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Thursday, December 27, 2012 More Than 250,000 Sign WH Petition To Label Westboro Baptist Church A Hate Group

The Westboro Church and they aren't a real church but an actual hate group that voices their hate against. Homosexuals and military personal, is a hate group but they have the same first amendment rights as any other American.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

PBS: NewsHour- Spencer Michaels: California Law Aspires to Improve Mental Health

Source: PBS NewsHour-
Source: PBS: NewsHour- Spencer Michaels: California Law Aspires To Improve Mental Health

It's a good thing that California is taking a lead on something positive for a change as it relates to their government by funding mental health care. It's not as if we can't fund mental health care in this country, but it's that we've decided as a country that funding mental health care should not be a priority, or that it's too expensive. Which is not true! It should be a priority, because of the people we've lost in these shootings and we can afford it through things like health insurance and public assistance for people who can't afford it on their own. We're paying a bigger price in human life an d I would argue financially as well when it comes to our law enforcement and corrections system and having to put mental handicapped in prison instead of hospitals, that if those people who committed these horrible crimes wouldn't have happened in the first place, if these people were just in mental institutions, or at the very least getting outpatient therapy and on medication. We wouldn't have seen the shootings in Aurora and Connecticut, that we've seen this year. 

Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Leather Predator: The Freshman 1990- Matthew Broderick & Penelope Ann Miller

Source: The Leather Predator- Matthew Broderick & Penelope Ann Miller-
Source: The Leather Predator: The Freshman 1990- Matthew Broderick & Penelope Ann Miller

I’m not going to say The Freshman is a bad movie, because I don’t think it is. I guess I could lie about that, but I’m not, but it is certainly a very overrated preppy kind of snobby movie. With a lot of cheesy writing, especially considering this movie is at least partially about a Italian-American gangster played by Marlin Brando, or former gangster. And movies like that don’t tend to sound so Connecticut or upper Manhattan. They don’t tend to sound so preppy and snobby and upper class Anglo-Saxon, but this movie does at least to me. But this is one scene that I liked and it had mostly to do with Penelope Ann Miller. Who is a very funny actress and looks great in this leather suit I guess with the jacket and skirt.

A&E: Beyond Scared Straight: Teens Are Forced To Do Physical Training

Interesting way to teach discipline, forcing overweight adolescents into physical health to show them. How they should take care of themselves.

The Fiscal Times: Opinion- Thomas Ferraro and Richard Cowan: Will the GOP Survive the Party’s Split on Taxes?

Source: Five Thirty Eight
Source: The Fiscal Times: Opinion- Thomas Ferraro and Richard Cowan: Will The GOP Survive The Party's Split on Taxes?

As hard as this might be to believe the Republican Party right now is somewhat split between two political factions, the Christian-Right that probably has more power in the GOP that's made up of Christian and Neoconservatives people like Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum and a Conservative-Libertarian wing people like Senators Mike Lee, Rand Paul, Ron Johnson and others the people who tend to agree more often with the Ron Paul Libertarian coalition than the Christian-Right.

But the one thing that keeps this party together, the Pat Robertson coalition and the Goldwater-Reagan coalition is hatred for taxes and their love for economic freedom and fiscal responsibility. It's just that the Goldwater-Reagan Conservatives are also support personal freedom as well and if the Republican Party isn't a fiscally as well as economically conservative party, there isn't much of a reason for them to exist. Because the Neoconservatives and Conservative-Libertarians will be arguing everything else. Like the right to privacy, free speech, cilvil liberties, America's involvement in the world and so forth.

Which means that Speaker Boehner has to get a good deal out of this and be able to tell House Republicans and the rest of the Republican that even if he has to give a little on taxes, he's going to have to get a big deal on spending cuts. That at least matches whatever revenue is raised through tax hikes and President Obama knows the position that Speaker Boehner is in right now and is trying to holdout for the best deal that he can and put as much pressure on the Speaker as possible.
CBS News: GOP Split on Whether Mitt Romney- Should Pay His Taxes

Corvallis Beavers Basketball: MCBL-PAC 1987: Corvallis Beaver @ Oregon Ducks: Big Comeback Victory For The Beavers

