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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Paul Ibbetson: Larry Schweikart- A Patriot's History of The Modern World

Source: Paul Ibbetson- Right-wing radio talk show host Paul Ibbetson-
Source: The New Democrat

I love the United States Constitution. The whole document and not parts of it like the Far-Right and Far-Left like to pick off. And say this what is great about the Constitution as they try to destroy other parts of it. I like the whole document and every amendment to it including the First Amendment that includes Freedom of Religion and I’m in favor of that even as an Agnostic whose in a small minority when it comes to religion.
Source: Amazon- Larry Schwelkart's book

But our constitutional rights do not come from God whether it its a Christian God or anyone else. Our constitutional rights come from the U.S. Constitution itself. Our constitutional rights come from our Founding Fathers who founded our Federal Republic and liberal democracy. Who wrote our U.S. Constitution. Not from God, Christian or otherwise.
Paul Ibbetson: Larry Schwenkart- A Patriot's History of The Modern World