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Thursday, January 17, 2013

CFLTV: CFL 1994: Western Final: Vancouver Lions @ Calgary Stampeders: No Lead is Safe

I remember this game because I was a fan of the Baltimore Stallions at the time waiting to see who the Stallions would play in the Grey Cup. Which could've ended up being the Cam Am Bowl or Continental Bowl or something with a Canadian Conference and a new American Conference. In the CFL, which I believe is still in the best interest of the CFL to have an American Conference. So this great league could be exposed to more people, more fans, more TV and make more money with. Revenue sharing involved but the CFL wasn't very smart with its American expansion expanding in markets. Like Shreveport, Louisiana that aren't major league markets with much of any pro sports history expect for perhaps AA minor league baseball or something. As well as rewarding franchises to management groups that probably had no business running pro football franchises. Sacramento, Las Vegas, San Antonio, Memphis and Shreveport all folded within a few years of their first. Seasons, they didn't even relocate but I still believe the right course for the CFL is further expansion in Canada. Like in Ottawa which is about to happen and perhaps Quebec City as well and then look South to America. And perhaps merging with the USFL which I believe will have solid management. This time around unlike the 1980s.