The Oregon Ducks letting a big victory slip through their hands

ESPN: MCBL 1972: Final Four Highlight Film: Los Angeles Bruins

Bill Walton at his best

Saturday, December 22, 2012

CBC Sports: CHL 1990: WCF Game 4: Edmonton Oilers @ Winnipeg Jets

The Edmonton Oilers last Stanley Cup Championship 1990 Via Postmedia News: Andrew Coyne: 2012 Was The Year The Stephen Harper Government Finally Found a Sense of Direction

2012 was the year the Stephen Harper government finally found a sense of direction

Canadian politics is interesting to me at least in this sense that people who are called Conservatives in Canada. Look like Jack Kennedy/Bill Clinton Liberal Democrats people who believe in social freedom to go along with. Fiscal responsibility and limited government to go along with a strong defense and the people who are. Called the Liberals in Canada look like the Social Democratic Progressive Caucus in Congress in America. So Canada compared with America looks like the two dominant parties the Conservatives and Democrats. Since the so called Liberals are out of power as well as the opposition today, looks like they have what at least. Would be in America a center left party in the Conservatives and two major lets say further left parties in. The Democrats and Liberals, so the Conservatives in Canada would be Democrats in America with the Democrats and Liberals. And Canada filling the further left Progressive wing in the Democratic Party but Canada doesn't seem to have. A major Conservative-Libertarian Party which you would thing the Conservatives would fit that bill.

So what Canadian Social Democrats seem to not like about Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his government. Is that they are too Liberal not Socialist enough for them and look too much like America that they are trying. To make Canada look like America, whereas Conservatives and Liberals as well in America are constantly. Accusing Progressives in America of trying to make America look like Canada and trying to make us more Socialist.

Friday, December 21, 2012

The Fiscal Times: Opinion- Bruce Bartlett- "How Democrats Became Liberal Republicans"

Source: The Fiscal Times- U.S. President Barack Obama-
Source: The Fiscal Times: Opinion- Bruce Bartlett- How Democrats Became Liberal Republicans

Being a Democrat myself and a member of one of the three ideological factions in the Democratic Party, I know something about the DP's ideological diversity.

We have a classical liberal faction people like John Kerry that I'm a member of. That believes in a lot of personal freedom, but we also have a economic liberal bent to us thats not as social democratic as the Social Democrats in the party. Another political faction, people like economists Robert Reich and Paul Krugman. Liberal Democrats believe in infrastructure investment and that the Federal Government should and can help the less-fortunate, but we also combine that with limited government that there's a limit of what government can do for people. So government, taxpayers and people who are in need and need help the less fortunate should be empowered to do for themselves as much as possible. Which is how Welfare to Work came about in the 1990s, something that Bill Clinton ran on for President in 1992.

Whereas Social Democrats/Democratic Socialists (the Bernie Sanders wing of the party) tend to believe that a role of government, especially the Federal Government is to take care of people for an indefinite amount of time. And doing things like putting poor people in job training and forcing them to go to work is mean-spirited or something. Social Democrats want America to become Europe where taxes and regulations are not only high, but popular. To fund a welfare state where the country would be dependent on the Federal Government to take care of the people. This might sound like me being over partisan, but it's true. The Democrats are essentially made up of two large factions. The FDR wing of Social Democrats who build their philosophy around the welfare state and JFK-Bill Clinton wing. That's made up of Liberals who want to solve problems that America and the country faces, but wants to empower people themselves as much as possible to solve their own problems.

And right now the Liberals are running the party with Barack Obama being one of them as President of the United States. So that's who is directing policy for the party right now and as much as the right wing wants to label President Obama as a Socialist, he's clearly not. And more of a New Democrat who has strong liberal leanings, but which is different from the FDR coalition that's more government-centric. It's not as if the Democratic Party has moved to the right or even center to now where they are a center-right, or centrist party. But they've moved more to the center and since Bill Clinton, or I would even argue since Mike Dukakis in 1988, but who didn't have the political skills of Bill Clinton, the Democratic Party has become the Liberal Party in America. A center-left party that's no longer the Social Democratic Party in America. And a lot of the Social Democrats are now members of social democratic third parties.
Christopher Weeks: The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell- Bruce Bartlett: Barack Obama vs Ronald Reagan On Taxes Via Postmedia News: Tobi Cohen: Unlikely Philanthropists, Canadian Inmates Contribute Tens of Thousands to Charity Every Year

Unlikely philanthropists, Canadian inmates contribute tens of thousands to charity every year

