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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Crooks and Liars: Susie Madrak- Bill Maher: Presents His Thoughtful Sequester Solutions: How to Solve The Sequester

Source: Real Time With Bill Maher-
Source: Crooks and Liars: Susie Madrak- Bill Maher: Presents His Thoughtful Sequester Solutions

I have my own solutions to this problem and they seem funny but they are actually realistic as well.

Lock House Speaker John Boehner in a room with Senate Leader Harry Reid together in a super max prison in a prison cell and treat them like prison inmates doing their time in solitary confinement. With the difference being that they are together, with just enough water and food to survive. And don't allow them to shave to or take a shower or even leave the cell.

I know, make them share the same cot until they come up with an agreement to end the sequester and force either President Obama or Vice President Biden the only two leaders out of these four who actually have to work for a living and now allowed to take weeks to celebrate Federal holidays. And don't get to decide how much money they maker per year and so-forth being members of Congress. I would say working in Congress, but I don't like giving people too much credit. Speaker Boehner and Leader Reid are essentially members of a club of just 535 people one of the most exclusive clubs in America.

To make it worse for the two leaders of Congress, for each day they don't reach an agreement on how to end the sequester, they have to listen to either Britney Spears or Roseanne Barr sing the national anthem in a glass room.

These conditions might sound harsh and would put President Obama in the same cell with Speaker Boehner and Leader Reid. But like I said the President of the United States actually has to work for a living and produce results. A difference between being an executive and a legislature and if people are dumb enough to to try to deal with a debt and deficit by cutting things that work well and are needed as much as things that don't work well and aren't needed, then they should suffer the consequences.