would succeed again in Canada and be there indefinitely.  
Montreal Olympic Stadium 

Bill Lee= Who Killed the Montreal Expos

To put it simply what killed the Montreal Expos was lack of support. Lack of support from the fans by the late 1990s they were drawing 5-10K fans a game for their home games. And Expos fans might say that the team wasn’t very good, but when you're only drawing 5-10K fans a game and you do not even have local media contracts like TV and radio, its hard to have the resources to put good teams on the field.  
But even with the lack of support from the City of Montreal and the Province of Quebec, Montreal was a solid, but never a great baseball market in the late 1970s and 1980s and to a certain extent in the 1990s. But by the late 1990s when you are only seven thousand fans a game with is a AAA minor league crowd, you aren’t going to have the resources to compete with the big clubs that are consistent winners who are drawing thirty thousand a game or more like the New York Mets and Atlanta Braves to use as examples.
Then you throw in the fact that the Expos were basically stuck playing their home games in a football stadium that was built for the 1976 Summer Olympics, that held sixty five thousand fans after moving from a baseball park in Jarry Field, you are now playing in a big stadium where people do not want to go to watch baseball. But would go to watch Canadian football and rock concerts. 
But not a very good baseball environment where the seats were far away and where people in Montreal had better things to do and you add that baseball is probably the third or fourth most popular sport in Montreal behind hockey of course, but football and even soccer, the Expos weren’t built to last at least in Montreal Olympic Stadium. Had they ever gotten a real ballpark that seated 35-40 thousand fans and had a management that was committed to winning and staying in Montreal and spending money, but spending money wisely, the Expos are probably still in business today.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Rusty Staub: Video: Rusty Staub Visits Montreal: Jarry Park, the Former Home of the Montreal Expos

This post was originally posted at FRS Daily Times on WordPress, July, 2013

One of the first mistakes that the Expos made was moving out of a baseball park in Jarry Park and moving into a football stadium in Montreal Olympic Stadium that is huge. That people didn’t like watching baseball in and if the Expos needed a new baseball park, a football stadium that was fairly well-suited for football and soccer, was not the way to go. 

But instead build a modern Jarry Park for the Expos, or perhaps a dome stadium where the roof opens. But design it for baseball, which is how the Montreal Olympic Stadium was supposed to be designed for in the beginning. What the Expos got instead in the late 70s was a football stadium with a roof that didn't open and a concrete hard astroturf field in Montreal Olympic Stadium. Just the Expos were starting to become pretty good. And the franchise probably would’ve been saved in Montreal with very good teams. That Montreal and the Province of Quebec would’ve supported.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

NBC: The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson- Ann Margret & Johnny Talking About the Middle Ages

Source: NBC- Ann-Margret-
Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Times Plus

Ann Margret saying that she doesn’t live in the past or the future. Well that would be physically impossible to do anyway, unless you have a time machine. But I take her point that lives in the present and takes it day by day. She also said she doesn’t know what middle age is. I could understand that with the face and body that she still had this point and perhaps today. When you’re that adorable and then add gorgeous to that. how you supposed to know what middle age is. Because you’re always baby-face and gorgeous. Ann Margret is one of the top goddess’s that this world has ever produced. And I’m just glad she left her native Sweden for America as a little girl, or perhaps the rest of the world never knows that. Or at least not to the degree that we know today. A hot baby-face women with a great body, who can act sing and dance and make you laugh. Just so sweet looking like she couldn’t scare a fly even if you wanted to and looking like she would never want to.
NBC: The Tonight Show With Johnny Cason- Ann-Margret

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

PBS: NewsHour- Robert MacNeil & Jim Lehrer: Introducing the Watergate Hearings

Source: PBS NewsHour- U.S. Senator Sam Irwin, D, NC-
Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Times Plus

If you are familiar with C-SPAN or the Cable Special Public Affairs Network, well the PBS coverage of the 1973 U.S. Senate Watergate hearings is basically the early days of C-SPAN. Gavel to gavel coverage of a major invent in Congress which this was and what they did like what C-SPAN does. Is just show what happened and let the people decide for themselves what it meant and so forth.

