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Saturday, April 27, 2013 Video: C-Span: White House Correspondents Dinner: Barack Obama is Not Who You Think He is

This just in Barack Obama is not the young strapping Muslim-Socialist that he use to be. It must be true because the humble Barack Obama admitted that himself. The press and the President have different jobs to do which is as true and obvious as Barack Obama is an American-citizen. And the job of the President is run his administration and the press's job is to report what they believe will sell the most. Or in CNN's case report every side of the story hoping that one of them is true. And I believe it's a good idea that President Obama is reaching out with Congressional Republicans, especially Senate Republicans who never seem. Ready to vote yes or no on any of the President's proposals and keep wanting to talk about his policies instead. Another words filibuster for the 99.9% of the population who aren't political-junkies By the way President Obama proposed to reach out to Senate Republicans but they filibustered that as well. Oh by the way people you non political-junkies have no idea what the you guys are missing, you must have lives or. Something but at least President Obama is reaching out to the press and Republicans when he can.