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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Baltimore Sports Report: Ravens: Matt Lund: AFC Final Preview: Baltimore Ravens @ New England Patriots: Three Keys To Victory For The Ravens

Playoff Primer: Three Keys To Victory For The Ravens

The Ravens need to do exactly what they did last week except play better special teams. They gave up two kicks for touchdowns against the Denver Broncos and that won't be acceptable this week. The Patriots are a better team with more big game experience and with QB Tom Brady the best QB is this young. Century but the other things are solid, the Ravens have won 3-4 games by running the ball very well. Protecting QB Joe Flacco, Flacco playing very well with two three hundred passing games in this stretch. And not making key mistakes as well, the Ravens haven't made any key turnovers in this streak and now they are. Finally healthy on defense with LB Ray Lewis back, to go along with rush end Terrell Suggs and NT. Haloti Notta, so they are finally healthy on defense which has played very well for four straight weeks now. And under new offensive coordinator Jim Caldwell, they finally have an OC who knows how to use all of. His weapons and the play calling has been more balance and more aggressive, the Ravens no longer wait. Until its third and long to pass but look for big pass plays whenever there's an opportunity for them. With WR's Anquan Boldin and Torry Smith.

The Ravens formula is simple, no big mistakes on offense and defense, continue to be balance on offense. And make the Patriots be a passing team by taking away the running game, meaning their front seven controls the line of scrimmage. The Patriots are almost unbeatable when they can run and pass but you take away the run and you have an opportunity. To put pressure on Tom Brady and when that happens he makes mistakes which will kill the Patriots against the Ravens defense. Which still forces turnovers with the best of them.