Which is exactly what PBS was doing without breaking in to have an analyst explain what the people were watching. But would have the people be able to make those decisions for themselves. Which was basically the early days of what I call PBS News. The news operation over at PBS that produces shows like the NewsHour, Frontline, Washington Week and so forth.

And allowed Americans to be able to see for themselves what Watergate was and what it meant for themselves. With a lot of the key actors in the whole Watergate affair and is a great example of what journalism should be rather than talk down to the audience with so-called experts allow for them to see for themselves what is happening.
PBS: NewsHour- Robert MacNeil & Jim Lehrer: Introducing The Watergate Hearings in 1973

C-SPAN: The Contenders- Ross Perot Preview

Source: C-SPAN-
Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Times Plus

Ross Perot not that he ever had a real shot at being elected President of the United States, but his style of politics and what he believed in and the people he represents and spoke for and represents how Independent Center-Right political candidates can get elected in America. And I put Ross Perot on the Center-Right in American politics because he is a true fiscal Conservative who believes in fiscal responsibility, not running up debt and deficits.

Ross Perot believes in limited government and that everything that government does has to be limited to what we need it to. Not do not what we want it to do and that all government including entitlement programs have to be efficient and affordable. But someone who was tolerant to moderate on social issues. Who didn’t push those issues and didn’t believe the Federal Government should be involved in them in most cases and would probably leave the states to deal with them.

He was sort of an Eisenhower or Ford Republican whose philosophy was based around accountability. And limiting government to doing the things that we need it to do and do those things well. Who represents roughly forty percent of the country and how people of this mindset could do well in the future especially if they put together one party that represents this whole movement.
C-SPAN: The Contenders- Ross Perot Preview

AJ Fowler: Huey Long- Share the Wealth

The progressive or even socialist side of Huey Long coming out that basically no one is entitled to a certain amount of money in society. Other than to meet their basic needs even if they create all of that money for themselves. Not sure if Huey was supporting let’s say an excise-tax on wealthy individuals to give to the people who do not have enough money or not.

With this excise tax going to government and then government decides how much money individuals need which is part of the socialist philosophy of there shouldn’t be any rich, middle or poor people and that it’s the job of the central government to prevent that from happening. That the central government should collect the nation’s resources and then give them back based on what they believe people need to live well.

And the central government does this by basically collecting most of the resources in society and then giving that money back to people based on what it believes that people need to live well. I’ll look it up in the future to see if that’s what Senator Huey Long believed in. But from this video he did seem to believe that it was it was unfair for a few people to be so rich while others are struggling. And that government should play a bigger role to see that no one is poor and perhaps no one is rich.
AJ Fowler: Huey Long- Share The Wealth

Monday, September 22, 2014

C-SPAN: Political Humorist Molly Ivins- Talking About Ross Perot From 1992

Source: C-SPAN-
Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Times Plus

Ross Perot is classical version of take the good with the bad. As Molly Ivins I believe was explaining that there is a lot to like about the man. And had I actually been old enough to vote in 1992 instead of sixteen years old, I probably would’ve at least considered voting for him. But his weakness’ in a lot of way outweighed his strengths. Because he’s got a Texas sized ego in a New Hampshire size body who thinks a hell of a lot of himself.

And whenever he’s doing something, he tends to give people the idea that what he’s doing is about him. Even as much as he couldn’t stop reminding people in 1992 that he was running for president for the good of the country and I’m sure part of that was true, but he tended to give people the idea that he was the only one who could save the country.

I believe a good way to describe the Ross Perot was that he was a great visionary, but not someone you want quarterbacking your team or a government kinda like a good head coach who didn’t have enough skills to play quarterback very well or play other positions. But someone you might want on the sidelines calling the plays.
C-SPAN: Political Humorist Molly Ivins- Talking About Ross Perot

Daniel JB Mitchell: Huey Long Seen as Threat to FDR in 1930s

Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Times Plus

Franklin Roosevelt and Huey Long were very similar Progressive Democrats in that they were both economic Progressives who believed in things like infrastructure investment funded by the public and making American capitalism work for more people. But there were several differences in the two and they mostly resulted around character.

