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Thursday, January 31, 2013

PBS: Video: Newshour: Jeffrey Brown: VP Al Gore's Future Promotes Democracy

I would like to see Vice President Al Gore spend the rest of his professional life after spending the last. Twelve years out of the Vice Presidency making money, writing about the environment and promoting policies. To deal with the environment, now spend the rest his professional life going further and taking on other issues. As they relate to the rest of the issues we deal with as a country and talking about Democracy. Especially Liberal-Democracy and what are the best ways to promote Liberal-Democracy in America. And what's the best way we can to make Liberal-Democracy work for the whole country and write and talk about this. And how do we make Liberal-Democracy work for the whole country and not just for the people who are already successful. But so wealth and freedom broadly as it relates to speech, voting, privacy the basic freedom for Americans to. Live our own lives and how we can create an economic system that empowers all Americans to have the. Same freedom that Vice President Gore and other successful Americans currently joy in this country.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lou Dobbs: FBN's Lou Dobbs Tonight- The Dobbs Forum on Immigration Reform

Source: FRS Daily Times- FBN talk show host & pundit, Lou Dobbs-
Source: Lou Dobbs: The Dobbs Forum on Immigration Reform

I don't know where Lou Dobbs gets the 40% figure, but that fact is that deportation of illegal immigrants in the United States are up and at record levels. Just look at the numbers from U.S. Department of Homeland Security. And as far as the bogus (to put it nicely) amnesty figure that the far-right likes to throw out there. Amnesty would be if we granted all 10-15M illegal immigrants in this country American citizenship or legal residency, just for being in the country. Which no one serious in this debate is suggesting should be offered.

Under comprehensive immigration reform, the illegal immigrants would have to pay a fine for living in the country illegally. Based on how long they've lived in this country illegally. And have to pay back taxes for any back taxes they may owe at the federal, state and local levels. And would be probational residents in this country for at least ten years and have to meet certain standards. Just to stay and live in the country, like holding a job, paying their taxes, not committing felonies.

And payoff the fine that they owe. So unless you don't understand the word amnesty or are simply using it to score political points, you can't seriously call this plan amnesty in a credible way. Because you're calling it something that it isn't either through ignorance or being dishonest. And trying to make the case that these illegal immigrants shouldn't be in the country anyway. Whether they came to the country legally or not.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mod Cinema: Such Good Friends 1971- Dyan Cannon Stars

Source: Mod Cinema-
Source: Mod Cinema: Such Good Friends 1971 Trailer- Dyan Cannon Stars

This sounds like a hell of a script. A women who finds out her ailing husband has cheated on her and decides to get revenge on him by going out with his friends. It also sounds like a very funny movie, especially considering Dyan Cannon is the lead actress and she’s so adorable and funny to begin with. I mean think about it, the wife of a very wealthy man who will never have to work a day in her life. Just as long as she’s married to this man and doesn’t screw that up. Just screws him without hurting him. Whose husband is now in the hospital with a rare and perhaps fatal condition. A man whose given her so much. And how does she take his serious condition? Does she freak out and spend time with her family and seek their support? No! She goes into his little black book to see who he’s been socializing with. And decides the best thing to do is not to make sure that her husband can get the best care that he can. But to get try to get revenge on him by sleeping with his friends while her husband is in the hospital. Except for the obvious physical attraction, I’m glad this women is not my wife.

Politico: Dylan Byers- Conservative Columnist David Brooks: Calls For GOP Split

Source: Politico- NYT Columnist David Brooks-
Source: Politico: Dylan Byers- Conservative Columnist David Brooks: Calls For GOP split

To put it simply it's time for the stupid wing of the GOP ( the far-right in America ) to be replaced by a smart wing. Not replacing Conservatives with Moderates or Liberals but replacing Neoconservatives and Theocrats in America, with actual Conservatives and Conservative-Libertarians. People who when they say they believe in liberty and limited government, actually mean it because they are against Big Government across the board and see Big Government as the biggest threat to individual freedom in America.

