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Friday, February 22, 2013

National Journal: Congress: Alex Roarty: Can This Congress Be Saved?: How to Make The House and Senate Work

Can This Congress Be Saved? -

To put it simply the only way to make the United States Congress work which is still divided between Democrats and Republicans. With Democrats controlling the Senate with a bigger majority in this Congress with the Republicans controlling the House but with a smaller majority in this Congress. Is going to have to come from the people and they are finally going to have to not just say they don't like. The current leadership and system that they are getting from both parties but actually do something about it. And this starts at the state level where they say they are tired of the gerrymandering from both parties. And want more competitive House elections, so Representatives would actually have to run for reelection and. Not just win the primary to return to Congress and that we get back to some type of regular order in Congress.

Congress needs to stop  governing by crisis where the majorities actually are in charge and set the agenda. But where the minorities get to offer their own alternatives to the bills that the majorities in both chambers put. On the floor that are relevant so both sides  have a stake in the game and have some actual legislative responsibility to produce legislation. Instead of just the minorities just saying we don't like the legislation so we are not just going to work to defeat it but prevent it from ever coming up for a vote. You empower the minority to legislate and offer alternatives, it would be a lot harder to just try to block legislation because. Now they'll have some responsibility, fine you don't like the legislation what would you do instead. This would make the House and Senate less partisan because now both sides aren't just competing against each. Other for the next election but now they are competing against each other in Congress in a battle place of ideas. To see which party has the better policies.

So we need more competitive elections in the House of Representatives and have more Representatives who represent. A broader range of people in their districts which would force them in both parties to be less ideological and partisan. And then we need the House and Senate to actually legislate and work their wills to see which party has the better ideas. With both sides in the House and Senate able to put their own ideas on the floor to what's being debated. With the majority still deciding what issues get debated and then we would see Congress actually function and legislate and be less partisan. Because both sides would have incentive to get things done because now they have a broader range of voter to answer to.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Fiscal Times: Economy: Maureen Mackey: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: "Stop Complaining and Do Something!": How to Create More Opportunity For More Americans

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Stop Complaining and Do Something!

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar the author and activist as well as course the former great pro basketball player who I believe is the greatest center of all time. But for this post his writings and activism are more important and he lays down exactly what the vision should be for African Americans and whoever else. Is struggling as a community right now, a lot of African Americans are doing great, Kareem being a perfect example of that. But not enough of them are doing well in this country that allows for them to be able to better compete with Caucasian and Asian Americans in this country. And what Kareem is basically saying I'm interpreting here but what he's s basically saying is that that people who feel left out. Off the American dream whatever their background may be that complaining about it at least by itself won't solve their problems. To solve their problems they need to get up and do something about and improve themselves so they can make the best. Out of life what they put into it instead of just sitting on their hands and complaining about how unfair life is and so fourth.

To put it simply the reason why the haves have a lot and the have nots have barely anything. Is because they haves are successful and have built quality lives for themselves with the tools that were put in front. Of them by in large, there are Americans of course who were born to wealth and accomplished basically. Nothing in life on their own but thats a very small percentage of the country, the rest of the successful people in the country. Are successful because they got themselves a good education, worked hard and have been productive. Creating wealth for themselves as well as other people thats led to other jobs and wealth being created in this country. And the simple reason why the have nots haven't been successful in life up to this point, because the have nots. Either either haven't had the tools to be successful in life, haven't had access to a quality education and so fourth. Or haven't used the tools in front of them like  finishing school and making other mistakes in life thats led to their poverty.

So what we need to in this country to have more haves and fewer have nots. Is for more people to take individual responsibility for their own lives and make good decisions early on in life. Like finishing school and doing well in school and having universal access to higher education in this country for all. High school students who are academically eligible for college who would do well there. No matter what their economic background is growing up and for the adults who didn't make the right choices. Growing up, giving them access to education and job training so they can get themselves the skills they need. To get a good job and be successful in life as well.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Info Wars: Video: Larry Elder: "Democrats, The True Racists": What Some on The Right Get Wrong

I'll start with civil rights because to look at civil rights and the civil war from the 1860s and then go up hundred years later. Democratic vs Republican is not the way to look at it because the Southern Democrats from both eras are Republicans today. And represent the religious and Neoconservative movement in America where civil rights, civil liberties and. Social freedom aren't concerns with them where they are more interested in what they call national morality and national security. Where social freedom has to be limited and contracted to have what they see as a true moral traditional America. Thats what the Democratic Party in the South was part of back in the 1960s and 1860s. Northern Democrats and Republicans have always believed in things like social freedom, civil rights and civil liberties. And the non Social-Democrats in the party believe in economic freedom as well.