Putting Canadian inmates to work, I like it and something America should do more of to prevent more of our inmates from having to go back to prison.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Fiscal Times: Opinion-Sarah Kliff- Six Things You Don't Know about Mental Healthcare Costs: How to Fund Mental Healthcare in America

Source: The Fiscal Times-
Source: The Fiscal Times: Opinion-Sarah Cliff- Six Things You Don't Know About The Costs of Mental Health Care

If something is worth doing and you have the money to do it, then it's worth paying for. And mental healthcare in America is not only something that's worth doing, but something we simply have to do to prevent future tragedies like Aurora and Newtown and unfortunately many others from happening in America. It's really that simple, we either pay for mental healthcare up front up, or we pay for it down the road with mentally challenged and irresponsible people making horrible decisions that results in the deaths of many people who otherwise didn't have to die. It gets to do we either want to pay for mental health care with our money up front, or do we want to pay for not by funding mental health care with our money up front and paying for it in high health care costs down the road with people getting free health care at the rest of us expense. And we losing more innocent lives down the road. It's that simple, we can fund mental health care in America, because we have the resources to do, or we choose not to and pay for it in higher health care costs down the road as well as costs in innocent human life.

Funding mental health care in America is fairly simple and will mean higher health care costs up front. Especially if we don't do anything further to reform our unaffordable health care system, because what we need to do is pass a law that would require all health insurers private and public to cover mental health care for their customers. Which means premiums would rise in the short run, because more health care would be covered. And the costs for Medicare and Medicaid would go up in the short run as well, but we need to seriously reform both Medicare and Medicaid. Anyway and get those costs under control but we also need to add mental health care to what they cover as well. For reasons I've already laid out, but what I just laid out for mental health care just goes to cover patients and the mental health care that they receive. And for patients who need to be institutionalized, we need to adequately fund our mental hospitals especially the public ones and that means making mental patients eligible for public assistance while they are institutionalized for the ones who can't afford the stay on their own.

It really gets down to priorities and what we need to be paying for as a nation and health care is clearly one of those things including mental health care and is one of the failures of the 2010 Affordable Care Act. That they didn't cover mental health care in that legislation and is something we are still paying for as a nation almost three years later after that legislation became law. And something we need to finally do to prevent future tragedies from happening in the future.
Vlog Brothers: John Green- Why Are The Costs of Mental Health Care So High

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

CBC Sports: NHL 1987: Stanley Cup Finals: Game 7 Part 2: Philadelphia Flyers @ Edmonton Oilers

This was probably the best shot for the Flyers to win the Stanley Cup in the 1980s but they came up short.

The Fiscal Times: Edward Morrissey- "Shame on Congress for Robbing Hurricane Sandy Victims": How to Get Pork Out of Congressional Appropriations

Source: The Fiscal Times-
Source: The Fiscal Times: Ed Morrissey- Shame on Congress for Robbing Hurricane Sandy Victims

Bad news for people on the Left such as myself and people on the Right who believe in limited government and fiscal responsibility, for a couple of reasons.

One, Senator Barbara Mikulski will become the next Chairman of the Appropriations Committee in the next Congress. She is a major porker and one of the members of Congress who have a habit of attaching non-relevant spending to appropriations bills. And I imagine she'll have some non-relevant amendments to the Sandy disaster relief bills.

Two, the other one being that Senator Milkulski's colleagues in Congress will be doing the same thing to the Hurricane Sandy disaster relief bills as well. We are running up run away debt and deficits and Congress is just adding to the problems by borrowing more money from other countries to fund their pet projects. Which is an example of why even disaster relief bills need to be paid for even if that means coming up with a national fund to finance disaster relief like a so-called trust fund. And getting non relevant amendments off of appropriations bills.

Disaster relief like another else the U.S. Government does including defense and military operations that involve helping our so-called allies and victims of civil war in other countries, should be paid for upfront. What Congress both in the Senate and House does, is say, "we'll pay for this spending down the road. But what we need to do is get this money out the door as fast as possible, instead of arguing for how it should be paid for." But they don't even do that. They borrow the money upfront and then move onto other priorities. Which generally involves more borrowing. And Americans who at least care about our deficit and national debt, are left to wonder why we run up big deficits and add to out national debt every year.
Marine Corps Recruiting: Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief

Monday, December 17, 2012

PBS: Newshour: US Senator Diane Feinstein: To Reintroduce Expired Assault Weapons Ban

Its time to at least debate whether or not we should have an assault weapons ban and to look at whether. Having assault weapons legal even for responsible Americans is a price worth paying or not. We are not talking about repealing the 2nd Amendment but banning guns that serve no other purpose then to harm and kill people.

