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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Info Wars: Larry Elder- 'Democrats: The True Racists'

Source: Info Wars-
Source: Info Wars: Larry Elder- 'Democrats: The True Racists'

I'll start with civil rights because to look at civil rights and the Civil War from the 1860s and then go up hundred years later, Democratic vs Republican is not the way to look at it. Because the Southern Democrats from both eras are Republicans today. And represent the religious and Neoconservative movement in America where civil rights, civil liberties and, personal freedom aren't concerns with them where they are more interested in what they call national morality and national security. Where personal freedom has to be limited and contracted to have what they see as a true moral traditional America. That's what the Democratic Party in the South was part of back in the 1960s and 1860s. Northern Democrats and Republicans have always believed in things like personal freedom, civil rights and civil liberties. And the non-Social Democrats in the party believe in economic freedom as well.

These issues as they relate to civil rights have to do with ideology rather than party where the Republican and Democratic parties have essentially flip flopped ideologically and regionally in this country. Which is something that Larry Elder doesn't understand or won't acknowledge for political reasons whatever they may be. Of course there are bigots in both parties, what I call New-Left Democrats ( and a lot of them are Caucasian by the way ) who look down at people who live in the South and speak with a Southern or country accent. As well as other Americans who don't live in the Northeast, Chicago or the West Coast. But to acknowledge that there aren't bigots on the neoconservative far-right in America who see Latinos as invaders and Un-American and Islam as a terrorist religion and so-forth, who think women's place in only in the home and still aren't crazy about African-Americans and don't believe they have the same constitutional rights as European- Americans, is either dishonest or ignorant.

What you see in this video from Info Wars is of course a very slanted Republican leaning view of the Democratic Party. With a partisan right-winger interviewing a partisan right-winger and that's what you should expect from Info Wars. That's what partisan media outlets on the right and left give you rather than giving the news. They give you the part of the news that best represents their ideological arguments.