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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

George Carlin: Jon Stewart interviews George Carlin

Source: George Carlin-
Source: George Carlin: Jon Stewart Interviews George Carlin

What separates George Carlin from let's call them other counter-culture satirists and comedians on the left let's say who critique American society and culture, is that for one George Carlin is often more right than his other colleagues. But he also doesn't have a political agenda that he's pushing. He's not trying to get government to do this or that for the country. Also his satire is bipartisan, he doesn't critique politicians in both parties just to look fair, but he critiques politicians that he disagrees with. No mater their political or ideological affiliations.

Carlin is a classical rebel in the sense that he's against the establishment whoever it.  Because he doesn't have a political agenda of his own. His real political message if he has one is about education and that the people need to educate themselves and stop reelecting people that keep the same system in place and that we should take responsibility for our own lives. Rather than blaming people that we elect and reelect for giving us the system that we have or where we are in life. It's not Carlin's consistency that I admire so much, but that he's consistently right.