People who aren't against government but just Big Government, stupid and wasteful government that tries to tell Americans how to live our lives by overtaxing and regulating us, or what health care we can have. Or who we can sleep with or marry, what we can watch on TV, etc. Getting government out of our personal lives. That government should regulate how we interact with each other and not how we live our own lives. The far-right in the GOP can't be replaced overnight and it might take the GOP losing some elections as they are competing with new voters and losing current voters, but is something they have to do be competitive in the future to remain a competitive party in this country.

The new GOP if this were to happen would be the Goldwater-Reagan Conservatives, people who are actually conservative. And don't want government interfering with how Americans live their own lives. With the Ron Paul coalition and Northeastern Republicans. People who are budget hawks and believe in economic freedom, as well as a tough but smart national defense. But also people who believe that government shouldn't be interfering with how Americans live their own lives.

 Not exactly liberal or conservative on social issues, but federalist and libertarian in the sense that they don't believe this is government's business how people live their personal lives. If you want to call it that but you could also call them conservative on social issues in a classical sense. And as they move towards this direction politically, then they would be in position to compete for Latin, African, as well as Asian-American voters, including women from all of these groups. As well as Caucasian women, especially people in these groups who like Republican economic policy. But are scared of their stances on social issues.

This is really something that David Brooks who is a real Conservative should be doing and promoting. And helping to move the GOP away from the Bible Belt and Fox News, ( if they still qualify as a news organization ) and bringing in the Ron Paul's, Gary Johnson's and their supporters, along with Northeast Republicans like Olympia Snowe and Judd Gregg. Two Republicans who were both in Congress for about thirty years. As well a Governor George Pataki and Mayor Rudy Guliani. With a coalition like this, the GOP would once again be a national conservative party.
The Young Turks: David Brooks- GOP Abnormal Fanatics

Chicago Tribune: Opinion- Steve Chapman- Atlas Isn't Shrugging: The Defense of Freedom in America

Chicago Tribune- Ayn Rand-
Source: Chicago Tribune: Opinion- Steve Chapman- Atlas Isn't shrugging

I myself even though I'm not a follower of Ayn Rand, but a Liberal Democrat instead, (if you want to know where I'm coming from)  look at anything that government does and any policy that it may create based on one thing. Does it advance the cause of freedom for the innocent or not. If it does depending on how it's structured, I tend to be in favor of it. If it doesn't and weakens individual freedom in America, I will not only be against it, but fight to stop it or prevent it from even happening. Whether it comes from the right or left. So my basic idea of what I want government to do is to protect and promote individual freedom for all Americans who currently have it and deserve it and expand freedom for Americans who don't have it, but deserve it and need it. And for government to do these things they simply have to have the revenue needed to perform these public services. But only what they need and no more and then be held responsible for spending our money responsibility.

For government to promote and protect freedom in America, it needs law enforcement to protect innocent people from criminals.

It need a military to protect us from foreign invaders.

It needs an education system so as many Americans as possible. Have the skills that they need to be successful in life.

It needs a safety net or should at least promote a safety net. Whether its run from the public or private sector to help expand freedom for Americans who simply don't have it. Because they are dependent on government.

And it needs rules and regulations not to tell people how to run its business or organization. But to protect the innocent from people who would do them harm. And it needs an infrastructure system so business's can move their products to market to be sold and so people can get around in a timely and affordable way.

And all of these things that government does for us to protect and promote freedom in this country, requires revenue to pay for them.

Government's job at least in a liberal democracy like America, is not to tell free people how to live their own lives. And then punish them for when they do things that may be hazardous for their health. But to regulate how we interact with each other with basic rules of the road and only provide the services for us that we can't provide for ourselves. As well or not at all that government should be limited to only doing the things that we need it to do. Not want it to do, which is different.
Reason: Paul Dietrich Interviewing Steve Chapman- Election 2012

Monday, January 28, 2013

Crooks and Liars: John Podhoretz- 'Blames President Bush's Failure in Iraq: For Right's Extremism Now'

Source: Crooks & Liars: 'John Podhoretz- Blames President Bush's Failure in Iraq: For Right's Extremism Now'

It is true that when President Bush and Republican Congress's were piling up debt and deficits in the 2000's and the economy sunk in 2008 and we were involved in two wars oversees with no clear end in sight, that Republicans didn't seem to have a problem with that. Not all Republicans, Representative Ron Paul, Representative Walter Jones, Senator Tom Coburn and Senator Chuck Hagel, all had problems with the debt and deficits that were piling up during these years and don't give President Bush high marks for his handling of the economy or Afghanistan and Iraq.

