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Saturday, February 16, 2013

ITVS: U.S. Senator Tim Kaine Introduces The Created Equal Project

Source: ITVS- U.S. Senator Tim Kaine, D, VA-
Source: ITVS: U.S. Senator Tim Kaine Introduces The Created Equal Project

I support public broadcasting as far as the programming they put on as well as the National Endowment for the Humanities and so-forth. Again, as far as the programming they deliver and the fact they support our current affairs and history programming, as well as our arts and education. Through non-profits and I realize these budgets are only around ten-billion-dollars, if that. But in the time of high national debt and budget deficits, this is not something that taxpayers should be forced to spend money on when we have a sluggish economy that didn't grow at all in the last quarter of 2012. With high unemployment, as well as private debt, that instead we would be better off using that money for deficit reduction, or economic development like in the area of infrastructure investment, or energy, or tax cuts for business's that invest, expand and hire in America. Which is what we should be doing with these resources instead of forcing taxpayers to pay for to support our history, culture and current affairs programming, as well as the arts.

Forcing taxpayers to subsidize these things is not something that we should be doing. Especially when it can be done by non-profits in the private sector that could raise the money that they need and more by people who go to the movies and concerts, who rent and by movies and so-forth, as well as music. We don't need a Federally run, or subsidize organizations that are in the business to support our arts and entertainment and history. When this can be done by non profits in the private sector and when we have so many other things that we need to be doing and funding in this country. With a weak economy that has high unemployment and a high debt and large budget deficit. Again, we are only talking about 10B$, but that's money that could go to fund universal pre-school and kindergarten to use as an example. That President Obama wants to do which would be great for the country.

Don't want to see these Federally funded programs go out-of business and if they were to fall into financial trouble, I would support lending them money to get through whatever difficulty they are going through. As long as they have a good plan to get out of that situation. But you set up these programs properly in the private sector as non-profits. Then these programs would do very well because there's plenty of support for them.