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Tuesday, January 1, 2013 US Representative Dennis Kucinich: Accuses US Government Leaders Of Creating A Manufactured Crisis

MoxNews who I generally agree with and like but I disagree with them about Representative Dennis Kucinich. Whose literally in his last hours as a member of Congress because he lost his House Democratic primary last year. Representative Kucinich is one of the most honest members of Congress in either party House or Senate. But he's not a real Liberal as MoxNews claims but more of a Progressive/Social Democrat or Democratic Socialist. Someone who puts a lot of faith in government to solve the peoples problems for them and if he was a "real Liberal". He would have more faith in the people to solve their own problems and that government could help. The people who need it by empowering those people to be able to solve their own problems rather then giving. Government so much power to solve those problems for them, Dennis Kucinich does have real Liberal-Libertarian. Leanings on social issues, he's not a Progressive-Statist that believes its the job of government to protect the people even at times from themselves. And thats one thing that I respect about Dennis Kucinich but he's not a Liberal in the classical sense. But more of what Progressive/Social Democrats call "modern Liberals".

Where I agree with Representative Kucinich is that the so called fiscal cliff crisis, is manufactured. It was a problem created by Congress and President Obama and even though I would put more of the blame. On the Republican House then on Democratic Senate or President Obama but this is just an example of. How divided both parties are on economic and fiscal issues and how tied they are to their own fringe bases. Which is so why its hard for both sides to compromise right now.