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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

CFL Video-CBC Sports: CFL 1978-Western Semifinal-Winnipeg Blue Bombers @ Calgary Stampeders: Short Clip

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Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Times Plus

At first glance, those Calgary Stampeders uniforms, look like the Atlanta Falcons uniforms of the 1970 and 80s. And Georgia Bulldog uniforms of any period. With the red helmets, red jerseys and gray pants. 38-4, sorry if I give away the score to anyone who is actually interested in this game who hasn’t seen it yet. But the announcer was talking about how good the Stampeder defense was in 78, especially their front four. And comparing it to the Edmonton Eskimos front line as well. Which was a big part of all the CFL championship success that the Eskimos had in the late 1970s and early 1980s. And when you give up four points in a CFL playoff game, you either have a great defense, or you’re playing a team with a poor offense. The Blue Bombers scored 371 points in 1978, in sixteen games. So they could obviously move the football and score. Only the Eskimos beat the Stampeders in the CFL Playoffs in 78, in the Western Final. So they have a very good team in 78.
CFL Video: CFL 1978- West Semi Final- Winnipeg Blue Bombers @ Calgary Stampeders: Short Clip

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

CFL Video-CBC Sports: CFL 1978-Week 10-Montreal Alouettes @ Toronto Argonauts: Short Video

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Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Times Plus

I just looked this up, before someone accuses me of being an expert on the Canadian Football League. The Montreal Alouettes were 8-7 in 1978 and made it all the way to the Grey Cup. Where they lost to the 10-4 Edmonton Eskimos. A team, that was barely over 500, makes to all the way to the CFL Championship. Similar to the 1979 Los Angeles Rams, that were 9-7 in the NFL, but won their division as well as the NFC and made it to the Super Bowl. But they had a very good team on paper as far as talent and their coaching staff. And dealt with a lot of injuries key players during the first half of the 79 season. Got healthy in the second half and went on a big role and made it all the way to the Super Bowl. Where they would lose to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Perhaps the 78 Alouettes were in a similar situation. The Toronto Argonauts however, had an awful 4-11 record in 78. So this wasn’t a matchup of great teams.
CFL Video-CBC Sports: CFL 1978- Week 10- Montreal Alouettes @ Toronto Argonauts: Short Clip

Saturday, May 11, 2013

RBG Street Scholar: James Baldwin and Dick Gregory- Baldwin's Nigger 1969

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Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Times Plus

James Baldwin’s message seems to be about individual empowerment and individual freedom. That African-Americans should empower themselves and standup for their own lives and take charge of their own lives. And perhaps even stop complaining. Not forget about all the injustices that came to this community before. But for this community to move forward they need to take control of their own lives and build their own lives and communities.

James Baldwin, who what I’ve heard from him, sounds more like Martin King, than Malcolm X, when it came to the civil rights movement, or the Black Power movement. Someone who not only believes in non-violence, but believes in social democracy and democratic socialism when it comes to solving the problems of the African-American community. In this speech, sounds more like Malcolm X. Talking about personal responsibility, to go along with individual freedom and empowerment.

That African-Americans, should stand up and take their freedom and build their own community. And not expect others to do that for them. Sounds very much like Malcolm X. Fighting violence with violence, which is essentially what Malcolm X preached when it came to racist Caucasians who abuse African-Americans, would’ve not of accomplished what was needed to end racist laws and state-sponsored racism. Because it wouldn’t have brought other communities to support the African-American freedom fighters. But individual freedom through education and economic development and infrastructure in underserved communities, would give African-Americans the tools that they need to live in freedom.
RBG Street Scholar: James Baldwin & Dick Gregory- Baldwin's Nigger 1969

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

George Carlin: Jon Stewart interviews George Carlin

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Source: George Carlin: Jon Stewart Interviews George Carlin

What separates George Carlin from let's call them other counter-culture satirists and comedians on the left let's say who critique American society and culture, is that for one George Carlin is often more right than his other colleagues. But he also doesn't have a political agenda that he's pushing. He's not trying to get government to do this or that for the country. Also his satire is bipartisan, he doesn't critique politicians in both parties just to look fair, but he critiques politicians that he disagrees with. No mater their political or ideological affiliations.

Carlin is a classical rebel in the sense that he's against the establishment whoever it.  Because he doesn't have a political agenda of his own. His real political message if he has one is about education and that the people need to educate themselves and stop reelecting people that keep the same system in place and that we should take responsibility for our own lives. Rather than blaming people that we elect and reelect for giving us the system that we have or where we are in life. It's not Carlin's consistency that I admire so much, but that he's consistently right.

PBS: NewsHour- Five States Move to Restrict Access to Abortion Services

Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Times Plus

All of these abortion restriction laws are coming in red states that like to complain about big government. And government interfering in our lives and so forth and yet they write laws that do exactly that. And interfere with the most personal of decisions that Americans will ever make which get’s to our healthcare. In this case women’s healthcare and who decides whether women give birth or not after being pregnant. Apparently big government in red states is government they do not like mainly as it relates to the economy. But big government that they do like as it has to do with our personal lives is okay, because, “it’s in our national interest to have government making these decisions for us. Rather than individuals have the freedom and responsibility to make these decisions for ourselves.” And then you get to the constitutional and legal aspects of this where these laws will be ruled unconstitutional. Because of the rock solid pro-choice majority on it. And you have states defending laws in court with taxpayer funds that will be ruled unconstitutional. Money that would’ve been spent for other things that would not get thrown out.
PBS: NewsHour- Five States Move to Restrict Access to Abortion Services