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Friday, February 22, 2013

National Journal: Congress: Alex Roarty: Can This Congress Be Saved?: How to Make The House and Senate Work

Can This Congress Be Saved? -

To put it simply the only way to make the United States Congress work which is still divided between Democrats and Republicans. With Democrats controlling the Senate with a bigger majority in this Congress with the Republicans controlling the House but with a smaller majority in this Congress. Is going to have to come from the people and they are finally going to have to not just say they don't like. The current leadership and system that they are getting from both parties but actually do something about it. And this starts at the state level where they say they are tired of the gerrymandering from both parties. And want more competitive House elections, so Representatives would actually have to run for reelection and. Not just win the primary to return to Congress and that we get back to some type of regular order in Congress.

Congress needs to stop  governing by crisis where the majorities actually are in charge and set the agenda. But where the minorities get to offer their own alternatives to the bills that the majorities in both chambers put. On the floor that are relevant so both sides  have a stake in the game and have some actual legislative responsibility to produce legislation. Instead of just the minorities just saying we don't like the legislation so we are not just going to work to defeat it but prevent it from ever coming up for a vote. You empower the minority to legislate and offer alternatives, it would be a lot harder to just try to block legislation because. Now they'll have some responsibility, fine you don't like the legislation what would you do instead. This would make the House and Senate less partisan because now both sides aren't just competing against each. Other for the next election but now they are competing against each other in Congress in a battle place of ideas. To see which party has the better policies.

So we need more competitive elections in the House of Representatives and have more Representatives who represent. A broader range of people in their districts which would force them in both parties to be less ideological and partisan. And then we need the House and Senate to actually legislate and work their wills to see which party has the better ideas. With both sides in the House and Senate able to put their own ideas on the floor to what's being debated. With the majority still deciding what issues get debated and then we would see Congress actually function and legislate and be less partisan. Because both sides would have incentive to get things done because now they have a broader range of voter to answer to.