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Monday, January 21, 2013

PBS: Video: Newshour: Shields and Brooks: Sure-Footed President Obama Lays Out Long Game

I believe that President Obama sounded more Progressive then he generally does but not in the sense. That he believed that government has all of the answers and that his message was about government. But his message was communitarian as David Brooks put it but not on the sense that President Obama. Believes that government should not only do all of these things that they are currently doing as it relates to the economy. But then had a list of new things that he wanted the Federal Government to do as well but that President Obama's message. Was about what the country could do together and what Americans could do for themselves if given the opportunity. Thats its not the job of government to take care of the people who can take care of themselves if they. Only have the opportunity but that government can help the people be able to take care of themselves. If empowered to do so, so in this case President Obama sounded the most like President Bill Clinton or President Jack Kennedy. Even then he ever has so far in his Presidency.