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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Stefan Molyneux: Video: "Canada Is More Free Than the United States!": Canadian Libertarianism

Its interesting to here about Canadian Libertarianism since Canada is stereotyped as a Big Government Social-Democracy. In the tradition of Europe especially Scandinavia when the facts are Canada is probably more like America then Europe. With a more generous social insurance system then in America but with more economic freedom then in Europe where taxes aren't as high. I still rather live in America especially with a Liberal not Socialist or Social-Democracy economic. Policy that President Barack Obama is trying to bring to America where more Americans would be empowered with economic freedom. But Canada or Germany would be the next two countries that I would prefer to live in rather then moving. To Britain or Scandinavia or France but Canada certainly looks more economic free then most of Europe and Canada certainly looks a lot more like. America then it does Europe which is something that Progressives or Social-Democrats in America should think about. Before they try to make the argument that America should look more like Canada.