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Monday, February 18, 2013

Book TV: The Heritage Foundation- Ben Shapiro: 'Bullies- How The Left's Culture of Fear Intimidates & Silences America

Source: Book TV-
Source: Book TV: The Heritage Foundation- Ben Shapiro: 'Bullies- How The Left Intimidates & Silences America'

Ben Shapiro is lucky to be living in America where he can say whatever he wants to true or otherwise. And demagogue whatever people who he ideologically disagrees with, without having to worry about the truth and can say whatever he wants to. To suit his own political goals which is to make the so called Left, as if its one group of people who look at politics and current affairs the same way. Which tells you what Ben Shapiro knows about the left. Which is what fish know about basketball.

A big problem with American politics today is that the fringes have too much power. They don't really run things as far as government but they have too much influence over the party they are in and are part of. To the point that if the leadership in their party doesn't do what they want them to do, they risk losing power with having to deal with primary challenges and having to spend resources defeating candidates from their own party. Money they are going to need to defeat the other party.

And when it comes to Congress the fringes represent a big enough block in both parties that if they all vote one way, a lot of times its the difference in passing or defeating a bill. When both parties have to work together to pass legislation. And the Far-Right or Hard-Right and Far-Left or Hard-Left in the Republican and Democratic parties know this and aren't really interesting in governing but destroying the other party. "Why should we work with them when we would be better off politically destroying them." So they say whatever they can come up with to make the other party look bad.

Ben Shapiro is a perfect example of someone in this case on the lets say hard-right ( to be nice ) or overly partisan right who says things just to make the other party look bad. Including putting words in other people's mouth like what he did with President Obama's 2013 inaugural address. The garbage that if you don't believe in gun control, you are not a real Christian. If you don't believe public assistance and the Affordable Care Act you don't care about senior citizens, poor people and women and so-forth. Things that the President has never said. I'm afraid unless Ben Shapiro is even more ignorant then I've have given him credit for being so far, he knows better and has chosen to say things that are simply not true about the President of the United States. Of course the hard-left has people who play the same politics about Republicans but this video is about Ben Shapiro.

A fringe is supposed to be a sort of a loony minority of people who see the real world as something that it's not. Which is why they are such a small group of people because the rest of the country simply knows better and is in touch with reality. Thats sort of the long definition of a fringe but the problem with American politics right now is not so much the fringes but the leadership's in both parties who actually take these people seriously. Because they are afraid to standup to them and Ben Shapiro is part of one the fringes in American politics.