But the so called Tea Party wing of the party, were practically invisible until the fall of 2008 when President Bush and a Democratic Congress passed TARP. ( Or Temporary Assets Relief Program ) And then of course after Barack Obama becomes President of the United States and the Republican Party not only becomes the opposition party in America, but also the minority party in Congress both in the House and Senate.

When political parties that are use to governing and being in power suddenly lose that, there's a transition there that has to be made. And when you are in the opposition you don't have that one person that can lead your transition unless you have a very powerful and effective National Chairman that not only knows the weakness's of your party, but how to fix them and what the next course of action should be. And how to bring members of the party with you and that's what the GOP went through in 2009-10.
Source: AEI: John Podhoretz- On The Golden Age

Sunday, January 27, 2013

CSN Washington: Video: NHL 2013: Buffalo Sabres @ Washington Capitals: Alex Ovechkin Goal: 1/27/2013: Capitals Get First Victory of 2013

Capitals finally get their first victory of 2013

The Daily Conversation: Video: CBS 60 Minutes: The Barack/Hillary Interview: A Partnership For The Ages

I think Barack and Hillary get along better then expected and work well together. Because they both tend to see foreign policy similarly and they know whose the boss. But there's still a clear tention there that they aren't letting on about.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Alex Jones: Video: Today in Crazy: "Women To Be Drafted Under Pentagon Plan"

Alex Jones with his conspiracy theory of the week and representing a perfect example of why we need. To fully fund mental healthcare in America.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Newseum: Video: Gov. George C. Wallace Attempts to Block Integration: 6/11/1963

I don't believe again believe that George C. Wallace long time former Governor of Alabama was a racist. And certainly not a Conservative across the board and perhaps not even as it related to civil rights. As we saw Conservative Republicans vote for civil right in Congress in the 1960s. But that George Wallace was a career politician, an addicted politician as well as a smart political strategist. That new he wanted to be involved in Alabama state politics for a very long time and had goals as it related to national politics as well. And was a smart enough politician to know that the most dominant issue in Alabama politics at least. In the 1960s and 70s was going to be civil rights and race relations and new being opposed to these things. At least officially was his easiest path to power and keeping power and exploited this issue as well as it could be. Done for people who oppose these things even though he was a smart enough lawyer to know. That he was going to lose these battles in court and the people he was trying to deny civil and. Constitutional rights to were eventually going to be rewarded with those things.

Monday, January 21, 2013

PBS: Video: Newshour: Shields and Brooks: Sure-Footed President Obama Lays Out Long Game

I believe that President Obama sounded more Progressive then he generally does but not in the sense. That he believed that government has all of the answers and that his message was about government. But his message was communitarian as David Brooks put it but not on the sense that President Obama. Believes that government should not only do all of these things that they are currently doing as it relates to the economy. But then had a list of new things that he wanted the Federal Government to do as well but that President Obama's message. Was about what the country could do together and what Americans could do for themselves if given the opportunity. Thats its not the job of government to take care of the people who can take care of themselves if they. Only have the opportunity but that government can help the people be able to take care of themselves. If empowered to do so, so in this case President Obama sounded the most like President Bill Clinton or President Jack Kennedy. Even then he ever has so far in his Presidency.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

MrKellStar: Video: Sports: NFL 2012: AFC Final: Ravens Beat New England Patriots 28-13 to Head to Super Bowl 47

Even after being down 13-7 in the first half I still thought pretty good about the Ravens chances. Against the New England Patriots in this game because their defense was keeping them in it. The Ravens were up 7-3 at one point in the second quarter and even though the Patriots moved the. Ball up and down the field in the first half, they only scored one touchdown and the Ravens kept. Coming up with key stops on third down, giving their offense an opportunity to get the ball back. And the Ravens on offense just looked a half a step off and had opportunities at big pass plays in the first half. But QB Joe Flacco was off just a little bit and if they got their timing back in the second half. Their offense would be in good shape and would not just move the ball but get into the end zone consistently. Because they have more weapons then an average defense like the Patriots without a great pass rusher. Or cover corner can defend consistently and the Ravens started working the ball more to TE Daniel Pitta and RB Ray Rice in the run and pass games. Which opened up the rest of the field for WR's Anquan Boldin and Torry Smith.

