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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Fiscal Times: Economy: Mark Thoma: For President Obama, State of The Union Means State of The People: The Role of Government in a Liberal Economy

For Obama, State of the Union Means State of the People

What is the role of government in a Liberal-Democracy that has a Liberal private enterprise economic system. To put it simply to do the things that the private sector won't do because they either can't, won't do as well or are not as interested in because they don't see enough profit from it. Or to makeup the difference in these areas that the private sector doesn't do for whatever the reasons are. Its not the job of government in a Liberal economic system to run the private sector through overtaxation and. Overregulation, its not the job of government to try to take care of everyone in the country and to run their lives for them and try to. Protect them from the freedom and responsibility that comes from making decisions in life. Another words we need a limited but good government in a Liberal-Democracy with a Liberal economic system and that. We need a Liberal amount of freedom not a Liberal amount of government thats designed to create what's called and opportunity society. That empowers as many as Americans as possible to live in freedom and independence in America.

So its not the job of government to run or control the people in a Liberal-Democracy but the job of government to serve the people. Which is different to do the things for us that we can't do for ourselves as well, not at all or that the private sector won't do or can't do enough for us. This is not a message of Big Government or Small Government but a message that Good Government can help bring about. Because its limited to only doing the things for us again that the private sector won't do for us or won't enough of. So that means a good public education system not to replace private schools but to serve the tens of millions of. Americans that will end up going going to public schools for one reason or another. That means having a sound public infrastructure system that allows for all of us to be able to get around the country in a. Timely and affordable way, it means a national energy policy that finely moves this country towards. Energy independence by investing in American energy and we need a tax system that promotes all of these things rather then jobs oversees or dependence on public assistance.

And finally but never least we need a public assistance system that empowers adults who for whatever reasons lack the skills to be successful. In life to get themselves the skills that they need so they can get themselves a good job and be successfully independent in life. And off of public assistance and we accomplish this through education and job training for and then job placement. And promoting working and independence over dependence. Thats what economic Liberalism looks like in a Liberal-Democracy.