ESPN: NHL 1986: WC Semifinals: Edmonton Oilers @ Calgary Flames: Wayne Gretsky Hattrick

Wayne Gretsky dominating the Oilers arch rival

CBC Sports: NHL 1988: Stanley Cup Finals: Game 3: Edmonton Oilers @ Boston Bruins

The 1988 Stanley Cup Finals was almost over before it started

CBC Sports: NHL 1987: Stanley Cup Finals: Game 7: Philadelphia Flyers @ Edmonton Oilers

One of the best Stanley Cup Finals of all time

CBC Sports: NHL 1980: Edmonton Oilers @ Toronto Maple Leafs: 3/29/1980

The Oilers run just getting started in the NHL in the 1980s

Sunday, December 16, 2012

PBS: Newshour: Bottoms Up to Finding Connection Between Genes and Addiction

I'm sure that some addictions have to do with genes and family history but a lot of it has to do with. Personal responsibility people making bad choices and liking things too much that are bad for them and over consuming them.

Saturday, December 15, 2012 CNN: Situation Room: US Senator John Kerry Will Be The Next Secretary Of State

A great choice for Secretary of State with Senator Kerry's vast experience in foreign policy, Chairman of Foreign Relations. Twenty years on the Foreign Relations Committee, Vietnam War veteran a decorated veteran at that who saw real combat action. Plus twenty eight years in Congress and will be able to work with them and have their respect as well. From both sides of the isle and will probably get almost no resistance for his confirmation.

Friday, December 14, 2012

CFLTV: CFL The Final Wynne: Original Documentary

As far as stadiums go as far as what Ivor Wynne had to offer, Ivor Wynne Stadium wasn't that much of a stadium. But it was a great little stadium as far as the atmosphere it had and the home field advantage it gave the Hamilton Tigercats.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

CBC Sports: CHL 1983: Semifinal Playoffs: Calgary Flames @ Edmonton Oilers

Two great Alberta pro sports rivalries, Oilers-Flames and Eskimos-Stampeders

Baltimore Sports Report: Better Ravens Head Coach: John Harbaugh Or Brian Billick?

Better Ravens Head Coach: John Harbaugh Or Brian Billick?

To me its John Harbaugh especially if the Ravens hold on and make it to the AFC Playoffs for the fifth straight season. Something that rarely happens anymore in the NFL, with all of the injuries and free agency, players holding out. While they are still under contract and so fourth and so much more now being expected from head coaches, with less time. Given to them to accomplish what the fans and management expect from them and I know Brian Billick won a Super Bowl. With basically not having a passing game that they could rely on but if you look at the overall pictures of both coaches. And the fact that the Ravens have gone to the AFC Playoffs now every season until they miss it under John Harbaugh. Starting with a rookie QB and still a young QB whose still inconsistent, I think you have to give the edge to. John Harbaugh, whose not only been to the AFC Playoffs every season but has one at least one playoff game. Every season he's been in Baltimore as well.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Baltimore Sports Report: Is John Harbaugh On The Hot Seat?

Is John Harbaugh On The Hot Seat?

Firing John Harbaugh at the end of the season considering all the injuries that they've had this year and the players. They lost in the offseason and the record coach Harabugh has in Baltimore, would be a horrible decision. He's easily one of the top 3-5 head coaches in the NFL right now.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Monday, December 10, 2012

PressBoxSports: Inside PressBox: The State of The Baltimore Blast

I'm a fan of the Baltimore Blast, even though most if not all of their games aren't available on TV. Despite all of the sports channels that are available in the Washington/Baltimore region and just wish they. And the Major Indoor Soccer League or MISL had a TV contract.

