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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Library of Congress: Video: 2012 Book Festival: Thomas Friedman & Michael Mandelbaum: That Use to Be US

I guess a Patriot or a Nationalist in its best form at least to me. Is someone who loves their country so much that they don't want to see it fail or do badly. So when things are good, they are the first to praise their country and when things aren't going as well as they should or. Could be doing ,a Nationalist would say look this is an area where we are lacking and need to make some changes here to make it work as well as we need it to. I believe thats the message of Tom Friedman and Mike Mandelbaum that they didn't write a book to bash the United States like some Socialist. Or Jihadist but they truly love America their country and are seeing a country thats not doing very well right now. And want it to do better because they believe it can and has to do better for the sake of the country and for the World. I probably don't agree with everything in the Friedman/Mandelbaum plan but at least they have one and are on the right course.

The biggest problem that the United States faces is that they have two huge problems domestically that both effect them in foreign policy. Because they are both huge economic issues that if not addressed and are right now affecting the United States ability to effect. The rest of the World for positive effects and these two huge problems have to do with the economy. We are not creating the economic and job growth that we need and we have a rising national debt. Without the economic resources to get them under control right now. Which means we need additional economic and job growth to having more people paying income taxes because. More Americans would be working as a result but the other issue has to do with the fact that we won't get long term. Economic and job growth unless our debt is under control and no longer growing faster then the economy and are actually coming down.

What America really needs to do in 2013 is to both gets its fiscal and economic houses in order. Where in the future if not this year we are growing at 3-4% economically and creating around two hundred thousand jobs a month with a falling unemployment rate. And a real deficit reduction plan that actually goes where the money is in entitlements, defense and the. Tax code and reform them in a way that doesn't hurt anyone who can't afford to be hurt. But gets our fiscal and economic houses in order.