The Ravens haven't gotten much respect this year and perhaps won't get much more even after winning the AFC Championship. Except from people who actually understand football and understand the Baltimore Ravens. And MLB Ray Lewis of all things was being called washed up but the Ravens are a team that knows exactly who and what they are. And have only gotten hot and healthy enough when they needed to which will be enough to beat the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Cold Day: Sexy Women in Jeans in Boots

CBC Sports: NHL 1990: Western Playoffs: Edmonton Oilers @ Winnipeg Jets: Dave Ellett Scores In Double OT

One of the best playoff games in Winnipeg Jets history

Baltimore Sports Report: Ravens: Matt Lund: AFC Final Preview: Baltimore Ravens @ New England Patriots: Three Keys To Victory For The Ravens

Playoff Primer: Three Keys To Victory For The Ravens

The Ravens need to do exactly what they did last week except play better special teams. They gave up two kicks for touchdowns against the Denver Broncos and that won't be acceptable this week. The Patriots are a better team with more big game experience and with QB Tom Brady the best QB is this young. Century but the other things are solid, the Ravens have won 3-4 games by running the ball very well. Protecting QB Joe Flacco, Flacco playing very well with two three hundred passing games in this stretch. And not making key mistakes as well, the Ravens haven't made any key turnovers in this streak and now they are. Finally healthy on defense with LB Ray Lewis back, to go along with rush end Terrell Suggs and NT. Haloti Notta, so they are finally healthy on defense which has played very well for four straight weeks now. And under new offensive coordinator Jim Caldwell, they finally have an OC who knows how to use all of. His weapons and the play calling has been more balance and more aggressive, the Ravens no longer wait. Until its third and long to pass but look for big pass plays whenever there's an opportunity for them. With WR's Anquan Boldin and Torry Smith.

The Ravens formula is simple, no big mistakes on offense and defense, continue to be balance on offense. And make the Patriots be a passing team by taking away the running game, meaning their front seven controls the line of scrimmage. The Patriots are almost unbeatable when they can run and pass but you take away the run and you have an opportunity. To put pressure on Tom Brady and when that happens he makes mistakes which will kill the Patriots against the Ravens defense. Which still forces turnovers with the best of them.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

CFLTV: CFL 1994: Western Final: Vancouver Lions @ Calgary Stampeders: No Lead is Safe

I remember this game because I was a fan of the Baltimore Stallions at the time waiting to see who the Stallions would play in the Grey Cup. Which could've ended up being the Cam Am Bowl or Continental Bowl or something with a Canadian Conference and a new American Conference. In the CFL, which I believe is still in the best interest of the CFL to have an American Conference. So this great league could be exposed to more people, more fans, more TV and make more money with. Revenue sharing involved but the CFL wasn't very smart with its American expansion expanding in markets. Like Shreveport, Louisiana that aren't major league markets with much of any pro sports history expect for perhaps AA minor league baseball or something. As well as rewarding franchises to management groups that probably had no business running pro football franchises. Sacramento, Las Vegas, San Antonio, Memphis and Shreveport all folded within a few years of their first. Seasons, they didn't even relocate but I still believe the right course for the CFL is further expansion in Canada. Like in Ottawa which is about to happen and perhaps Quebec City as well and then look South to America. And perhaps merging with the USFL which I believe will have solid management. This time around unlike the 1980s.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

PBS: Video: Newshour: Spencer Michels: California Gov. Jerry Brown on Balancing the State Budget

This is pretty remarkable considering that that California at one point in recent years had a state debt of around 40B$. But California really only has one group of people to blame for their fiscal problems which is Californians. Because Californians traditionally have wanted more government then they have been willing to pay for.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Lou Dobbs: President Obama Says No To Negotiations On The Debt Ceiling

Source: Lou Dobbs-
Source: Lou Dobbs: President Obama Says No To Negotiations On The Debt Ceiling

The debt ceiling is a tough issue, because it can be argued intelligently from both sides.

