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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Salon: Politics: Steve Kornacki: Is Rand Paul The Next Robert Taft?: How Rand Paul Represents The GOP's Shift Back to Conservatism

Is Rand Paul the next Robert Taft?

The mainstreaming of Rand Paul, interesting title for an article. I saw another article in the magazine The Week with the title, does the rising of Rand Paul mean and end to social-Conservatism. Which are the two things to focus on as well as laying out what social-Conservativsm actually is and how that differs. From religious-Conservatism and they may sound like the same thing but they are actually different.

If you look at Rand Paul's political background whether you want to call it Conservative or Conservative-Libertarian or just flat Libertarian. He's always been in the mainstream in America as far as someone who believes that big government shouldn't interfere in our economic or personal lives. Meaning that government shouldn't try to control us or run our lives or even try to protect us from ourselves. Not that it shouldn't tax but not tax us to the point where we lose the freedom to control our own destiny and not be. Dependent on the state for our economic well being but that government shouldn't interfere into our personal lives as well. And what we do in the privacy of our own homes, what we watch on TV, who we sleep with and marry as adults. How we spend our own money as long as we aren't hurting innocent people with what we are doing. There's nothing radical about this and this view of what government shouldn't be doing is a shared viewpoint on both the. Right and left in America which is why its mainstream.

Social-Conservatism and Religious-Conservatism aren't the same thing. What is Conservatism, well in a political sense its about conserving social-freedom. So if you are a social-Conservative you believe in. Social-freedom, Barry Goldwater was a social-Conservative, so was Gerry Ford, Ron Reagan and so fourth and so is Rand Paul today. All of these men believe in social-freedom not subtracting from it or restricting it and forcing all Americans to live a certain type of life even for their own good. Kentucky in a lot of ways is a perfect state for Senator Rand Paul because there are a lot of real social-Conservatives. Who live there and represent how Rand got elected to the U.S. Senate and perhaps is the strongest voice in the Kentucky Congressional delegation right now. Religious-Conservatism at least in America is our version of a Theocratic political ideology where religious-Conservatives. Base their politics on a strict interpretation of the Bible and want to force all Americans to live a certain way.

Religious-Conservatism is not about conserving freedom but conserving a certain way of life that was fairly common in America up until the 1960s. And forcing all Americans to get back to that lifestyle because they believe we have too much individual freedom and our freedoms are sending America. Down a wrong track that will lead to our demise and thats not the wing of the Republican Party that Rand Paul represents. But he represents the Conservative-Libertarian wing of the party.