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Monday, April 29, 2013

Conservative Roundtable: Video: Howard Phillips Welcomes Ron Paul 1997

What I personally respect about Ron Paul is that the Ron Paul you see back in the late 1990s in 1997. Is the same Ron Paul today and fighting and believing in the same things. In what he views as a Constitutional government and that the Federal Government is grown way too big and it must be limited back to where it. Was pre New Deal of the 1930s and so fourth and that we need more individual-freedom both economic and personal and eliminate prohibition all together. What I like about Ron Paul as a Liberal myself and not a Libertarian in Ron Paul's case. Is the whole idea of individual-freedom both economic and personal as. Well as personal-responsibility but even though I believe the Federal Government is too big and more power. Needs to be sent down to the states and people themselves, we disagree about how much smaller the Federal Government should be. But where Ron Paul was sixteen years ago is the Ron Paul that we see today and is one politician that you can count on. At least to the extent that you know what he believes and that he won't change his politics when the politics change.