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Friday, March 1, 2013

Chicago Tribune: Opinion: Jonah Goldberg: CPAC Unwise to Snub Christie, Gays: What CPAC Actually Stands For

CPAC unwise to snub Christie, gays

Its not often that I agree with Jonah Goldberg to state the obvious, he's a Conservative and I'm a Liberal. I think we both have the same idea of what individual freedom should be and both believe in it. But we differ on the role of government, oh by the way to state the obvious. There are a lot of Evangelical-Americans who vote Republican and very few African-Americans who vote Republican. Since I'm stating the obvious but to talk about things that are less known and more interesting and put some new. Thoughts out there, I knew ten years ago that the Republican Party was no longer a Conservative Party. When they got in bed with George W. Bush and passed more spending from the Federal Government then drunken. Sailors could only wish to have on a two week drunken fantasy spending spree or a shopaholic who was just given one of Bill Gates credit cards. And the Tea Party that started four years ago has only enforced my opinion with how the Republican Leadership now stands when it comes to. The defense budget, twenty percent of the Federal budget that according to so called fiscal-Conservative Republicans can't afford any. Cuts anywhere at anytime, even though the Defense Department disagrees with them.

So to see a group like CSPAC not C-Span which is suppose to stand for the Conservative Political Action Conference. And I'll get to later what it should stand for instead, snub an actual Conservative-Republican who can actually get elected in a state. Thats as blue as the New York Giants uniforms, meaning New Jersey doesn't surprise me because this is an organization. That calls people like Rick Santorum and Ann Coulter Conservatives and invites them to CSPAC to speak. People who believe that the the Federal Government should outlaw pornography and regulate marriage, what happened to. States rights and Federalism on those two issues, to go along with limited government. And in Ann Coulter's case is someone who believe women shouldn't be allowed to vote in America. Chris Christie is a true Conservative because he believes in economic and fiscal-Conservativism and doesn't push the social issues. Or at least believes they should be left up to the states.

What CPAC should really stand for is the Confederate Political Action Conference. The far-right in America who are still stuck in the 1950s and represent exactly why Republicans have lost 4-6. Presidential elections and the last four Senate elections to decide who controls the US Senate the upper chamber in Congress. Because of voters who would probably otherwise vote Republicans but who Confederates scare the hell out of them when it comes to social issues.