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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Politico: Dylan Byers- Conservative Columnist David Brooks: Calls For GOP Split

Source: Politico- NYT Columnist David Brooks-
Source: Politico: Dylan Byers- Conservative Columnist David Brooks: Calls For GOP split

To put it simply it's time for the stupid wing of the GOP ( the far-right in America ) to be replaced by a smart wing. Not replacing Conservatives with Moderates or Liberals but replacing Neoconservatives and Theocrats in America, with actual Conservatives and Conservative-Libertarians. People who when they say they believe in liberty and limited government, actually mean it because they are against Big Government across the board and see Big Government as the biggest threat to individual freedom in America.

People who aren't against government but just Big Government, stupid and wasteful government that tries to tell Americans how to live our lives by overtaxing and regulating us, or what health care we can have. Or who we can sleep with or marry, what we can watch on TV, etc. Getting government out of our personal lives. That government should regulate how we interact with each other and not how we live our own lives. The far-right in the GOP can't be replaced overnight and it might take the GOP losing some elections as they are competing with new voters and losing current voters, but is something they have to do be competitive in the future to remain a competitive party in this country.

The new GOP if this were to happen would be the Goldwater-Reagan Conservatives, people who are actually conservative. And don't want government interfering with how Americans live their own lives. With the Ron Paul coalition and Northeastern Republicans. People who are budget hawks and believe in economic freedom, as well as a tough but smart national defense. But also people who believe that government shouldn't be interfering with how Americans live their own lives.

 Not exactly liberal or conservative on social issues, but federalist and libertarian in the sense that they don't believe this is government's business how people live their personal lives. If you want to call it that but you could also call them conservative on social issues in a classical sense. And as they move towards this direction politically, then they would be in position to compete for Latin, African, as well as Asian-American voters, including women from all of these groups. As well as Caucasian women, especially people in these groups who like Republican economic policy. But are scared of their stances on social issues.

This is really something that David Brooks who is a real Conservative should be doing and promoting. And helping to move the GOP away from the Bible Belt and Fox News, ( if they still qualify as a news organization ) and bringing in the Ron Paul's, Gary Johnson's and their supporters, along with Northeast Republicans like Olympia Snowe and Judd Gregg. Two Republicans who were both in Congress for about thirty years. As well a Governor George Pataki and Mayor Rudy Guliani. With a coalition like this, the GOP would once again be a national conservative party.
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