From the Right, "we've piled up too many bills borrowed too much money and we must stop this. So before we agree to finance the borrowing of whatever the new agreement on what our debt limit will be, we must agree to start to pay down our debt. Our credit card spending is out of control, so before we can borrow more we need a new financing plan to get our national debt under control so we don't have to borrow so much in the future."

And on the Left there's a solid argument of, "look we've already agreed to as a government that we are going to borrow this much. Congress and the President have already run up this tab. All we are doing with the debt ceiling is make that official and putting that money on the credit card. Since we've already spent the money now we just have to borrow the money to pay these bills in the short- term and after we do that we can talk about to get out spending and debt under control."

I lean more to the right on this issue in this sense that our national debt is way too high and we can't sustain it long-term especially as the rate that it's growing. And that we need to raise the debt ceiling to avoid default, but that we need to start paying some of these bills now. And send the message that America is not going get by on credit card economics indefinitely and that we are going to start paying our bills. Limit our spending, increase revenue, but we are going to start paying for things as a country again. By paying for them and not by borrowing money from other countries that would love to have more leverage on us. They currently do and that means ripping up the current national debt card and yes raising the debt ceiling, but paying for it. So to raise it by another trillion dollars, we need to come up with another trillion in government savings either through, cuts, reforms, or new revenue, or a combination of all of those things.

If anything President Obama should welcome this debate, because he can say to the House Republicans, "you want to cut the debt and deficit, so do I. You don't have a plan to do that yet that would actually solve the problem. But I do and I'm going to come up with a 1T$ in defense savings without hurting our national security over ten years. By using the draw downs from Afghanistan and Iraq and putting that revenue towards deficit reduction and not back in the defense budget. I'm going to save Medicare and Medicaid by no longer having Medicare and Medicaid subsidize hospitals and doctors by how much health care they deliver, but by how healthy their patients are. And Food Assistance will no longer subsidize the junk food and drink industries and pay for those groceries. Wealthy seniors will be required to pay more for Medicare and Social Security up front. And then pay for all of the Medicare they receive once they are retired. And they can afford it and be taxed on their Social Security benefits as well."

There's a big opportunity politically and governmentally for President Obama here to look like he's protecting Americans especially in the middle class without looking like a borrow and spend Socialist. But also not like someone whose going to balance the budget and reduce the debt and deficit on the backs of the middle class. By putting forward a balance common sense debt ceiling and deficit reduction plan on the table. That gets the job done and can bring the country behind him.

PBS: NewsHour- Gwen Ifill: Cuba Loosens Restrictions on Travel Abroad For Its Citizens

Source: PBS NewsHour-
Source: PBS: NewsHour- Gwen Ifill: Cuba Loosens Restrictions on Travel Abroad For Its Citizens

We may see more Cubans feeling as a result as well as Cubans seeing what democracy looks like. Hopefully falling in love with it and taking back to Cuba to fight for it there. But if you really want Cuba to feel what democracy and freedom looks like, you need to end the Cuban embargo in America that prohibits America and Cuba from having a real relationship. Not just between the two government's, but the people themselves. Cubans coming to America and Americans coming to Cuba. Cubans seeing what freedom and a free press looks like and the ability to live their own lives and be able to speak out even against the government without fear of being thrown in jail for that. And Americans being able to experience another beautiful people, culture, eat good food in a another beautiful Caribbean country like Cuba. There is so much potential for Cuba if their government simply gets out-of-the-way of their own people. And one way to make that happen is for Cuba and America to have an open relationship. 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Fiscal Times: Opinion- Edward Morrissey: 'Five Who Could Lead the Republican Party in 2013'

Source: The Fiscal Times
Source: The Fiscal Times: Opinion- Ed Morrissey: '5 Who Could Lead the Republican Party in 2013'

The problem that any opposition party has in America is that we don't have an official opposition leader. Someone to go head to head the with head of state or even work with that person when they can. We don't have that one position to lead an entire opposition and set the policies and alternatives of the opposition party. We do have that in Congress where the Minority Leader in the House and Senate can offer alternatives to what the majority is putting on the floor, to a certain extent.

