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Monday, January 7, 2013

The Fiscal Times: Opinion: Patrick Smith: Will America Be Aced Out of A New Asian Alliance?: How Asian Democrats Should Move Forward

Will the US Be Aced Out of A New Asian Alliance?

Its good news for both America that Japan and Korea that the two largest it not only Democratic states in the Far East. Are looking to expand their influence and power in Asia and in the World especially as China, India and Russia. Are on the rise in Asia because there's a limit to what America can do for these countries on our own, in the long. Term if these countries in the Far East want to be secure then they need to be able and defend themselves to make that happen. Which would not only benefit the United States economy because it would allow us to be able to bring down. Our debt and deficit but would also benefit the Korean and Japanese economies by allowing them to have strong vibrant. Defense industries we are talking about two of the largest economies in the World in Japan and Korea as well. As two developed nations that both have the resources to defend themselves, its just a matter of them spending. Those resources instead of relying on a country on the other side of the World and their tax payers to do that for them. And put those resources and more of their people to work.

Japan a country of 130M people with an economy of over 4T$ thats also a large country physically as well. That thanks to the fact that their economy being in recession or stagnation the last twenty years now has the third largest. Economy in the World behind America and China doesn't have to continue down that road and watch other. Countries past them economically as well as in influence around the World, so having a military that could defend itself. Against anyone in the World as well as be a player in World affairs not just in the Orient or Asia but around the World. And have more of say about problems that come out around the World, that would benefit them and their economy. It wouldn't be a cure to all of their economic problems where they simply aren't growing but would allow them. To put more people back to work and would boost their economic growth and create brand new private industries. In this large developed country thats been stagnating.

America can no longer defend every allied country around the World, especially countries that have the resources. To defend themselves and Japan and Korea especially with the new President of the Communist Republic of Korea. Saying that he wants better relations with the Democratic Republic and now believes its time for economic reform. Which in translation means giving North Koreans economic freedom, this is the perfect time for Japan and Korea to step. Up and become World powers.