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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Independent Political Report: Isa Infante- Hobby Lobby Should Spur Demand For Single Payer Health Care

Source: This post was originally posted at The New Democrat 

I'm in favor of eliminating the middleman or middlewomen (for the political correctness police) when it comes to health insurance. But single payer in this country wouldn't be the way to do that because of all of the costs that would come from it. Like taking Americans right to decide where they get their health insurance from. And depending on the nationalized health care system that may include government only health insurance as well as even taking Americans right to decide who their doctor is and which hospital they go to. And you can give me all the cost reductions you want from how Sweden, Britain and Canada do it. But those people lose choice as their payment for those cost controls.

Hobby lobby doesn't deny anybody anything except for women who want contraceptions, but yet decide to work for employers that do not provide them. Hobby Lobby is about whether or not employers should be forced to provide their employees contraceptions even if it violates their religious beliefs, or not. It is not about getting rid of contraceptions or eliminating birth control. Just saying that employers shouldn't be forced to provide them if contraceptions violate their religious beliefs.

Again I'm in favor of eliminating the middleman (or middlewomen) when it comes to health insurance and getting employers out of it. As long as it doesn't lead to government run and only health insurance. But that would mean employees being their sole financiers when it comes to their health insurance. And for that to happen American workers broadly and not just the top need to either be making a lot more money. Or the cost of health insurance needs to come down.