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Friday, September 27, 2013

PBS: Video: NewsHour: Mark Shields & Ramesh Ponnuru on Government Shutdown & Iran

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The question in the House Republican Conference right now is whose in charge. The father meaning Speaking John Boehner or some of his little children the Tea Party Caucus. And right now it looks like the Boehner little children are in charge. And unless Speaker Boehner takes charge of his children, the Federal Government will shutdown next week. 

Because Democrats will never agree to defund or repeal the Affordable Care Act just to do what the Federal Government is supposed to do every year that every other organization in the country has to do. Which is pass an annual budget and pay their debts. The Tea Party Caucus which seems to be running the House Republican Conference right now, has decided to try a last stand to repeal the Affordable Care Act. And put the rest of government at risk as a result. 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

MLB Classics-CBS Sports: MLB 1993-World Series-Game 6-Philadelphia Phillies @ Toronto Blue Jays: Full Game

Source: MLB Classics- Toronto Blue Jays OF, Joe Carter-
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Sean McDonough “Touch them all Joe, you’ll never hit a bigger home run!” Referring to Blue Jays outfielder Joe Carter who hit the winning walk off home run in Game 6 to clinch the 1993 World Series for the Toronto Blue Jays. Giving them back to back championships.That is what game 6 of this World Series was all about. The Phillies playing for their season and just for the opportunity to get to game 7 to have another opportunity to win the 1993 World Series. The Blues Jays, playing to defend their 1993 MLB World Series Championship. And win this World Series so they don’t have to play a game 7 and risk losing this World Series. And that is what made this game so great. Because the Phillies had to win it and did their best to do so.
MLB Classics-CBS Sports: MLB 1993- World Series Game 6- Philadelphia Phillies @ Toronto Blue Jays: Full Game

Saturday, September 21, 2013

PBS: Video: NewsHour: Brooks and Dionne Discuss Conflict in The GOP, Confronting Gun Violence

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The Tea Party gets their vote on ObamaCare in the House and it is killed by Senate Democrats. And the House Tea Party is introduced to reality meaning that they figure out that they can’t repeal the Affordable Care Act in this Congress. That is assuming that there are enough Tea Party Republicans finally get this and say, “we’ve fought the good fight and lost. And will come back in the next Congress.” That is assuming a lot and I hope that Brooks and Dionne are right in the sense that I do not want a government shutdown. But there are a faction of Tea Party Republicans that are in the, “I won’t give up until ObamaCare is repealed. No matter who I take down with me including the Republican Party. So we’ll see which side of the GOP wins in the end.” The suicide pilots in the Tea Party, or the adults with their feet on the ground.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pop Candies TV: Dyan Cannon, at Los Angeles Lakers Game, 2013

Source: Pop Candies TV- Dyan Cannon-
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Dyan Cannon would 75-76 at this point and still looks better than women in their sixties, fifties, forties, thirties, twenties even and good look women as well. I mean she was born during the Great Depression, pre-World War II even and she still has guys, young guys checking her out wherever she goes. And still fills out denim jeans and boots as well or better than women young enough to be her daughter and even half her age. The woman is not just a goddess who lives in Hollywood because she’s an entertainer, but she’s a true Hollywood Goddess. Who should be in the Hollywood Hall of Fame, if there’s such a thing. A great actress, very funny, still gorgeous and baby-face adorable and has a body that makes guys young enough to her grandson want to check her out. But other than these things, just an ordinary women. Sorry I brought her up.
Pop Candies TV: Dyan Cannon Brings Brownies To A Lakers Game

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Social Design: The Doctors Wives 1971- Featuring Dyan Cannon

Source: The Social Design- Hollywood Goddess Dyan Cannon-
Source: FRS Daily Times Plus

Dyan Cannon is one of my favorite sexy babies all time. And not just because she’s baby-face adorable, hot and with a real nice body. Even though all of those things are true, but she’s also very funny especially when she is so cute personally and she can also act. This scene from The Doctors Wives is a pretty good example of that. These women are all married to big shot doctors who also happen to be workaholics. Who are perhaps more in love with their jobs than their wives. The men and women are supposed to be playing cards. But Dyan or her character is horny and feels the need or craving for sex. And knows her fellow players are not satisfied with their husbands. And thinks it might be their fault that their husbands don’t spend a lot of time with them. And offers to have sex with all the men to show the women what they’re doing wrong with their men. A very funny scene with a very funny adorable sexy hot actress, Dyan Cannon.
The Social Design: The Doctors Wives 1971- Dyan Cannon: At The Card Table

Sunday, September 15, 2013

KKD: Civil Rights at The 1960 Republican National Convention

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Nelson Rockefeller, was a politician without a national political party in the 1960s and 70s. Because he was an economic Progressive in a party that was moving right on economic policy. And Republicans were moving far away from progressive big government social and economic programs. Especially ones that were centralized at the Federal level. And were looking for politicians that were in favor shrinking the Federal Government and decentralizing power at the Federal level and giving more power to the states and individuals.

Nelson, was essentially a FDR New Deal Progressive Republican, but who was also a Federalist. Someone who believed in public infrastructure, public education, aid to the poor. But who was also a Federalist and wanted these social investments run at the state and local levels. Who was also a big believer in a strong defense and law enforcement and tough law enforcement, as well as equal rights. Who was more of a Progressive on economic policy and equal rights and even national defense. Who was able to win as a Republican, because he was a Northeastern Republican that had a strong Progressive faction, even into the 1960s.