Franklin had a lot of it and wasn’t a corrupt man or a corrupt politician looking to become some dictator over the United States. Huey was exactly that, but a dictator over Louisiana first as Governor where he basically ran the whole state under his leadership and when he left the Louisiana governors mansion to serve in Congress as a Senator, he was still running Louisiana.

But now Huey Long as a U.S. Senator had more national power and since these two men were similar ideologically at least on economic-policy, President Roosevelt saw Senator Long as a threat to his leadership and power and someone who needed to be put down. But Huey Long would’ve gone down anyway because of his lifestyle and how he carried himself in office.
Daniel JB Mitchell: Huey Long Seen as Threat to FDR in The 1930s

Lovely Lesean: Sexy Women Have Curves- Healthy Sexy Women

Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Times Plus

There a lot of things to me that can make women sexy. But it mostly gets to how they carry themselves. How they act and if they are just being themselves, whoever they are. Thats more impressive to me, even if they are as dull as a glass of milk, than a women trying to be someone else, even a women who’s very impressive.

Intelligent women who know who they are and are intelligent. And actually like themselves, which might be the most important part of all. But then are also attractive, pretty or better, beautiful would be even better. Gorgeous which to me anyway is a step above beautiful and then hot which beats them all. And of course very cute, but in a sexy way, so she’s definitely a grown up. But looks younger than she is and is sexy and not cute like a little girl.

And throw in a real body, not an obese women who can’t see her feet and doesn’t know what its like to have a full stomach. And doesn’t even know how to exercise, let alone exercises. Or a rail thin women who doesn’t eat full meals and if anything drinks too much water. Who doesn’t work out to keep herself in shape and essentially starves herself. Women like that aren’t sexy to me either. Real women have curves and real women are sexy. Because they love and take care of themselves.

A beautiful if not gorgeous sexy cute well built women, who eats full balance meals, works out stays in shape and then knows how to showcase her body, not to be a slut or look like a whore, but knows she’s sexy and likes guys and of course they’ll like her, if they aren’t blind and like women, then you're talking about a very sexy women, a beautiful, cute, well-built, intelligent, confident women. Who’s real and not trying to be anyone else. Because she loves her own skin.
Lovely Lesean: Fashion Nova Try on Haul! Curvy Girl Friendly

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Cesar Zapata: Sexy Dallas Party Girls

Source: FRS Daily Times Plus
Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Times Plus

A very sexy women and party girl who knows how to get guys attention. She has a great body and knows how to show it off with legs and a butt that look like they were designed for skinny jeans and boots. She would look great in both skinny denim and leather jeans. This is what sexy women look like, at least to me. Not pale rail-thing valley looking girls. Or women with the so-called ghetto booties that look like they have a couple of basketball balls for an ass.

Sexy women are physically healthy and take care of them self at least to the point where they can afford to go out and get waisted and let it all hang out with out a lot of damage coming to them. Because they keep in good shape and work out and then reward themselves and guys as well by how they present themselves in the tight jeans and boots and showing off their bodies and moving around on those outfits.
Cesar Zapata: Sexy Dallas Party Girls

NHIOP: Al From- New Democrats and The Return To Power

Source: C-SPAN- Al From-
Source: This piece was originally posted at The New Democrat

I’m a Liberal Democrat and a New Democrat and yes those are the same things. Except I might be more liberal than New Democrats today on some social issues, especially civil liberties. Especially since 9/11 where I believe we can’t have security without liberty. That they need each other and New Democrats today since 9/11 tend to side more on security than liberty. Hillary Clinton would be a perfect example of that. But the New Democrats are the Liberals in the Democratic Party and I’m going to explain that.

The New Democratic philosophy is not Republican light or sounding more progressive or socialist. And moving past the New Deal and Great Society and creating a real welfare state in America. But is about building off the principles of the Founding Fathers in America. And that individual liberty is for everyone. And not just European-American men, but the entire country regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religion, family income. And using government to expand freedom and not government dependence.

