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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

PBS: Video: NewsHour: Judy Woodruff: Ray LaHood & Ed Rendell Make Push to Revitalize U.S. Infrastructure

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The National Infrastructure Bank is the best answer to solving our infrastructure deficit. Because it would be self-financed because it’s funding would come exclusively from the private sector. Bringing in investors that would get their money back, plus profits on the projects they invest in that the NIB would also get back to pay its bills and even make profits. Based on fees that people would be charged to use the projects like the roads, bridges, airports etc. A NIB at best is around a hundred-billion dollars a year or more. Which would be great if we didn’t have a 1-2 trillion-dollar deficit in infrastructure. So we also need a new infrastructure bill passed by Congress that takes care of most of the infrastructure investment. With the NIB financing infrastructure in this country in the future.