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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Chicago Tribune: Opinion- Steve Chapman- Atlas Isn't Shrugging: The Defense of Freedom in America

Chicago Tribune- Ayn Rand-
Source: Chicago Tribune: Opinion- Steve Chapman- Atlas Isn't shrugging

I myself even though I'm not a follower of Ayn Rand, but a Liberal Democrat instead, (if you want to know where I'm coming from)  look at anything that government does and any policy that it may create based on one thing. Does it advance the cause of freedom for the innocent or not. If it does depending on how it's structured, I tend to be in favor of it. If it doesn't and weakens individual freedom in America, I will not only be against it, but fight to stop it or prevent it from even happening. Whether it comes from the right or left. So my basic idea of what I want government to do is to protect and promote individual freedom for all Americans who currently have it and deserve it and expand freedom for Americans who don't have it, but deserve it and need it. And for government to do these things they simply have to have the revenue needed to perform these public services. But only what they need and no more and then be held responsible for spending our money responsibility.

For government to promote and protect freedom in America, it needs law enforcement to protect innocent people from criminals.

It need a military to protect us from foreign invaders.

It needs an education system so as many Americans as possible. Have the skills that they need to be successful in life.

It needs a safety net or should at least promote a safety net. Whether its run from the public or private sector to help expand freedom for Americans who simply don't have it. Because they are dependent on government.

And it needs rules and regulations not to tell people how to run its business or organization. But to protect the innocent from people who would do them harm. And it needs an infrastructure system so business's can move their products to market to be sold and so people can get around in a timely and affordable way.

And all of these things that government does for us to protect and promote freedom in this country, requires revenue to pay for them.

Government's job at least in a liberal democracy like America, is not to tell free people how to live their own lives. And then punish them for when they do things that may be hazardous for their health. But to regulate how we interact with each other with basic rules of the road and only provide the services for us that we can't provide for ourselves. As well or not at all that government should be limited to only doing the things that we need it to do. Not want it to do, which is different.
Reason: Paul Dietrich Interviewing Steve Chapman- Election 2012