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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Crooks and Liars: Philosophy: Mike Lux: The Real Mission of Government: To Protect and Expand Individual Freedom

The Real Mission of Government: Protecting People, Not Banks

I agree with Progressive blogger Mike Lux that there are two philosophies in the Democratic Party I'm a member of and believe Mike is a member of as well. About what the role of government should be in America, we just disagree on what those roles are. As a Liberal-Democrat I believe the role of government is to protect individual freedom for people who have and still deserve it and expand. Individual freedom for those who don't have it but need and deserve it and I'll get to what I mean by that later. The Social-Democratic philosophy of what the role of government should be that I believe Mike Lux subscribes to as. A Progressive, is that governments main job is to protect people even at the expense of individual freedom. So that no one has too much and no one has too little and that means having high tax rates across the board. So government not only has the resources that it need to prevent anyone from having too much or too little . But to invest on the peoples behalf to provide the services that Progressives don't trust the private sector to provide or provide as well.

The Liberal model that both Barack Obama and Bill Clinton subscribe to is that all Americans should have a good opportunity to be successful in life. And what we do with these opportunities is up to us but its not governments job to guarantee that all Americans will be successful in life. Because it simply can't do that but what it can do is insure that we all have the opportunity and tools that we need to be. Successful in life and that Americans should have as much incentive as possible to do everything that they can for themselves. Which is the different from the Progressive or Social-Democratic model of governments role is to protect people even at times from themselves so they don't make mistakes. Which is one reason why Progressives believe in high taxes so much, the less money that people have, the. Fewer mistakes they can make with their own money which from a Progressive point of view is really the governments money to spend on behalf of the people.

The Liberal-Democratic economic model is built around infrastructure, domestic energy, education, job training. And temporary financial assistance for those who need it as they work themselves off of public assistance. That if everyone has access to and gets themselves a good education that we can all be successful in life. Which is different from the Progressive economic model of governments job is to make sure that no one has too much or too little. And that government needs most of these resources to spend on everyones behalf.