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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bi Partisan Policy Center: Fiscal Policy: Staff Writers: Rep. Paul Ryan’s Fiscal Year 2014 Budget: Why This is Not a Balance Budget

Paul Ryan’s Fiscal Year 2014 Budget: The Details | Bipartisan Policy Center

If the 2013 Ryan budget is anything like the 2012 and 2011 Ryan budget. We are not talking about a balance budget, that is a budget that eliminates the budget deficit or actually fixes our fiscal problems. Because once again except for Medicaid, is does nothing to bring down our budget costs. Repealing the Affordable Care Act won't do anything for the budget deficit either because we'll see more people as a. Result without health insurance and getting free healthcare at the emergency room, well free for them. But expensive for anyone with health insurance who has to pay for that healthcare. So again we are talking about a budget plan that goes after 15% of the Federal budget roughly and over a ten year period thats. Only around 600B$ and thats assuming you eliminate all of that spending that goes to people who live in poverty. Which I believe not even Rep. Ryan is interested in doing and does nothing for the big three. Which is so called entitlements, defense and the tax code where most of the money on the Federal budget is.