These issues as they relate to civil rights. Have to do with ideology rather then party where the Republican and Democratic parties have essentially flip flopped. Ideologically and regionally in this country which is something that Larry Elder doesn't understand. Or won't acknowledge for political reasons whatever they may be. Of course there are bigots in both parties, what I call New-Left Democrats and a lot of them are Caucasian by the way. Who look down at people who live in the South and speak with a Southern or country accent. As well as other Americans who don't live in the Northeast, Chicago or the West Coast. But to acknowledge that there aren't bigots on the Neoconservative far-right in America who see Latinos as. Invaders and Un American and Islam as a terrorist religion and so fourth. Who think women's place in only in the home and still aren't crazy about African Americans and don't believe. They have the same Constitutional Rights as European Americans, is either dishonest or ignorant.

What you see in this video from Info Wars is of course a very slanted Republican leaning view of the Democratic Party. With a partisan Conservative interviewing a partisan Conservative and thats what you should expect from Info Wars. Thats what partisan media outlets on the right and left give you rather then giving the news. They give you the part of the news that best represents their ideological arguments.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Baltimore Sports Report: Zach Wilt: Expect More Stolen Bases From the Orioles in 2013

Baltimore Sports Report: Zach Wilt: Expect More Stolen Bases From the Orioles in 2013

This is a big if in Brian Roberts case, but if he's healthy and back to where he was 4-5 years ago and the Orioles have a healthy Nick Markakis and Nate McCloth for the whole season with Adam Jones, you move Jones up to the third spot ahead of Nick Markakis and Chris Davis batting fourth or maybe Manny Machado hitting second with AJ hitting third or fourth with Markakis with the other spot, why not run the Orioles more and steal some bases when you have the speed to do it. 

The Orioles have the guys who can get on base with the Orioles lineup and all of the power that will be in it. If the Orioles run well, now the opposing pitchers not only have to worry about the guy at the plate who most likely will be a power hitter, but now they also have to worry about the guy on first or second or both. And the pitchers concentration won't be as good. And if the batter has any discipline at all, you are looking at the pitcher hanging a pitch, walking the batter or even better if the runner doesn't steal the base, you are looking at hit and run especially with Orioles speed and power.

This is what I call pressure offense when it comes to baseball which use to be common in the National League. Before both leagues fell in love with the home run. Is where you not only put pressure on the pitcher at the plate, you show discipline there and you are only hitting good pitches that you can drive, so you are either getting on base with a hit, or you are drawing a walk, but that's just the first part. Pressure offense is where you are always looking for that next base, trying to stretch base hits. Because you have the speed to do it, but you are playing hit and run and you are also trying to steal bases. 

Conservative offense in baseball is station to station, where you are not trying to stretch hit and not trying to steal. Because you want to conserve as many out as possible especially in an era where you may need to score 5-6 runs a game to win. So it's low-risk and low-reward, but you don't lose much out of it except for opportunities to score more. But again if you have discipline, hitters not striking out on a regular basis and you are not running slow hitters, but runners with speed, you put more pressure on opposing pitchers. 

Guys with speed and know how to steal bases who get on base on a regular basis. Pressure offense is very effective because you are not worried about getting thrown out because you know you can steal those bases and get those extra bases. And the pressure is on the defense to get you out and the Orioles have the speed to play this type of baseball. The question is do the have the discipline and courage to do so.  

Library of Congress: Video: 2012 Book Festival: Thomas Friedman & Michael Mandelbaum: That Use to Be US

I guess a Patriot or a Nationalist in its best form at least to me. Is someone who loves their country so much that they don't want to see it fail or do badly. So when things are good, they are the first to praise their country and when things aren't going as well as they should or. Could be doing ,a Nationalist would say look this is an area where we are lacking and need to make some changes here to make it work as well as we need it to. I believe thats the message of Tom Friedman and Mike Mandelbaum that they didn't write a book to bash the United States like some Socialist. Or Jihadist but they truly love America their country and are seeing a country thats not doing very well right now. And want it to do better because they believe it can and has to do better for the sake of the country and for the World. I probably don't agree with everything in the Friedman/Mandelbaum plan but at least they have one and are on the right course.