And this debate or discussion about civil rights in the Republican Party in 1960s, is the perfect example of what type of party they were back then. You had the Progressive-Federalists, led by Nelson and others. But you also had a growing Conservative-Libertarian wing, led by Senator Barry Goldwater and other Republicans in Congress. That were strong economic Conservatives and didn’t want big government in people’s personal lives either. But were such believers in property rights that they believed that individuals had the right to deny service people even based on race. And Vice President Richard Nixon, trying to please both factions.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

The National: Video: Canada Reacts to Quebec's Charter of Values

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This is what statism from the Far-Left looks like at its worst. And I say this is coming from the Far-Left, because Quebec is an overwhelmingly socialist province. Statism in Canada at least to this extent with government telling people what they can and can’t wear in public. With what I at least would call Fundamentalist Atheism. Which is not only anti-religion, but intolerant of religion. And doesn’t believe individuals should be able to make these decisions for themselves.

And this feeling comes from the Far-Left generally. And had this been a story about Mississippi, an overwhelmingly fundamentalist Christian state in America, perhaps the capital of the Christian-Right in America, I would’ve called this statism from the Far-Right. Of people who tend to be intolerant of non-Christian religions. With Islam being a big target of there’s. But what is going on in Quebec is clearly statism from the Far-Left. And shouldn’t be tolerated, or any type of religious bigotry coming from government.

Canada is obviously different from America. With their own national identity, culture, way of doing things, Constitution and just about everything else. And they’re a bit left of Americans typically to begin with. But Quebec is even further left than Canada as a whole and probably the most socialist of any province in Canada. So they need to figure out these issues for themselves in their own country. Based on their values and Constitution. But this would clearly be unacceptable and unconstitutional in America and thrown out.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

BookTV: U.S. Senator Robert Byrd- Child of The Coalfields

U.S. Senator Robert Byrd, D, West Virginia-
Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Times Plus

Robert Byrd certainly had his flaws like once being a member of the Ku Klux Klan, which he later renounced. But what I respect most about Senator Byrd was his knowledge of the United States Congress and Constitution. Which is what missed most about him in Congress today. Senator Byrd was a self-taught Appalachian West Virginian, who literally had to work for everything that he ever received in life. The definition of someone who comes from nothing is almost someone who comes from Appalachia. Perhaps especially West Virginia which might be the poorest and most underdeveloped state in the union. Despite it’s beauty and natural resources, like coal. Which you would think could finance their infrastructure and education system by itself. You can say all you want about his Far-Right KKK bigotry of his early years and even into his fifties. Which will always be part of his legacy, but he was a lot more than that and a very effective and excellent legislature.

Bob Byrd was a classical legislature and member of Congress, who viewed his role as either a Representative, or Senator, or Senate Leader, as his job to represent West Virginia the state he loved and represented for 56 years in Congress, to represent his state . Because his state had so little. So what other members , the media and public, would call pork, Senator Byrd saw those infrastructure projects and pork, as tools to advance the state that he loved and represented in Congress again for 56 years. Six in the U.S. House and 50 in the Senate. Twelve years as Democratic Leader in the Senate alone. Six as Majority Leader and six as Minority Leader. And he was also what I could call at least a Classical Progressive. Someone who didn’t want government to do everything for everybody, which is how Socialists tend to feel. But use government to help people in need and help people could couldn’t help themselves.

Even with his KKK membership and beliefs that minorities weren’t equal and not deserving of the same rights and protections under the U.S. Constitution in his early career in Congress, Bob Byrd was always a Progressive. Not that progressivism is about bigotry, because of course it isn’t, but he always believed that government could be used as a force for good not to manage people’s lives for them, because again he wasn’t a Socialist. But used to help people in need in and outside of West Virginia. And use to empower people to get themselves on their own feet. With things like infrastructure, education, job training and a real safety net for people who truly need it. People who didn’t have the skills and education to financially support themselves. Who needed short-term assistance to get those skills and help them get those skills. SO they could eventually make it on their own.
BookTV: U.S. Senator Robert Byrd- Child of The Appalachian Coalfields

Monday, September 2, 2013

Black Blog: "Robert Byrd Former Terrorist"

Source: Black Blog-
Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Times Plus

A terrorist organization which of course the Ku Klux Klan is without a doubt they are the Al-Qaeda of the Far-Right in America who want to destroy people who are not Anglo-Saxon Protestants. And Robert Byrd was a member of this organization while he was still Congress. Up until I believe the 1970s when he became a Leader of Senate Democrats. First serving as Assistant Leader in the mid 1970s and then became Leader of the Senate in 1977. And served as Democratic Leader until 1989.

But to be a member of a terrorist organization and actually be directly involved in terrorist operations, are two different things. And there hasn’t been any evidence reported that Bob Byrd was directly involved in KKK terrorist activities. As a member of that organization. What we know, is that he was dues paying member, even while in Congress in the 1950s and 1960s and went to Klan meetings. But that is different from being involved in terrorist activities. Like blowing up African-American churches and murdering African-Americans simply because of their race.

Bob Byrd, was against the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 60s. And just didn’t vote against the civil rights laws that Congress passed in the 1950s and 60s, but was one of the leading filibusters in the Senate. Along with Senator Strom Thurmond, Jim Eastland, Dick Russell and several other Southern Democrats or Dixiecrats in Congress. And these are very big stains on otherwise a very good Congressional career that Senator Byrd put together both in the House and Senate. But that is different from actually being a terrorist.
Black Blog: Robert Byrd Former Former Terrorist