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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Film Archives: Video: U.S. Representative Bob Dornan Gets His Words in a One-Minute Speech Stricken Down in 1995

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Representative Bob Dornan wasn’t called ‘B One Bob’ for nothing. He had a tendency to say nutty things and throw a lot of partisan bombs out there without a lot of thought. Another way to describe Bob Dornan would The Blind Bomber because again he had a tendency to say things blindly without much though put into his comments at least as far as the consequences for saying some of the things that he did. And then throw his overly partisan nature and the district that he represented in California, this overly partisan approach cost him his House seat in 1996 to Loretta Sanchez. Whose still in the House today and has been there since 1997. Bob Dornan’s approach is very well suited to talk radio and perhaps cable talk TV, not well-suited for Congress even in the House of Representatives. Where there are rules in place for how members address each other and how they address the President of the United States.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

PBS: NewsHour-Nathan Gonzalez: Would a Third Major Party Ease Congressional Gridlock?

Source: PBS NewsHour-Nathan Gonzalez-
Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Times Plus

I’ve probably said this before on this blog, but I’m a proud Liberal Democrat and expect to be a Democrat my entire life. Unless the Far-Left were to takeover the Democratic Party, which is not likely. More likely would be a socialist third-party emerging that could actually challenge Democrats. But the two-party-system simply does not work and even though I do blame the Republicans especially their Far-Right and their anti-government Libertarian-Right more on this, one strong political party in America which is the Democratic Party right now if you look at the power, that they have, but also where they are on the issues compared with Americans as a whole, where they are blowing Republicans away right now, is not enough for a large liberal democracy.

One strong political party even if that political party is my party the Democratic Party is simply not enough. The two-party system right now is not just broken. But it is broken and bankrupt and failing. American voters not just themselves with their gerrymandering and their primary systems that in many cases especially the Republican Party, tend to select the most fringe candidates and people who are least interested in governing. And more interested in building their movement and becoming popular. As we see right now in the House Tea Party Caucus.

The current Republican Party is designed to fail and will go out of business as even a potential governing party, probably within ten years. And if that does happen and a real Center-Right party does not emerge to replace the Republican Party, we will become of a one-party-state. In a country that is supposed to be a liberal democracy. Not healthy, because that is how centralized dictatorships get created. And why we need short-term at least a new Center-Right party to replace what use to be a Center-Right party in the Republican Party.

And why Northeastern and Midwest Republicans and Blue Dog and Southern Democrats need to think about doing this. Getting together with Center-Right Independents who are not Republicans. Because of either the Religious-Right or the partisanship and the Tea Party calling them rhinos and all of that. To save our political system. Long-term I would like to see a multiple-party system going from Socialists, or Communists on the Far-Left.

To Theocrats and Confederates on the Far-Right. While still having the Liberals on the Center-Left. And Conservatives on the Center-Right. But short-term we need a strong Center-Right party in America. To compete against the Center-Left Democratic Party for the good of our political system. So the Republican Party as it is currently set up doesn’t become a failed party. Without a strong party to replace it.
PBS: NewsHour- Nathan Gonzalez: Would a Third Major Party Ease Congressional Gridlock?

Friday, October 11, 2013

PBS: Video: NewsHour: Shields and Brooks on Shutdown’s Tectonic Effect For Republicans

PBS: Video: NewsHour: Shields and Brooks on Shutdown’s Tectonic Effect For Republicans

The effect of the government shutdown on the House Republican Conference where most of the blame should be targeted, the House Republican Leadership not being able to take on the Tea Party Caucus and the Tea Party Caucus setting out to destroy the Affordable Care Act at all costs and then a few Senate Republicans like Ted Cruz obviously, but go to Mike Lee and Rand Paul, so most of the blame for the government shutdown goes to Congressional Republicans.

And the consequences are Speaker Boehner looks like a bigger weakling than he already is. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell who was already in danger of being reelected next year, facing both a strong Republican primary challenge from of course a Tea Party Republican in Mark Bevin, but whoever wins that race will face a well-funded with the backing of the entire Democratic Party, Democrat in Allison Grimes. And remember, Kentucky is not Mississippi. Democrats win at all levels in Kentucky. The governor of Kentucky is a Democrat and the state House is controlled by Democrats. Facing a very unpopular Republican in Mitch McConnell.

And the U.S. House of Representatives because the Tea Party Republicans who won Democratic seats in 2010, now have to go home and explain why they supported the government shutdown. And Northeastern Republicans, whether they are in the Tea Party or not. Who represent swing districts, will either have to take on the Tea Party. And risk a primary challenge from the Tea Party, or be in favor of the government shutdown. And risk losing their seat to a Democrat. And the Democratic Party will not let House Republicans forget about the government shutdown or be able to dodge it.