The biggest problem that the United States faces is that they have two huge problems domestically that both effect them in foreign policy. Because they are both huge economic issues that if not addressed and are right now affecting the United States ability to effect. The rest of the World for positive effects and these two huge problems have to do with the economy. We are not creating the economic and job growth that we need and we have a rising national debt. Without the economic resources to get them under control right now. Which means we need additional economic and job growth to having more people paying income taxes because. More Americans would be working as a result but the other issue has to do with the fact that we won't get long term. Economic and job growth unless our debt is under control and no longer growing faster then the economy and are actually coming down.

What America really needs to do in 2013 is to both gets its fiscal and economic houses in order. Where in the future if not this year we are growing at 3-4% economically and creating around two hundred thousand jobs a month with a falling unemployment rate. And a real deficit reduction plan that actually goes where the money is in entitlements, defense and the. Tax code and reform them in a way that doesn't hurt anyone who can't afford to be hurt. But gets our fiscal and economic houses in order.

Chicago Tribune: Opinion- Steve Chapman- A Balanced Budget Amendment?

Source: The Chicago Tribune-
Source: Chicago Tribune: Opinion- Steve Chapman- A balanced Budget Amendment?

I agree with Steve Chapman that a balanced budget amendment were even to pass and generally when they do, you are looking a ten-year process anyway and you would probably need some very progressive ( or social-democratic) states like Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont to use as examples to, go along with this, the Bible Belt states wouldn't be enough, but even if something like this were to pass, that wouldn't stop Congress and the Executive Branch from spending money. Congress by law is required to pass a Federal budget every year, but when was the last time the Senate passed their own budget plan? Whether you like the Republican House, or not and I don't as a Democrat politically and on policy that is, but at least they do their half of the Congressional budget process and have the last two years. The Senate will hopefully pass their own budget plan this year, but Congress under law is required to pass a Federal budget every every year. But you don't see members of Congress, House or Senate being arrested for not passing budgets, or appropriations bills. Something they are required to do every year and the same thing would happen even if a BBA were to become the law of the land.

The fact is these are the three things that are keeping the Federal Government from getting their fiscal house in order. And on course for eventually balancing their budget, is a lack of discipline. They can't figure out when they are spending too much, because it's never enough for them. Another thing would be priorities meaning that Congress doesn't have them and the White House is not being much help here. The other being courage and leadership that Representatives and Senators are afraid to tell their constituents the real truth about the sixteen-trillion-dollar national debt and 845B$ deficit and that there's a limit to what Congress can for it's people with their money. And that we simply can't fund everything that the government is doing right now and run them the way they are currently being run. That money and time is running out and when it does run out, we are going to see high interest rates that we've never seen before. Which would be largest tax increase we've ever seen in the country with the cost of living going up everywhere.

Once if ever Congress and the Executive Branch get discipline, priorities and leadership, then they'll go where the money is to get our fiscal house and order. Which is, defense, entitlements and the tax code. And an economic plan that leads to economic and job growth and we are still a long way away from seeing any of these things happen. Which is why a balance budget amendment at this point is nothing but a gimmick.
CBS News: President Barack Obama- "We Don't Need a Balanced Budget Amendment"

Monday, February 18, 2013

C-Span: Video: Book TV: Ben Shapiro: Bullies: "How The Left's Culture of Fear and Intimidates The Right": How Wrong Ben Shapiro is

Ben Shapiro is lucky to be living in America where he can say whatever he wants to true or otherwise. And demagogue whatever people who he ideologically disagrees with, without having to worry about the truth and can say whatever he wants to. To suit his own political goals which is to make the so called left, as if its one group of people who look at politics and. Current affairs the same way, which tells you what Ben Shapiro knows about the left. Which is what fish know about basketball.

A big problem with American politics today is that the fringes have too much power. They don't really run things as far as government but they have too much influence over the party they. Are in and are part of to the point that if the leadership in their party doesn't do what they want them to do. They risk losing power with having to deal with primary challenges and having to spend resources defeating candidates from their own party. Money they are going to need to defeat the other party and when it comes to Congress. The fringes represent a big enough block in both parties that if they all vote one way, a lot of times its the difference in passing or defeating a bill. When both parties have to work together to pass legislation. And the far-right or hard right and far-left or hard left in the Republican and Democratic parties. Know this and aren't really interesting in governing but destroying the other party. Why should we work with them when we would be better off politically destroying them. So they say whatever they can come up with to make the other party look bad.

