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Sunday, January 12, 2014

CNN: State of The Union With Candy Crowley- Governor Martin O'Malley's Solution To Ending Poverty

Source: CNN- Governor Martin O'Malley, D, Maryland-
Source: This piece was originally posted at The New Democrat

Senator Marco Rubio actually makes some good points here. As long letting the states doesn’t come with fewer resources and that Congress funds them appropriately, but then says the states can run them under basic fundamental standards. Meaning everyone whose eligible for program A or B or whatever when it comes to public assistance get’s that assistance. Instead of Washington telling Florida or Texas, or California or whoever how to manage these programs for their citizens. Or Washington trying to manage these programs for everyone with very little if any input from the states.

I also like Senator Rubio’s work requirements idea for anyone on public assistance, as long as it just covers mentally and physically able people. That if you are on public assistance even if you are working, you are doing everything you can to do as much for yourself. Including getting job training and additional education so you can get yourself a better job. And taxpayers will help you out where you come up short to pay your own bills. And if you are on public assistance and not working, you are either finishing your education or looking for work. Or a combination of both.

These are the first two times I’ve agreed with Senator Rubio on anything in 2014. And perhaps the only two times I’ll agree with him in this Congress. But when people come up with good ideas, even from party that is close to filing for bankruptcy when it comes to good ideas, I like to give them credit for it. Even though this is supposed to be about what Governor Martin O'Malley (my choice for president in 2016) and what he would do when it comes to poverty in America, Senator Rubio one of the original Tea Party Republicans that were elected to Congress in 2010, I believe has the better approach here. At least as far as what he told Candy Crowley during his interview. That ending poverty isn't just about or perhaps not about at all, spending more money on anti-poverty programs. But instead spending that money better and spending it differently.
CNN: State of The Union With Candy Crowley- Governor Martin O'Malley's Solution To Ending Poverty