But Congressional leaders aren't responsible for leading an entire party. That won't be the role of House Speaker John Boehner or Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in 2013-14 the Republicans leaders in Congress. Their jobs will be to lead their caucus's in the 113th Congress. And to set the agenda for their caucus's, not to try to lead the Republican Party as a whole because again we don't have a Leader of the Opposition in America. Like they do in Canada and in Europe. I wish we did but that's for a different post.

The Republican Party's problem is that they are a broken party and a party that's either broke on ideas or near broke on ideas as far as what they can push that the American people by consensus would support as we found out in the Presidential election. That's a big enough problem. Another problem that the Republican Party has is that they are divided between Christian-Nationalists, the Big Government faction in the party that rather talk about social issues than economics or foreign policy.

And between the real Conservatives in the party, the people who are economic Conservatives but also believe that personal freedom is important and that there's a limit to what American foreign policy and our military can accomplish. Like former Senator Olympic Snowe who just left Congress after serving there for thirty six years in both the House and Senate, is a perfect example of this. And then there's also a growing conservative-libertarian faction in the party led by Senator Rand Paul and others who are the real Conservatives in the party.

So the Republican Party as the opposition party in America won't have that one person who can bring them together. And set the agenda for where the party should be going, but they might be able to do it by coalition and have a national meeting. But of real Conservatives who are only interested in bringing the GOP back as a real conservative party. And not a party that scares women, gays or minorities, but a party that welcomes a big tent of Conservatives. Who believe in economic freedom to go along with personal freedom and a strong national defense, that's fiscally responsible. And maybe the Chairman of the Republican National Committee is the person that could put this conference and coalition together, but they won't have one person to lead the whole party.
Thom Hartmann: The Tea Party vs. The Republican Party

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

NBC Sports: MLB 1981: The Montreal Expos Win A Playoff Series!

The Montreal Expos winning a playoff series in the expanded MLB playoff format in 1981

Baltimore Sports Report: How Can The Orioles Get Michael Morse?

How Can The Orioles Get Michael Morse?

I would definitely trade Brian Matusz for Michael Morse straight up or add a draft pick or to because the Orioles. Already have very good depth with their starting pitching and bullpen especially if Jake Arietta bounces back in 2013.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Chicago Tribune: Editorial Board- Venezuela After Hugo Chavez

Source: Chicago Tribune: Editorial Board- Venezuela After Hugo Chavez

I don't like wishing the death and ill of anyone unless of course they deserve it they are cold blooded serial murderers or something. And I don't believe Hugo Chavez President of the Bolivar Republic of Venezuela fits into that category, but I can't resist the temptation to believe how President Chavez's death would benefit what is potentially a great developed nation. If the Venezuelan people are simply empowered to make that happen in this large, but not overpopulated country of roughly 25M people. Venezuela does not have to be a what could've been country like Cuba. Where the state takes over and attempts to run the lives of an entire country. Venezuela has the resources to take care of themselves if their government just allows them to do that and as much as Hugo Chavez calls himself a Socialist and speaks proudly about socialism, he really isn't. At least not in a democratic sense, but governs more like a Fidel Castro Communist. That tries to not only centralize not only all of the power with the central government, but most if not all of the power in the Presidency itself and thats not a good future for anyone.

If the chips fall into place assuming that President Chavez dies and we are not there yet, Venezuela will be at a fork in the road and have a decision to make. But they'll have four choices and not two. (If that makes any sense) Do they continue down the road of Chavez authoritarianism in the name of socialism. Do they try to become the type of authoritarian state thats common in the Mideast where most of the power is centralized with the military and that's possible the military does have a lot of power in Venezuela. Do they attempt to make socialism real in Venezuela where it's democratic and set up a social democratic republic in Venezuela. Or do they try to make democracy real and move in a more liberal direction where the power is with the people completely. Where Venezuelans are empowered to make the most out of life that they can make for themselves. With government setting up an economic system that empowers all Venezuelans to be able to take care of themselves.

