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Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Fiscal Times: Economy: Maureen Mackey: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: "Stop Complaining and Do Something!": How to Create More Opportunity For More Americans

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Stop Complaining and Do Something!

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar the author and activist as well as course the former great pro basketball player who I believe is the greatest center of all time. But for this post his writings and activism are more important and he lays down exactly what the vision should be for African Americans and whoever else. Is struggling as a community right now, a lot of African Americans are doing great, Kareem being a perfect example of that. But not enough of them are doing well in this country that allows for them to be able to better compete with Caucasian and Asian Americans in this country. And what Kareem is basically saying I'm interpreting here but what he's s basically saying is that that people who feel left out. Off the American dream whatever their background may be that complaining about it at least by itself won't solve their problems. To solve their problems they need to get up and do something about and improve themselves so they can make the best. Out of life what they put into it instead of just sitting on their hands and complaining about how unfair life is and so fourth.

To put it simply the reason why the haves have a lot and the have nots have barely anything. Is because they haves are successful and have built quality lives for themselves with the tools that were put in front. Of them by in large, there are Americans of course who were born to wealth and accomplished basically. Nothing in life on their own but thats a very small percentage of the country, the rest of the successful people in the country. Are successful because they got themselves a good education, worked hard and have been productive. Creating wealth for themselves as well as other people thats led to other jobs and wealth being created in this country. And the simple reason why the have nots haven't been successful in life up to this point, because the have nots. Either either haven't had the tools to be successful in life, haven't had access to a quality education and so fourth. Or haven't used the tools in front of them like  finishing school and making other mistakes in life thats led to their poverty.

So what we need to in this country to have more haves and fewer have nots. Is for more people to take individual responsibility for their own lives and make good decisions early on in life. Like finishing school and doing well in school and having universal access to higher education in this country for all. High school students who are academically eligible for college who would do well there. No matter what their economic background is growing up and for the adults who didn't make the right choices. Growing up, giving them access to education and job training so they can get themselves the skills they need. To get a good job and be successful in life as well.