Ben Shapiro is a perfect example of someone in this case on the lets say hard right to be nice. Or overly partisan right who says things just to make the other party look bad including putting. Words in other peoples mouth like what he did with President Obama's 2013 inaugural address. The garbage that if you don't believe in gun control, you are not a real Christian. If you don't believe public assistance and the Affordable Care Act you don't care about. Senior citizens, poor people and women and so fourth things that the President has ever said. I'm afraid unless Ben Shapiro is even more ignorant then I've have given him credit for being so. Far, he knows better and has chosen to say things that are simply not true about the President of the United States. Of course the hard left has people who play the same politics about Republicans but this video is about Ben Shapiro.

A fringe is suppose to be a sorta loony minority of people who see the real world as something that its not. Which is why they are such a small group of people because the rest of the country simply knows better. And is in touch with reality, thats sorta the long definition of a fringe but the problem with American politics right now. Is not so much the fringes but the leaderships in both parties who actually take these people seriously. Because they are afraid to standup to them and Ben Shapiro is part of one the fringes in American politics.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Eisenhower Library: Video: President Eisenhower's Civil Rights Legacy

If I had to guess I would say that civil rights was not on the top of Dwight Eisenhower's legacy when he became President of the United States in 1953. And not something where he was going to push civil rights through a Republican Congress that he had in his first two years. And the Leader of a party in the Republican Party where civil rights laws probably had more support for. Then in the Democratic Party that for the most part except for Lyndon Johnson and a few others at the time of the. Democratic Leader in the Senate, was against civil rights laws period. Perhaps the only interest that President Eisenhower had in civil rights had to do with enforcing the newly open military. That included all races and the different races serving together in the US military. That President Truman put through through executive order because he had a Democratic Congress. That wouldn't of supported it.

Civil rights is something that more came to President Eisenhower desk's rather then he putting it on his desk instead. When the Topeka and Brown V. Board of Education rulings came to him. And he had to decide whether he was going to enforce these decisions or not. Dwight Eisenhower was definitely not a racist but a Southerner who did has respect for the Southern States. States Rights plank but decided that the nation as a whole was more important. And that as President of the United States, it was his job to enforce all Federal laws even laws that his. Part of the country disagreed with which is how he backed the Arkansas education case. To use as an example that allowed for African American to go to school there and not be forced to go. To run down schools where only African Americans attended because they lived in poverty stricken neighborhoods.

Civil rights is a perfect example of Dwight Eisenhower's judicial and governmental Conservatism. That laws have to be enforced and you can't pick and choose which laws are enforced whether you agree with. Them or not thats its the job of the Executive to enforce laws and if you don't like those laws. You can always work to repeal then instead of cherry pick which laws you like. And he reminds me a little of Chief Justice John Roberts in that respect.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Baltimore Sports Report: Zach Wilt: Brian Roberts Key to the Orioles

Baltimore Sports Report: Zach Wilt: Brian Roberts Sees Himself as Best 2B Option For Orioles 

Orioles second baseman Brian Roberts whose played in a total of a hundred games combine in the last three seasons, battling concussions and migraine headaches in each of those seasons, so for him to claim he's the best option at second base for the 2013 season, takes guts for a guy whose hasn't played that much in each of those seasons. But if he's healthy now and stays healthy for 2013, the headaches are gone and he's able to play the whole season or most of it and get back to where he was in 2009 and in that time period, or even close to that, we are talking about probably the best leadoff hitter in the AL East. 

A healthy Brian Roberts is also one of the best leadoff hitters in the American League, as well as Major League Baseball. As far as getting on base consistently, who hits for average, works the strike zone, a threat to steal. And with the Orioles lineup always a threat to score when he gets on. As well as providing power himself someone who can get you 15-20 home runs, drive in 60-70, score a hundred himself. And whose also a very good 2B. This is all a big if and if this were to happen, the Orioles would've hit the jackpot in 2013. 

Not just as far as who plays second base because Brian Roberts would clearly have that slot. But a natural everyday leadoff hitter that you can put in that spot every game as your regular. This also means Nick Markakis can move back down to second or third in the lineup and hit for more power and drive in more runs. With Adam Jones and Chris Davis right behind him and once again we are talking about. And Orioles lineup that has power up and down the lineup with a real leadoff hitter whose consistently getting on base. 