The New Democratic philosophy is about individual liberty for everyone. It is not anti-government and having a government so small that it can’t help people in need. And let the market take care of the rest. Or a pro-big-government philosophy and using government to take care of everyone. But empowering everyone in need to be able to take care of themselves. And this blog covers a lot of different issues about what exactly that means. But New Democrats aren’t Social Democrats on the far-left or Moderate Conservatives on the center-right.

The New Democratic philosophy saved the Democratic Party and represents exactly how Bill Clinton won the White House in 1992. Because pre-1992 Democrats were seen as European Social Democrats who wanted to center most of the power in the country with a big government in Washington to take care of everyone. They were called Liberal Democrats even though the Democrats in charge who had most of the power in the Democratic Party were Social Democrats on the far-left and mainstream FDR New Deal Progressives. But they weren’t Liberals at least on economic policy and national security. 

By the time Bill Clinton left the White House in early 2001, Democrats were now clearly beating Republicans on most of the economic issues. By the time George W. Bush left the White House in early 2001, Democrats were now even beating Republicans on fiscal responsibility and the federal budget. That is the legacy of the New Democratic Coalition that it saved the Democratic Party. And made them a governing party again.

Central Florida Live: Sexy Party Girls Going Crazy at the Bar

Source: Central Florida Live- Party Girls- 
Source: FRS Daily Times Plus

Source: FRS Daily Times Plus- Party Girls 
About 10-15 years ago there was a show on the cable network E that was called Wild On, that was hosted by Brooke Burke. And they would literally go around the world looking for the wildest and craziest places to party. And would interview people there and they would especially cover what are called wild party girls. Very sexy young women who have a lot to drink and then go off and have a great time partying.
Source: FRS Daily Times- Florida party girl

In 2003-04 there was a syndicated show called ClubTV, that would do similar things and have similar coverage. But it was exclusively based in America and they would go to the wildest bars and you would see the wildest women, women who probably aren't even thirty-years old left having a lot to drink and going off that night. This is what this video reminds me of and as a guy it is a great thing to see and I'm glad there are sexy women willing to be this crazy in public.
Central Party Live: Exclusive Drunk Girls Shocking Behavior

Friday, September 19, 2014

PBS: Video: NewsHour: David Brooks & EJ Dionne on Ground Troops Debate

This post was originally posted at The New Democrat on Blogger

When was the last time that Congress had big bipartisan votes on anything? Both the House and Senate overwhelmingly voting in favor of President Obama getting America involved in Syria and Iraq to defeat ISIS or ISIL, depending on how you define what Secretary of State John Kerry calls, "The Enemy of Islam". The so-called Islamic group that wants to occupy the Levantine region of Arabia that includes both Iraq and Syria.

As far as Hillary Clinton in Iowa. I think it is pretty likely that Hillary Clinton will run for President in 2016 and perhaps will announce by the spring of 2015. Otherwise she doesn't have much business being at Senator Tom Harkin's political event last weekend. But as David Brooks and EJ Dionne pointed out, she won't have an easy ride to the Democratic nomination. She'll get pushed by both center and further Left Democrats to take hard stands on key issues in order to win the nomination.

As far as the battle for the U.S. Senate. Yeah Kanas is good news for Democrats this week. Because it means a popular Center-Left leaning Independent will be the main challenger to a very unpopular Republican Senator Pat Roberts in November. But as I've been talking about for months now, Kansas is not the only problem and thing that could keep Republicans from winning back the Senate in November. They are still defending Georgia and Kentucky where the Democratic challengers are running very strong. Tied in Kentucky against Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. Senate Republicans will may have to hold all three of these states in order to win back the Senate.

Dot Dotkins: Video: ESPN: AWA 1985: Curt Hennig vs. Nick Bockwinkel, From Winnipeg, Manitoba

This post was originally posted at FRS Daily Times on WordPress, April, 2013

Curt Hennig and Nick Bockwinkel, two of the best pound for pound pro wrestlers of all-time. I first got into AWA pro wrestling around 1987 or 88 when my parents finally got cable TV in the house. Curt Hennig was part of the World Wrestling Federation at that point. But Nick Bockwinkel the Ric Flair of the AWA, All Star Wrestling Association was still wrestling and winning championships in his early fifties at this point. And you can tell just by looking at him that he was in great shape. Still wrestling at two-hundred-fifty pounds of so and most of that being muscle.