I don't like putting things this way, but Hugo Chavez dying some point this year would give Venezuela especially the Venezuelan people the opportunity to take the country back from the statists there. And empower a country of 25M people to be able to live their own lives in freedom without worrying about big government interfering. And locking them up because they believe they represent some threat to the state or cause or something, but we'll see. If Hugo Chavez dies they'll probably have some short-term president and government. That will probably be empowered to decide where Venezuela goes from there. To they try to make the interim administration permanent with no real legal opposition. Or do they let the people of Venezuela decide where their country goes. In which direction they move in with multi-party elections where the Socialist Party would have to compete with other parties to keep the power that they have in Caracas.
The New York Times: What's Next For Venezuela

Monday, January 7, 2013

The Fiscal Times: Opinion- Patrick Smith: Will America Be Aced Out of A New Asian Alliance?

Source: The Fiscal Times-
Source: The Fiscal Times: Opinion- Patrick Smith: Will the US Be Aced Out of A New Asian Alliance?

Its good news for both America that Japan and Korea that the two largest it not only democratic states in the Far East, are looking to expand their influence and power in Asia and in the world. Especially as China, India and Russia, are on the rise in Asia because there's a limit to what America can do for these countries on our own, in the long-term.

If these countries in the Far East want to be secure then they need to be able and defend themselves to make that happen. Which would not only benefit the United States economy because it would allow us to be able to bring down our debt and deficit, but would also benefit the Korean and Japanese economies by allowing them to have strong vibrant defense industries. We are talking about two of the largest economies in the world in America and Japan. And Korea as well as two developed nations that both have the resources to defend themselves, its just a matter of them spending those resources instead of relying on a country on the other side of the world and their taxpayers to do that for them. And put those resources and more of their people to work.

Japan a country of 130M people with an economy of over 4T$ thats also a large country physically as well. That thanks to the fact that their economy being in recession or stagnation the last twenty years now has the third largest economy in the world behind America and China doesn't have to continue down that road and watch other countries past them economically as well as in influence around the world.

So Japan having a military that could defend itself against anyone in the world as well as be a player in world affairs not just in the Orient or Asia, but around the World. And have more of say about problems that come out around the world, that would benefit them and their economy. It wouldn't be a cure to all of their economic problems where they simply aren't growing. But would allow them to put more people back to work and would boost their economic growth and create brand new private industries. In this large developed country thats been stagnating.

America can no longer defend every allied country around the world, especially countries that have the resources to defend themselves. And Japan and Korea especially with the new President of the Communist Republic of Korea saying that he wants better relations with the Democratic Republic and now believes its time for economic reform. Which in translation means giving North Koreans economic freedom, this is the perfect time for Japan and Korea to step up and become world powers.
Global Conflict: India, Japan, Australia & The US- The Return Of Asian's Quad

Tuesday, January 1, 2013 US Representative Dennis Kucinich: Accuses US Government Leaders Of Creating A Manufactured Crisis

MoxNews who I generally agree with and like but I disagree with them about Representative Dennis Kucinich. Whose literally in his last hours as a member of Congress because he lost his House Democratic primary last year. Representative Kucinich is one of the most honest members of Congress in either party House or Senate. But he's not a real Liberal as MoxNews claims but more of a Progressive/Social Democrat or Democratic Socialist. Someone who puts a lot of faith in government to solve the peoples problems for them and if he was a "real Liberal". He would have more faith in the people to solve their own problems and that government could help. The people who need it by empowering those people to be able to solve their own problems rather then giving. Government so much power to solve those problems for them, Dennis Kucinich does have real Liberal-Libertarian. Leanings on social issues, he's not a Progressive-Statist that believes its the job of government to protect the people even at times from themselves. And thats one thing that I respect about Dennis Kucinich but he's not a Liberal in the classical sense. But more of what Progressive/Social Democrats call "modern Liberals".

Where I agree with Representative Kucinich is that the so called fiscal cliff crisis, is manufactured. It was a problem created by Congress and President Obama and even though I would put more of the blame. On the Republican House then on Democratic Senate or President Obama but this is just an example of. How divided both parties are on economic and fiscal issues and how tied they are to their own fringe bases. Which is so why its hard for both sides to compromise right now.