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Friday, February 1, 2013

Mr. Kellstar: Video: Why The Ravens Will Win Super Bowl 47: Why Big Game Experience Will Win Out

I believe this game really comes down to one thing, big game experience. With the Ravens you are talking about a team thats in its prime, just entering their prime or aging but still very. Productive like Ray Lewis and Ed Reed but a team thats just getting healthy when they had to. At the start of the AFC Playoffs where they hammered the Indianapolis Colts and kept them out of. The end zone and hammered the New England Patriots in the AFC Final. And yes had a close game in the AFC Divisional against the Denver Broncos but the remember the Broncos ran two kicks back for. Touchdowns otherwise thats a seventeen point victory for the Ravens on the road at Denver. One of the hardest places in the NFL to win a playoff game. The Ravens we are seeing in the playoffs, is the 2012 Baltimore Ravens not the team that had all of the injuries. Especially on defense and looked like they had one of the worst defenses in the NFL at the end of November. And this is also a team thats played in practically nothing but big games going up against a team in the. San Francisco 49ers up until 2011 hadn't even made the playoffs since 2002. And a team without much playoff experience anywhere else.

This is a 50-50 Super Bowl both teams are very good talented well coached teams playing well when they need to. I would give the edge on talent to the 49ers because they have a better pass rush. But you have to give the edge at QB to the Ravens with Joe Flacco whose played in nothing but big games since 2008. When he became the Ravens starting QB as a rookie and we are just starting to see how great of a QB he can be and might see more of that Sunday.