Curt Hennig had his career cut somewhat short dying in the late 1990s or early 2000s, but someone who could do anything in the wrestling ring. He got bigger when he went into the WWF and WCW and wrestled at about two-fifty pounds or so, up from two-hundred thirty-five pounds from when he was in the AWA. But he was a classical wrestler who also had great athletic ability, strength and pure wrestling knowledge and intelligence. That made him a world champion several times.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Film Archives: C-SPAN: 1997 White House Correspondents Dinner Featuring President Bill Clinton and Comedian Job Stewart

This post was originally posted at The New Democrat on Blogger

President Bill Clinton was the Comedian in Chief. Because, For one he has a great sense of humor and has always had that and if you live the life he has, the life of riding a roller coaster full-time. Having to stop to vomit because of all of those rides and going from being up one second to falling flat on your face (the clean version) the next second, you would have to have a great sense of humor and be able to make fun of yourself to keep your sanity.

But President Clinton was also Comedian in Chief because of the time he was president. Running and getting elected President of the United States at the birth of the internet. Email and websites already up by 1992 and of course those things having not been fully developed. Like they were in the mid and late 1990s, but they were already there. Cell phones already around by 1992 and the phones you saw then look like the phones you saw by 1995 when cell phones became popular and cool and almost universal.

The twenty-four hour news cycle was big by the early 1990s and just got bigger during the Clinton Administration. With cable news plus the internet to go along with television and radio news along with print media. With these news organizations being addicted to the twenty-four hour news cycle. Having to be the first to report on a story that five people care about. Otherwise it could cost them a tenth of one rating point, or an entire newspaper or magazine subscription. 
President Clinton was also Comedian in Chief because of his hate squad, I mean opposition. Who actually turned out to be his best friends who saved him from himself. Because the American people had already decided they liked President Clinton and the job he was doing. And already accepted his flaws and decided they really didn’t like his opposition. Especially since these overly moral and extremely perfect people just also happened to be guilty of the same things that they were accusing President Clinton of. House Speaker Newt Gingrich comes to mind in a hot second. Who needs friends when you have enemies like this?
Once you become President of the United States, the number one sacrifice you give up and sacrifice is your privacy. The whole world is going to know about the same mistakes you and they make. Like having affairs when you are married with a daughter to a women half your age. Or raising money from other countries and you also have to know that your best friends, I mean opposition is going to accuse you of making the same mistakes and doing the same things they’ve done which is just the price of high power.
Comedian in Chief

Comedian in Chief

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

20th Century Vision: PBS MacNeil/Lehrer Report- 1988 Iowa Caucus: Democratic Candidates

Source: 20th Century Vision- David Gergen-
Source: This piece was originally posted at The New Democrat

Governor Michael Dukakis looked like the clear Democratic nominee for President as early as the summer of 1987 and was never really seriously challenged for that nomination. Representative Dick Gephardt was supposed to win the Iowa Caucus and that is exactly what he did being from Missouri and having so much support from organized labor and Iowa being a big organized labor state. Mike Dukakis being more of a New Democrat from Massachusetts even, which is probably not very common, who was to the right of Senator Ted Kennedy.

Mike Dukakis was the Democrat that the George H.W. Bush Campaign feared in 1988 and knew he could definitely beat them. And knew that voters especially Independents would probably like Dukakis who had a great personal and family story coming from a Greek immigrant family. Working his way up and making big success in life. Compared with George H.W. who was born to great wealth. And the Bush Campaign set to take Dukakis down as soon as he won the nomination, because they knew Dukakis would probably beat them otherwise.
20th Century Vision: PBC MacNeil/Lehrer Report- Iowa Caucus 1988

Monday, September 15, 2014

A&E: Shipping Wars Horse Ranch- Sexy Cowgirl Jennifer Brennan

Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Times Plus

I gotta be honest as a guy, (for a change) I'm not a fan of Shipping Wars on A&E. But I do watch the show occasionally (like when I have nothing better to do and I'm wide awake) and I do like Jennifer Brennan. She's I guest one of the contestants on the show, but they really aren't playing. They do this for a living, they buy stuff online that people have to sell and perhaps getting rid of. And they make their money by selling what they buy online for a profit. But they have to compete with each other in order to see who gets to buy and then try to sell the purchase. Sort of like an online auction.

Jennifer Brennan plays or I guess is this cowgirl or cowgirl wannabe who lives I believe in the South. Who is into a lot of Western style I guess products. And she looks like an acts like a cowgirl with the style, the way she talks, what she drives and how she carries herself. She's also highly annoying and adorable as the other players on the show would probably tell you. But very entertaining at the same time, and very attractive and sexy which makes the show (at times) worth watching for me.
A&E: Shipping Wars Horse Ranch- Cowgirl Jennifer Brennan

Love Forever: Sexy Women in Jeans in Boots

Source: Love Forever-

For the last ten years or so we’ve seen a lot of women going out at night and partying in tight denim jeans. Because they like to show off their tight bodies, no better way of doing that with pants than tight denim jeans. Especially tight dark wash denim jeans, while not being naked or wearing a mini skirt or short shorts. Clothing that might not be practical in cold winter weather in the Northeast and Midwest.

But tight denim jeans are practical all year around especially at night. But even as sexy as they are seeing a sexy women in tight denim jeans are from a guys point of view. I doubt for women they are very comfortable in hot humid summer weather that’s very common in the Mid Atlantic, Southeast, Mid South and Midwest. But they are still very common even in that weather as well.

They last 5-6 years we’ve also seen tight denim jeans on women worn with what I would call sexy boots. Leather boots and suede boots, especially leather boots with their tight denim jeans. We’ve seen women wear their boots over their jeans and under their jeans. The boots under tight denim jeans look has been around for over thirty years. With women and men, but the tight jeans in boots look for women, which was popular in the late 70s and early 80, came back into style around 2005-06.

Sexy women love this look, for one its very stylish, but also its very sexy. It’s a great way for women, especially well-built women with tight curves. To show off their legs and butt and to get guys attention. Because of how tight they are and how they highlight women’s bodies. And as a guy I thank sexy women for this everyday for being willing to show men what they are working with.
Love Forever: Asian Beauty Stiletto Boots

Sunday, September 14, 2014

FRS Daily Times Plus: Beautiful Woman- In Denim Jeans in Knee Boots

Source: FRS Daily Times- Beautiful woman, in denim jeans in boots-

Source: FRS Daily Times Plus

The tight denim jean look has become so versatile the last ten years or so, that we now see sexy women wearing tight denim jeans in all sorts of settings. Wearing them in all sorts of outfits. Sexy women are now wearing tight denim jeans at the office, perhaps not everyday, but at the office. Where the settings there tend to be somewhat conservative and formal.

Sexy women wear them of course on the weekend, which has been around for over thirty years. Like when they are going shopping or going to museums or out to breakfast or lunch, even out to dinner. But they dress them up with a long sleeve t-shirt, blouse or sweaters. We see sexy women wearing tight denim jeans with suit Jackets, to work as well as other places.

Like out to dinner, we see sexy women going out and partying in tight denim Jeans, dressed up, but with also with tank tops and t-shirts. We see sexy women all over the place in tight denim jeans, at the airport, train station, library, book stores, ball games, concerts, almost everywhere. Tight denim jeans are no longer just considered to be casual pants, but instead they are now versatile. And of course my favorite, tight denim jeans with boots, under or over and with leather tackets and tight t-shirts or tank tops.

From a guys point of view, the versatility of tight denim jeans and seeing sexy women wearing them with boots, is a beautiful thing because now we can see sexy women all over the place wearing this great combination.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

HBO: George Carlin- The Self Esteem Movement

Source: HBO- George Carlin-
Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Times Plus

Unfortunately we have this long tradition in our public education system of feeling the need to tell people that they are great. Or doing real well, we pass students off to the next grade whether they can read and spell their own name or not. Because the feeling is that holding back or not putting them through summer school, or having tougher educational standards, will hurt their self-esteem and that would be worst. Or we may see more students drop out of high school, because they don’t believe they can do the work.

We rather have people graduate high school, even if they don’t have the skills to be a high school graduate, than hold them back and make sure they get those skills. So their high school diploma is worth more than a piece of paper. And look how well we are doing with that, we have Americans who can’t name the current Vice President of the United States. And I’m sure not all of these people live in South Carolina or the broader Bible Belt. We also have Americans who don’t know where the Pacific Ocean is. Wouldn’t surprise me if some of these people live on the West Coast. But probably not beach homes, because they couldn’t afford them.

Brian Billick who use to coach the Baltimore Ravens had a theory of coaching. About what to do when a player screws up. He said “you can put it gently and say you know what that’s not what I was looking for on that play and hopefully you’ll do better in the future”. Or you can tell them “god dammit you fucked up buddy”. Just put it on the line and let them know exactly how they messed up.

“And this is not what I’m looking for and you’re going to have to be better in the future”. But then tell them how they screwed up and show them what you want done instead. And if they continue to screw up, find a replacement for them. Because when you reward failure, you just get more of it. But if you teach and reward success, you get more of that as well. It’s the tough love approach to life that I prefer. Lay it out on the line so you know where you are. And then you can adjust.

Self-esteem is only worth as much as its worth, if you have reason to have high self-esteem, then you should have that. But if you’re not doing very well, then you need to know that or have someone show you where you are lacking. So you can figure out what the problem is and improve yourself. And not get overconfident and think you are better than you are. Because that’s how we let ourselves down.
HBO: George Carlin- Self Esteem Movement

Friday, September 12, 2014

PBS: Video: NewsHour: Shields and Brooks on President Obama as a Reluctant Warrior and Congress

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President Obama gave a very good speech on why America should act against ISIS in Syria and Iraq. Now its time for Congress to do their job and hold a debate and vote on action against ISIS in Iraq and Syria. As Representative Peter King said a Republican from New York City, "President Obama should use military force against ISIS and Congress should approve of it". Time for the House and Senate to step up here and do their job and hold a debate and vote on American military action against Syria and Iraq.

As far as the Senate elections. The jury is still out on who will control the Senate in the next Congress. I see it still at 50-50 either way because of vulnerable Senate Democrats running for reelection in red states. But again Georgia, Kentucky and now Kansas are all in play for Senate Democrats as well. Which means even if Montana, South Dakota and West Virginia fall to Senate Republicans, that is only a net plus of two seats for them if they don't hold Georgia, Kentucky and Kansas which are all in play for Democrats. If that is the scenario, North Carolina, Arkansas, Louisiana and Alaska will decide with party controls the Senate in the next Congress.

20th Century Vision: PBS MacNeil/Lehrer Report- Iowa Caucus 1988

Source: 20th Century Vision-
Source: This piece was originally posted at The New Democrat

Without the Bush Campaign literally bashing Bob Dole in South Carolina in 1988 and doing things like accusing Mr. Dole of fathering African-American babies which I guess was considered a sin for Caucasian men to do at least back then, Bob Dole probably wins the Republican nomination for President. The story would've been that the ranking Republican Leader in Congress, the highest ranking Republican in Congress beats the Vice President of the Untied States the 2nd highest ranking officer in the Federal Government and the 2nd ranking officer in the Republican Party. At the time Bob Dole was the Republican Leader in the Senate as Minority Leader. George H.W. Bush was Vice President of the United States.

Because of course George Bush was going to win New Hampshire. He's a Northeastern Republican a Yankee if you will against Bob Dole who's from Kansas that looks a lot like the deep South culturally and perhaps even politically. So Dole was probably in better position to beat Bush in South Carolina just for those reasons alone. Plus the fact with Dole's long conservative record in Congress not just as Minority Leader, but Leader and Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, Republicans in the South and Midwest back then tended to trust Bob Dole over a Yankee Northeastern Republican like George H.W. Bush.