Brian Roberts also steals bases and we would also see the Orioles strike outs go down with a real leadoff hitter at the top of the lineup. And an opportunity for Ryan Flaherty who hasn't shown he can hit Major League pitching consistently yet and opportunity to be a very good number one utility player for the Orioles. These are all ifs and don't happen unless Brian Roberts is not only healthy by the start of the regular season. 

Brian Roberts has a solid spring training and then stays healthy for the whole or most of the 2013 season, but if this does happen, you are talking about a team thats already pretty good team offensively. With a lot of depth up and down the lineup, that has one of the best lineups in the American League. With a leadoff and number two hitter who are consistently getting on base. So that would be the vision with a healthy Brian Roberts for the 2013 Orioles. 

ITVS: U.S. Senator Tim Kaine Introduces The Created Equal Project

Source: ITVS- U.S. Senator Tim Kaine, D, VA-
Source: ITVS: U.S. Senator Tim Kaine Introduces The Created Equal Project

I support public broadcasting as far as the programming they put on as well as the National Endowment for the Humanities and so-forth. Again, as far as the programming they deliver and the fact they support our current affairs and history programming, as well as our arts and education. Through non-profits and I realize these budgets are only around ten-billion-dollars, if that. But in the time of high national debt and budget deficits, this is not something that taxpayers should be forced to spend money on when we have a sluggish economy that didn't grow at all in the last quarter of 2012. With high unemployment, as well as private debt, that instead we would be better off using that money for deficit reduction, or economic development like in the area of infrastructure investment, or energy, or tax cuts for business's that invest, expand and hire in America. Which is what we should be doing with these resources instead of forcing taxpayers to pay for to support our history, culture and current affairs programming, as well as the arts.

Forcing taxpayers to subsidize these things is not something that we should be doing. Especially when it can be done by non-profits in the private sector that could raise the money that they need and more by people who go to the movies and concerts, who rent and by movies and so-forth, as well as music. We don't need a Federally run, or subsidize organizations that are in the business to support our arts and entertainment and history. When this can be done by non profits in the private sector and when we have so many other things that we need to be doing and funding in this country. With a weak economy that has high unemployment and a high debt and large budget deficit. Again, we are only talking about 10B$, but that's money that could go to fund universal pre-school and kindergarten to use as an example. That President Obama wants to do which would be great for the country.

Don't want to see these Federally funded programs go out-of business and if they were to fall into financial trouble, I would support lending them money to get through whatever difficulty they are going through. As long as they have a good plan to get out of that situation. But you set up these programs properly in the private sector as non-profits. Then these programs would do very well because there's plenty of support for them.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Rand Corporation: Tamara Dubowitz- Eliminating Food Deserts

Source: Rand Corporation-
Source: Rand Corporation: Tamara Dubowitz- Eliminating Food Deserts

We have at least a couple problems as it relates to access to quality food in America. One, is affordability. We simply have too many Americans who don't make enough money to afford enough.

Two, we have have an obesity problem as well however you want to define that problem. Where obesity and diabetes are the two fastest growing diseases in America and what makes that problem even worse, is that they are both preventable diseases and they are both adding to the Un- ffordability of our healthcare system. Now 18% of GDP, twice as much as the rest of the developed world.

So those are the problems and what can we do about them. Somebody famous once said for every problem that is not fatal, presents an opportunity to fix that problem. That's how I look at poverty in America, including hunger in America and unhealthy living and our healthcare system. Long-term we really need to reduce poverty in America so we have more people who can afford to take care of themselves. Including living healthy and that gets to education and job training for both juveniles and adults. Who are currently living in poverty, because if we don't do those things and these people don't do these things for themselves with access to being able to go back to school and get into job training, they'll never get out of poverty with a job that allows for them to be able to pay their own bills and not need things like food assistance. Including food banks and they'll continue to either be unemployed on public assistance, or work low-wage low-skilled jobs while they are collecting public assistance.

