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Monday, March 4, 2013

Chicago Tribune: Opinion- Jonathan Alter- Why Democrats Must Get Smart on Entitlements

Source: Jonathan Alter-
Source: Chicago Tribune: Opinion-Jonathan Alter- Why Democrats Must Get Smart on Entitlements

Jonathan Alter makes a very good point about the so-called entitlement programs and that the language about how they are talked about. Or what they are called should be changed and that social insurances would be a better way to describe them. That people would collect these social insurances simply when they need them rather than when they reach a certain age. And that if the wealthy who don't need these programs receive these benefits, that they should be taxed on them. Not at hundred- percent, but based on how they would be taxed if that was their total income without the earned income tax credit. And that these should be done for a couple of reasons.

One, for the good of the programs so the finances of them are sured up.

Two, because the wealthy can afford to pay the tax without hurting the economy. Social Democrats (what I call so-called Progressives) don't like talking about reforming the social insurance system, unless it's about taxing more and spending more on them. But what they don't seem to understand that if these programs aren't eventually reformed, rhey aren't going to be around to support.
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