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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Chicago Tribune: Opinion: Steve Chapman: A Balanced Budget Amendment?: Why it Wouldn't Work in The Current Political Climate

A balanced budget amendment?

I agree with Steve Chapman that a balanced budget amendment were even to pass and generally when they do, you are looking a ten year process anyway. And you would probably need some very Progressive Social-Democratic states like Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont to use as examples to. Go along with this, the Bible Belt states wouldn't be enough but even if something like this were to pass. That wouldn't stop Congress and the Executive Branch from spending money. Congress by law is required to pass a Federal budget every year but when was the last time the Senate passed their own. Budget plan, whether you like the Republican House or not and I don't as a Democrat politically and on policy that is. But at least they do their half of the Congressional budget process and have the last two years. The Senate will hopefully pass their own budget plan this year but Congress under law is required to pass a Federal budget. Every every year but you don't see members of Congress House or Senate being arrested for not passing budgets or appropriations bills something they are required to do every. Year and the same thing would happen even if a BBA were to become the law of the land.

The fact is the three things that are keeping the Federal Government from getting their fiscal house in order. And on course for eventually balancing their budget, is a lack of discipline. They can't figure out when they are spending too much because its never enough for them. Another thing would be priorities meaning that Congress doesn't have them and the White House is not being much help here. The other being courage and leadership that Representatives and Senators are afraid to tell their constituents. The real truth about the sixteen trillion dollar national debt and 845B$ deficit and that there's a limit to what. Congress can for its people with their money and that we simply can't fund everything that the government. Is doing right now and run them the way they are currently being run. That money and time is running out and when it does run out, we are going to see high interest rates that we've never seen. Before which would be largest tax increase we've ever seen in the country with the cost of living going up everywhere.

Once if ever Congress and the Executive Branch get discipline, priorities and leadership. Then they'll go where the money is to get our fiscal house and order which is, defense, entitlements and the tax code. And an economic plan that leads to economic and job growth and we are still a long way away from seeing any of these things happen. Which is why a balance budget amendment at this point is nothing but a gimmick.