The other thing that we need to do short-term, is expanding grocery stores in low-income areas. Incentivizing companies ability for them to sell food in low-income communities, so these families can feed their families. That problem is big enough and gets to the fact that we have roughly 1-5 Americans who live in poverty in this country and that's official. And the other problem that we have is not grocery stores and other places where low-income people can have access to affordable quality food in America. And then you compound those problems. We need  urban and rural and empowerment zones and non-profit food banks and other charities to expand into these areas as well. And start subsidizing healthy food and healthy living over unhealthy behavior. And then we'll have a healthier country with less people in poverty without enough quality food to eat.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Baltimore Sports Report: Zach Wilt: Missing Out on Mark Teixeira: How the Orioles Have Succeeded Without Mark Teixeira

Baltimore Sports Report: Zach Wilt: Missing Out on Mark Teixeira 

At the time back in the 2008-09 MLB free agency period, the Orioles were definitely in the market for Mark Teixeira. Their 1B/DH situation then was Aubrey Huff and Kevin Millar and they were okay. Especially Aubrey Huff with his versatility in the field and a solid bat in the middle of the lineup. But Mark Texeira at the time was probably the second best all around 1B in Major League Baseball only. 

Trailing of course Albert Pujols and the Orioles were putting together a solid nucleus of good young players. Like Adam Jones, Nick Markakis, Matt Wieters and good veterans like Melvin Mora to go along with Aubrey Huff and a good. And talented young pitching staff that Orioles fans finally got to see the benefits of in 2012. And at the time signing Mark Texeira even if that meant a lot of money would've made a good young lineup probably good enough to compete and win in the AL East. At least offensively and would've put more fans in the seats at Orioles games earlier.

The problem of signing Texeira then for a contract of 100M$ of whatever he got from the New York Yankees, is that the Orioles wouldn't of had the resources to lockup Nick Markakis, Adam Jones, Matt Weiters, Brian Roberts. Sign SS JJ Hardy and trade and be able to lockup 1B Chris Davis with a big contract. And have the resources to keep their young pitching intact. So they would not only be a contender in 2009 or 2010 and not be able to do much after that. Because they wouldn't of had the resources to keep their young good nucleus in place and be able to add to that. 

Because all of that money that would've gone to one player. And today we are probably talking about how to we get rid of Mark Texeira. And thats assuming he worked out and didn't get hurt in Baltimore and so-forth. Because since the Orioles have lost a lot of their nucleus and looking at being in last place for years, they now need the resources to rebuild. It would've been fun to not only have one of the best 1B as well as players in MLB playing for the Orioles. 

Even if it was only for a few seasons, which it probably would've been, but signing him the Orioles don't make the AL Playoffs in 2012. And have the good young team that they have today that are poised to be contenders for a long period of time which they are now. Not signing Mark Texeira who has been a borderline bust for the Yankees, didn't make much financial or business sense back in 2008-09 for the Orioles.  

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Fiscal Times: Economy: Mark Thoma: For President Obama, State of The Union Means State of The People: The Role of Government in a Liberal Economy

For Obama, State of the Union Means State of the People

What is the role of government in a Liberal-Democracy that has a Liberal private enterprise economic system. To put it simply to do the things that the private sector won't do because they either can't, won't do as well or are not as interested in because they don't see enough profit from it. Or to makeup the difference in these areas that the private sector doesn't do for whatever the reasons are. Its not the job of government in a Liberal economic system to run the private sector through overtaxation and. Overregulation, its not the job of government to try to take care of everyone in the country and to run their lives for them and try to. Protect them from the freedom and responsibility that comes from making decisions in life. Another words we need a limited but good government in a Liberal-Democracy with a Liberal economic system and that. We need a Liberal amount of freedom not a Liberal amount of government thats designed to create what's called and opportunity society. That empowers as many as Americans as possible to live in freedom and independence in America.

So its not the job of government to run or control the people in a Liberal-Democracy but the job of government to serve the people. Which is different to do the things for us that we can't do for ourselves as well, not at all or that the private sector won't do or can't do enough for us. This is not a message of Big Government or Small Government but a message that Good Government can help bring about. Because its limited to only doing the things for us again that the private sector won't do for us or won't enough of. So that means a good public education system not to replace private schools but to serve the tens of millions of. Americans that will end up going going to public schools for one reason or another. That means having a sound public infrastructure system that allows for all of us to be able to get around the country in a. Timely and affordable way, it means a national energy policy that finely moves this country towards. Energy independence by investing in American energy and we need a tax system that promotes all of these things rather then jobs oversees or dependence on public assistance.

