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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Firing Line Videos: Firing Line with William F. Buckley Jr. :"The Wallace Crusade"

The Wallace Crusade if you want to call it that at its best and at its best not saying this was all of it. But at its best the Wallace Crusade was a Federalist movement that was about local control and states rights. Not saying I agree with the movement but at its best thats what it was. A movement that was about states-rights and local-control, that state and local governments no best how to govern their communities. And do not need the Federal Government interfering with how they govern their communities. Now at its worst the Wallace Crusade was a majority over the minority movement as it related to race-relations. There are more of us then you, that is more Caucasian-Americans then there are African-Americans in Alabama. And we the majority are going to get to decide what the minority are going to have as it relates to freedom. Constitutional-rights and so fourth and we'll even keep you away from us and let you have what's left. If we decide to do so.