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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Newseum: Video: Gov. George C. Wallace Attempts to Block Integration: 6/11/1963

I don't believe again believe that George C. Wallace long time former Governor of Alabama was a racist. And certainly not a Conservative across the board and perhaps not even as it related to civil rights. As we saw Conservative Republicans vote for civil right in Congress in the 1960s. But that George Wallace was a career politician, an addicted politician as well as a smart political strategist. That new he wanted to be involved in Alabama state politics for a very long time and had goals as it related to national politics as well. And was a smart enough politician to know that the most dominant issue in Alabama politics at least. In the 1960s and 70s was going to be civil rights and race relations and new being opposed to these things. At least officially was his easiest path to power and keeping power and exploited this issue as well as it could be. Done for people who oppose these things even though he was a smart enough lawyer to know. That he was going to lose these battles in court and the people he was trying to deny civil and. Constitutional rights to were eventually going to be rewarded with those things.