And finally but never least we need a public assistance system that empowers adults who for whatever reasons lack the skills to be successful. In life to get themselves the skills that they need so they can get themselves a good job and be successfully independent in life. And off of public assistance and we accomplish this through education and job training for and then job placement. And promoting working and independence over dependence. Thats what economic Liberalism looks like in a Liberal-Democracy.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

History Comes To Life: Video: 1958 State of The Union Address: President Dwight D. Eisenhower

Dwight Eisenhower might be the Republican President I have the most respect for at least in the 20th Century. Abraham Lincoln is the Republican President and perhaps President most of all that I have the most respect for. But President Eisenhower is the Republican President I probably respect most in the TV age. Because he was the real thing and knew exactly who he was, what he wanted to do and what could be done. And perhaps had the best training of any President we've ever had in being the Commander of Allied Forces in Europe in World War II. Because no other President had a better understanding of both foreign policy and national security. At least before becoming President of The United States then Dwight Eisenhower. And knew exactly what his number one job as President which of course is Commander in Chief. So when he gave his speech about the military industrial complex in 1961. The country almost had to take him seriously because he's someone who was a forty year veteran of the Army and had served in two. World Wars including leading Allied Forced in. Europe during World War II.

Another thing that I respect a lot about Dwight Eisenhower even though I'm a Liberal was that President Eisenhower was a true Conservative. Fiscal Conservative across the board even when it came to defense, a true economic Conservative and understood exactly what the limited role. Of the Federal Government should be as it related to the economy which is how we got the. National Highway System and a true social Conservative who understood the need for social as well as. Economic freedom and was a pretty effective civil rights President in enforcing the Arkansas school segaration case. And is someone that todays not so Conservative Republican Party could learn a lot from.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

C-Span: Video: Senate Historian Donald Ritchie: History of the State of the Union Address

The whole point of the United States State of The Union address is for the President to layout the situation of the country. Across the board and all sorts of issues and also for the President to layout where he wants to take the country for that year. And a lot of times it depends on how well the country is doing, how popular the President is. What's the situation with Congress, who controls the House and Senate and by what margins and how popular the. Congressional Leadership is that will determine what if anything the President will be able to accomplish that year. Ronald Reagan came in on a big wave in 1981 and even though Congressional Republicans only controlled. The Senate, Republicans were up in 1981, Democrats were down and not very popular and were essentially. Forced to work with President Reagan and the Republican Senate to avoid losing more power now that they only controlled the House of Representatives. But six years later thanks to Iran Contra and Democrats winning back the Senate in 1986 in the Congressional midterms and. Adding seats to their House majority, President Reagan lost a lot of his power base.

So State of The Union address's can be very effective or not memorable at all and not important. Depending on the President and where the President stands politically, what he wants to accomplish, how realistic it is. And what's his party's standing in Congress and what position the opposition party is in to either work with the President. And his party in Congress or try to derail what the President is trying to accomplish because they feel no need. To work with them or are too far apart.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

PBS: NewsHour- Jeffrey Brown Interviewing Richard Land: Boy Scouts Delays Decision on Lifting Ban on Gay Members

Source: PBS NewsHour- 
Source: PBS: NewsHour-Jeffrey Brown Interviewing Richard Land: Boy Scouts Delays Decision on Lifting Ban on Gay Members

Just to go on the record as a Liberal. I'm against homophobia and homosexuals being denied access to things that they otherwise would have access to if they were heterosexual. But that doesn't mean that private organizations that require memberships to be involved with them don't have the right to do that. And of course there's the argument that employers, stores, places to eat and so-forth aren't allowed to discriminate against people for these reasons. Denying people service because of their race and so-forth, but the US courts have ruled differently. They've separated from private organizations and privately run business's that are open to the public. You don't need membership to eat at a diner to use as an example or shop at a store. But you do need membership to join private clubs like the Boy Scouts to use as an example. And you could argue that they should have that right, but the fact is they do which the courts have ruled. Government can't deny people access to education as an example, because they don't like someone's race, ethnicity, color, gender, religion, sexuality, etc and neither can private organizations that are open to the public. But private clubs can, because they're not open to the public. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Alex Jones: Video: Jerome Corsi: Barack Obama's "Soviet Style Plan to Destroy America Revealed": All The Evidence You Need to Know About The Need For Better Mental Healthcare

