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Friday, April 5, 2013

Mike Gardner: Video: CBS News: Campaign 1970: Alabama's Governor's Race

The 1970 political campaign for George Wallace running once again to be Governor of Alabama. So he would have a podium to stay in the news and continue to run for President of the United States. Which was really what this political campaign was about. Was different for George Wallace because the new South as its called was not there yet but emerging even in Alabama perhaps the reddest. State in the union was moving past racism in the sense that Anglo-Southerners were moving past the point. Where they wanted a racist Governor, whether it was because they were moving past racism themselves. Or because they no longer wanted a Governor who was so flamboyant who brought so much attention to it a lot of it negative. Plus African-Americans were becoming a bigger force in this state and voting more. And as a voting block needed to be taken seriously by more Progressive candidates.