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Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Boxing History: Video: ESPN's 30 For 30: Muhammad and Larry

This post was originally posted at The New Democrat on WordPress

I just lost some respect for the great boxing trainer Angelo Dundee when he said that he’s been asked, “why didn’t you tell Muhammad Ali that your time is over and you should stop fighting, or at least not fight Larry Holmes?” And Angelo saying that it is not his job to tell his fighter when they should stop fighting. That fighters have a god-given right to fight as long as they want to. Not the point because if you love or care about someone, that enough should be enough reason to say, “look champ, you shouldn’t do this because you will get seriously hurt.”

The story of the 1980 World Heavyweight Championship fight between the top two heavyweights of their generation at least, Muhammad Ali and Larry Holmes is more than just a World Championship fight. But a fight between someone entering the prime of his career in Larry, against a fighter whose time was over and only regained the World Heavyweight Championship in 1978, because he fought Leon Spinks. But any really good or great heavyweight would’ve given Muhammad a similar beating. That Larry Holmes gave him in 1980.

This is a fight that’s all about one thing and only one thing. Money, the two best heavyweights in the world and so many fans wanting to see this fight. Had nothing to do with anyone else and the hell with the consequences as far as who get’s hurt in this fight. Because anyone who knew about both fighters and their current physical conditions, knew this fight should’ve never happened. That Larry was simply too strong for Muhammad at this point in their careers.