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Sunday, January 20, 2013

MrKellStar: Video: Sports: NFL 2012: AFC Final: Ravens Beat New England Patriots 28-13 to Head to Super Bowl 47

Even after being down 13-7 in the first half I still thought pretty good about the Ravens chances. Against the New England Patriots in this game because their defense was keeping them in it. The Ravens were up 7-3 at one point in the second quarter and even though the Patriots moved the. Ball up and down the field in the first half, they only scored one touchdown and the Ravens kept. Coming up with key stops on third down, giving their offense an opportunity to get the ball back. And the Ravens on offense just looked a half a step off and had opportunities at big pass plays in the first half. But QB Joe Flacco was off just a little bit and if they got their timing back in the second half. Their offense would be in good shape and would not just move the ball but get into the end zone consistently. Because they have more weapons then an average defense like the Patriots without a great pass rusher. Or cover corner can defend consistently and the Ravens started working the ball more to TE Daniel Pitta and RB Ray Rice in the run and pass games. Which opened up the rest of the field for WR's Anquan Boldin and Torry Smith.

The Ravens haven't gotten much respect this year and perhaps won't get much more even after winning the AFC Championship. Except from people who actually understand football and understand the Baltimore Ravens. And MLB Ray Lewis of all things was being called washed up but the Ravens are a team that knows exactly who and what they are. And have only gotten hot and healthy enough when they needed to which will be enough to beat the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl.