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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Fiscal Times: North America: Via Reuters: Mexico’s Ruling Party Opens Door to Tax, Energy Changes

Mexico’s ruling party opens door to tax, energy changes 

The question regarding Mexico as far as it going from a developing country with high rates of poverty. To a developed country thats an economic giant not just in North America and Latin America but in the rest. The World has never been about potential or resources because it has all of those things as it relates to natural resources. But the issues with Mexico relate to how they utilize their resources so they benefit more of the country and issues relating to corruption and crime which it has way to much of. For them to develop into a developed first world country instead of a second world country. And privatizing their oil industry while taxing and regulating it responsibly so they have the resources to develop more human capital. And empower millions of Mexicans out of poverty are the things this county of well over a hundred million. People should be doing and then they would have the resources to develop the education and infrastructure systems. As well as an energy sector that would move this country to first world status.