Friday, December 7, 2012

The Fiscal Times: Opinion- Bruce Bartlett: Jack Kemp Showed GOP How to Appeal to Minorities

Source: The Fiscal Times- Jack Kemp, Washington Mayor Adrian Fenty & U.S. Delegate Eleanor H. Norton-
Source: The Fiscal Times: Opinion- Bruce Bartlett- Jack Kemp Showed GOP How to Appeal to Minorities

Jack Kemp could appeal to non-traditional Republicans, racial minorities, as well as people who live in big cities, especially in the Northeast, Midwest and West Coast, because he was basically a Classical Conservative-Libertarian on social issues. Rather than with the Religious-Right or Neoconservatives. And spoke about economic conservatism in a way that showed non-traditional Republicans how economic conservatism worked for them. That if people get themselves a good education and there's economic opportunity for them, then they can be successful in life and have a much better future. Than if they were to live off of public assistance most of their lives, as well as raise their kids on public assistance. Which tends to be the message of so-called Progressive Democrats to people who live in poverty. That this is how government can take care of you. Rather than this is how government can help you help yourself, so you can live a productive life. And be able to take care of yourself and not have to live off of public assistance.

Jack Kemp was a classical big tent Republican, not in the sense that he was a moderate who votes Conservative on some things and liberal on others but that he was inclusive of people who aren't traditional Republicans. Who don't live their lives the way a typical Bible Belt Republicans might live. And that he used the message of conservatism to bring people into the GOP, rather than telling non-traditional Republicans that they are Un-American or lazy. Unlike Mitt Romney, Jack Kemp didn't put people down who lacked job skills and depended on public assistance. But was interested in empowering these people to be able to take care of themselves. And hopefully this is the direction that people like Senators Mike Lee, Ron Johnson, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio and Representatives Paul Ryan, Jason Amash and others people who look up to Jack Kemp, will try to move the GOP into this direction.
Maggie Zachary: Global Public Square With Fareed Zakaria- Bruce Bartlett

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

WizardsExtreme: Wizards Head Coach Randy Wittman Post-Game 12/4/12

Wow the Wizards get their first win of December and don't wait twelve games to get their first win this month. Unlike what they did in November.

National Archives: Tim Naftali- Watergate: The 18 ½ Minute Gap and Haldeman's Notes

Source: National Archives-
Source: National Archives: Tim Naftali- Watergate: The 18 1/2 Minute Gap and Haldeman's Notes

One of the most fascinating and most unnecessary stories in American history, because President Nixon was going to get reelected overwhelmingly anyway in a landslide, because he was running against someone who was seen as a Socialist (and not just by Richard Nixon) in Senator George McGovern and President Nixon was a Moderate by comparison.

But that is what Richard Nixon was always about when it came to politics which was information. Not saying he ordered the actual Watergate break in but it looks like it seemed like what he wanted according to the people who worked for him in the White House. Which his intelligence unit in the White House (the plumbers) believing that President Nixon at the very least wouldn't have a problem with the break in and thinking he might protect them if they were to get caught. Which is exactly what happened in 1972 because they weren't professional burglars. They were like a karaoke act at a nightclub or some dive just outside of an airport. They simply didn't know what they were doing and literally got caught on the spot at the Watergate Hotel.

Monday, December 3, 2012

CNN: Marijuana is Now Legal in Washington State

Source: CNN-
Source: CNN: Marijuana is Now Legal in Washington State

One of the best stories of 2012, because it proves how far America is moving to become that big government out of our wallets and personal lives country that both Barry Goldwater and John F. Kennedy, who agreed as often as it snows in Los Angeles, that they both advocated for in the 1960s. It also shows that even though Millennial's are flirting with socialism and big government from the Left, ( Far-Left really) that my Generation X is becoming a generation that doesn't want Uncle Sam or any other government uncle running our lives for us. Marijuana legalization was a fringe issue even back in 2004 and now eight years later it is legal in two more states in Colorado and Washington  and could be headed to New Hampshire, my state of Maryland, California, and perhaps other states in the next 5-10 years. Because more Americans are coming to realize the failures of the so-called War on Drugs and that we need a better approach to how we deal with narcotics like marijuana and instead locking people up for possessing or usage of it, legalize and regulate it like legal narcotics. Like alcohol, tobacco, prescription drugs and other drugs. 

Saturday, December 1, 2012

PBS: Newshour: But Congress Negotiations on Deficit Deal 'Go Nowhere'

Looks like Democrats have the edge here with Congressional Republicans both in the House and Senate. Saying they are now willing to raise taxes on millionaires to pay for deficit reduction, if Democrats agree. To savings in entitlements, so if Democrats go up to a million dollars as far as where to raise taxes and agree to entitlement savings. There's a deal here to be reached.