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Friday, March 8, 2013

Politico: Congress: Dylan Byers: Remainders Filibustery: The Return of the Talking Filibuster to the U.S. Senate

Remainders: Filibustery

Whatever your position is on the Senate filibuster is and I would liked to see it eliminated but replaced with something that protects both minority rights. But also the majorities responsibility to govern in the Senate and whatever you think of Senator Rand Paul's thirteen house filibuster on Wednesday. And the long speech as far as the content of his speech, you gotta admit at least it was an actual filibuster. And not what minority Senators have been doing in the Senate since the change to the cloture rule back in. The mid 1970s where a Senator who doesn't like the proposed legislation from the majority, simply blocks the legislation. By saying they object and then in a lot of cases leaving the Senate floor with the Senate Leader trying to find. Sixty votes to overturn the objection from the minority but what we got from Senator Paul on Wednesday was an actual talking filibuster. Where Senator Paul took the floor and spoke as long as he wanted with Democrats knowing they had the votes for John Brennan, they had at. Least sixty allowing for Senator Paul to speak his mind that entire day. And voting to confirm John Brennan for Director of CIA on thursday.

What Senator Paul did is what Progressive Democrats have been trying to do since the filibuster reform debate in the Senate from February. Which is to force Senators majority or minority to actually hold the floor as long as they can until they are stopped. If they are doing it to delay legislation and what Senator Paul did I believe on Wednesday was to open back up that debate. And showed how to filibuster in the Senate, come prepared and ready to yield to other Senators for questions about what you are talking. About so you are not there speaking the entire time and wearing yourself out but you really need to be prepared. And be able to get your entire case out on what you are trying to say and if the filibuster is to remain part of the Senate rules. And again I would eliminate it because it makes it very difficult for Congress to get its work done. If the Senate can't get their share of the work done in Congress, because the minority keeps blocking them on everything.

Don't expect the Senate filibuster to be changed in this Congress with the Senate and House already having plenty of things they want to do. Including working with each other when it comes to the debt, deficit, immigration, infrastructure to use as examples. But what Senator Paul did was to teach his colleagues how to filibuster and what you need to be prepared to do. When you feel very strongly about something.