Without Alex Jones we would have to go get one, I mean who better does a better job of making things up. Or coming up with new conspiracies then Alex Jones and I might throw in Jerome Corsi to that as well. They make Pat Robertson look sane and reasonable, Pat Robertson the man who blames 9/11 on homosexuality in America. But I'll give Alex Jones credit for one small thing, he's always an ocean of laughs and jokes even if all of that humor is directed at him.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Independent Institute: Economics: Making Poor Nations Rich: How to Develop Developing Countries

Making Poor Nations Rich: Entrepreneurship and the Process of Economic Development

Lets say you have a country that has a decent amount or even a large country physically like Libya or Somalia. And even have a considerable amount of natural resources as at least in Libya's case but you have a moderate size population or are even lightly populated like both Libya and Somalia. And you are third world country definitely in Somalia's case that couldn't even govern itself up until recently. So you have this country and you can do with at you please as a country and you have a population that wants. To make this country work but all you need is direction to make that happen, what should you do how should you build your country.

It starts with good governance, not Big Government or Small Government but Good Government. A responsible executive, legislature hopefully both elected by the people themselves. And a responsible judiciary and lest say you've already figured out your National Constitution and what the role of. Of government should be in your country, how the national government relates to the state. Or provincial and local governments and what they should be doing and you have a National Constitution. That doesn't make the National Government, lets say Federal Government in Somalia's case. A dictator or have most of the power but with enough power to govern the country and deal with things like the. Currency and economy, you need a National Government not to rule over the people and run their lives but to serve the people. And do the things that you need government to do that the private sector can't do as well or at all. And you need to lay those things out and you need public officials who are not in public office to get wealthy. Or to have power but to serve their people, so you need a limit on public as well as private corruption.

Whatever natural resources you have and hopefully enough to work your way towards energy independence. You need to utilize those and develop energy industries in this country so your economy has a revenue stream. To help power the economy but also to help fund government in the country. You need a infrastructure system to build the roads, buildings, schools, bridges, airports and so fourth. So the people can get around and have places to work. You need an agriculture system so you can put people. To work but also so you produce enough food for the country. You need an education system so you are producing enough well educated workers for all of these jobs you are going to create. You need a tax and regulatory system not to run the economy or run peoples lives so their are rules of the road. And to limit abuses in the system and so you can also fund your limited but good and respectful governments.

And lets say you establish good governance in the country, you are probably going to need since you are a third world country. And essentially starting from scratch, you are going to need foreign aid from the developed world at least in the short term. As you are developing your economy to be able to pay your short term bills but also develop your country. Because you are not going to have enough resources on your own when you are just starting out. And then you need private enterprise and people starting and running their own companies and creating jobs and so fourth. When you are a poor country you simply need to accomplish a menu of things to allow your country to be able to develop.

Saturday, February 2, 2013 Video: CNN's Out Front: VP Biden: "Nothing We Can Do Will Eliminate To Possibility Of Another Mass Shooting

No but we can prevent future shootings from happening in the future with a comprehensive approach. That keeps firearms away from criminals and the mentally disabled and ill. Fully funding mental healthcare in America and rating our violent video games and movies.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Mr. Kellstar: Video: Why The Ravens Will Win Super Bowl 47: Why Big Game Experience Will Win Out

I believe this game really comes down to one thing, big game experience. With the Ravens you are talking about a team thats in its prime, just entering their prime or aging but still very. Productive like Ray Lewis and Ed Reed but a team thats just getting healthy when they had to. At the start of the AFC Playoffs where they hammered the Indianapolis Colts and kept them out of. The end zone and hammered the New England Patriots in the AFC Final. And yes had a close game in the AFC Divisional against the Denver Broncos but the remember the Broncos ran two kicks back for. Touchdowns otherwise thats a seventeen point victory for the Ravens on the road at Denver. One of the hardest places in the NFL to win a playoff game. The Ravens we are seeing in the playoffs, is the 2012 Baltimore Ravens not the team that had all of the injuries. Especially on defense and looked like they had one of the worst defenses in the NFL at the end of November. And this is also a team thats played in practically nothing but big games going up against a team in the. San Francisco 49ers up until 2011 hadn't even made the playoffs since 2002. And a team without much playoff experience anywhere else.

This is a 50-50 Super Bowl both teams are very good talented well coached teams playing well when they need to. I would give the edge on talent to the 49ers because they have a better pass rush. But you have to give the edge at QB to the Ravens with Joe Flacco whose played in nothing but big games since 2008. When he became the Ravens starting QB as a rookie and we are just starting to see how great of a QB he can be and might see more of that Sunday.