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Monday, March 4, 2013

The Independent Institute: John C. Goodman- What is Liberalism: How Liberalism is Different From Socialism

Source: The Independent Institute- John C. Goodman-
Source: The Independent Institute: John C. Goodman- What is Liberalism

I'm not sure that progressivism is a good thing to compare to liberalism. For one, and I don't agree with this but there are Progressives and others who view progressivism and liberalism as the same thing. That some Liberals call themselves Progressives, because of the negative stereotypes that come with being a Liberal. When the fact is the stereotypes that make Liberals look like dovish socialist-statists or something. Which fits, well Socialist today and back in the day, at least Social Democrats.   And then there are Socialists (Social Democrats if you prefer) like lets use Michael Moore to use as an example, where these stereotypes that tend to get thrown at Liberals, fit Socialists like him very well. And the other reason being that socialism like conservatism or libertarianism, is a very diverse political ideology. Where you have Socialists who look like classical-Socialists who are Marxists basically. And then you have Social Democrats/Democratic Socialists like Senator Bernie Sanders, who is a Democratic Socialist, but also believes in a certain level of private enterprise and capitalism mixed in with a very large welfare state. Similar to Franklin Roosevelt.

What's called "modern-Liberalism" or what I prefer to call the New-Left in America emerged in the 1960s. As a reaction to the Great-Society and Vietnam War of baby boomers who came to age of that decade. And formed organizations like Students for a Democratic Society and other lets say New-Left groups of people who backed the FDR and LBJ social insurance policies, but had their own policies when it came to national security, foreign policy and law enforcement. Similar to how Libertarians look at those policies today. The terms Socialist-Libertarian, Progressive or Socialist on economic policy, but Libertarian-Anarchist on national security, foreign policy and law enforcement. That's what so called 'modern-Liberals' believe in, but again this is also a very diverse group of people as well. Because there are also so called 'modern-Liberals' who are Statist on some key social issues like gun control, hate speech, pornography and others and then you have so called 'modern-Liberals like Noam Chomsky, who are Liberal-Libertarian on those issues, but share the same views on economic, foreign, national security and law enforcement policy.

To get to actual liberalism which is the political philosophy I believe in. Liberals simply believe in liberal democracy and that liberal democracy should be there for all Americans, not just some of us. Where we all have the constitutional right to live our own lives and chart our own course in life. As long as we aren't hurting innocent people with how we are living. And that government's role is too see that there's an environment there where equality of opportunity  (not result which is different) for all Americans to be successful life. But then it's up to us as individuals to make the best of the opportunities. That we have with no guarantees. This is not libertarianism, progressivism, or socialism, but liberalism. Liberals look like Libertarians on social issues and what I at least like to call personal choice, or freedom of choice issues, but we look like classical Progressives on economic and foreign policy. That government's role is to see to it that everyone has an opportunity to live in freedom. And that you also have to be strong enough to defend and promote freedom around the world. In a bi-lateral way working with your allies.
The Independent Institute: The Road to Freedom and Prosperity- John C. Goodman, Peter Ferrara & Lawrence McQuillan