So Bob Dole did what he had to do in Iowa which was win the caucus in 1988. Knowing that George Bush was probably going to win New Hampshire and the real test for both and the primary that would give either one real momentum going forward with an opportunity to win several states after that was South Carolina. The Bush Campaign swung for the fences and put in everything they could to beat Dole in South Carolina, including lying about Dole's record in Congress and they succeeded. With the Dole Campaign apparently unprepared for the Bush attacks.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

C-SPAN: U.S. House Energy & Commerce Committee 1994 Hearing on Tobacco- Tobacco CEO's Testify Before Congress

Source: C-SPAN-U.S. Representative Ron Wyden, D, Oregon-
Source: This piece was originally posted at The New Democrat

The then Democratic controlled House of Representatives looked into tobacco by investigating the industry and looking at ways of regulating the industry. The famous scene with all of those tobacco executives lying under oath that tobacco isn't addictive. Which no one with a brain who's familiar with tobacco believes, was the big moment during that investigation. People who support regulating tobacco like a drug didn't achieve their goals in the 103rd Congress. But with a Democratic Congress both House and Senate and a Democratic President in Bill Clinton, it was worth the effort.

As far as health care reform and the Clinton Administration's attempt to reform the health care system in America. If it wasn't dead by the spring of 1994, it probably just had a heart attack and needed emergency surgery in order to save it. If you look at the plan that President Clinton proposed and what President Obama was able to get through another Democratic Congress in 2010, both laws are very similar. Expanding health insurance through the private insurance system and helping people who aren't officially poor, but do not make enough money to buy health insurance. And regulating the private health insurance system.

But the problem that President Clinton and his economic council had was that they weren't able to explain what I just did as simply as I did. And the plan was dubbed socialize medicine, even though there was never a plan offered by President Clinton or the Democratic Leadership in Congress to nationalize health care system. Either health insurance or health care delivery. And the Clinton Administration was never able or never did fight back in an effective way. And argue that the Clinton health care plan was mainstream and not some big government socialist takeover.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Mike Gardner: CBS Evening News With Walter Cronkite- New York City: Asks For a Bailout in 1975

Source: Mike Gardner-
Source: This piece was originally posted at The New Democrat

The late 1960s and probably the 1970s as a whole was a very rough period for New York City. Facing high crime rates, high poverty, high unemployment, a lousy economy in general, as well as mismanagement of city funds by the City Government. And then you add the recession of the 1974-75 that effected the whole country including New York and you have a huge economic mess that this city was facing and something serious had to be done about it. So what the Gerald Ford Administration was confronted with in 1975 to go along with all of the economic and financial problems that the rest of the country was going through, was how to help out the biggest city in the country. Something that had to be done, otherwise New York City would've gone bankrupt. So what the Ford Administration along with Congress and the New York State Government and New York banks did was arrange for lone guarantees for New York City to keep the city afloat financially and for them to avoid bankruptcy.
Mike Gardner: CBS Evening News With Walter Cronkite- New York City: Asks For a Bailout in 1975

Monday, September 8, 2014

Lorri Ford: 1948 Television Commercials- Gee, This is Swell

Source: Lorri Ford-
Source: This piece was originally posted at The New Democrat 

Aw shucks, if I could only go back to the innocent 1940s again. That golly swell innocent time post- World War II, well a great time for anyone who didn't happen to be African-American and perhaps female as well regardless of race. The problem with me being alive back then, would be that I would now be in my mid-60s right now and not having much of an opportunity to live through a lot of the 21st Century which I hope to do. But the 1940s was a good time for some Americans, at least post- World War II.
Lorri Ford: 1948 Television Commercials

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Old TV History: President Dwight Eisenhower- WRC-TV 1958: Oldest Known Color TV Broadcast

Source: Old TV History-
Source: This piece was originally posted at The New Democrat 

There were already color movies in the 1950s and very good color movies. Like North by Northwest to use as an example, but color TV really didn't have much of an impact at all until the late 1960s or so. Which is why this press conference by President Dwight Eisenhower is such a big deal. Because millions of Americans were getting to see something they never saw before most likely in 1958 and something that wouldn't become common in TV until the early 1970s.
Old TV History: President Dwight Eisenhower- WRC-TV 1958: Oldest Known Color Videotaping