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Thursday, January 31, 2013

PBS: Video: Newshour: Jeffrey Brown: VP Al Gore's Future Promotes Democracy

I would like to see Vice President Al Gore spend the rest of his professional life after spending the last. Twelve years out of the Vice Presidency making money, writing about the environment and promoting policies. To deal with the environment, now spend the rest his professional life going further and taking on other issues. As they relate to the rest of the issues we deal with as a country and talking about Democracy. Especially Liberal-Democracy and what are the best ways to promote Liberal-Democracy in America. And what's the best way we can to make Liberal-Democracy work for the whole country and write and talk about this. And how do we make Liberal-Democracy work for the whole country and not just for the people who are already successful. But so wealth and freedom broadly as it relates to speech, voting, privacy the basic freedom for Americans to. Live our own lives and how we can create an economic system that empowers all Americans to have the. Same freedom that Vice President Gore and other successful Americans currently joy in this country.