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Sunday, September 30, 2012

CBS News: Face The Nation: Alabama Governor George Wallace From 1965

The late George C. Wallace, the former Governor of Alabama, that was sorta half Democrat. And half Neoconservative, someone you would see on the Far Right of the Republican Party, he was half Progressive Democrat, as it related to Public Infrastructure, Public Education. And other Economic Issues but Conservative in the sense that he believed the States should be controlling all of these things, he might even of been in favor of the Great Society of the. 1960s but wouldn't want the Federal Government to run these programs, that the country would be better off, if the States and Locals ran these programs instead, so he was a man with Progressive. Leanings on Economic Policy but a Conservative in the sense that he believed in States Rights and Local Control, the States Rights issue, at least as far as I'm concern, didn't make. Him an extremist, except for as it related to Civil Rights, had he believed that the States were in better position to run all of these programs but also believed in Civil Rights, Equal Protection, Under the Law. For everybody he would've been in the mainstream in the Conservative Movement on those issues and more of a Moderate Progressive on Economic Policy, that government has a major role to play in providing basic Human Services but the States should run the programs, not the Federal Government.

I'm not going to say that George Wallace is the example of what an Independent should be in America. And what the Independence Party should be but on Economic and Fiscal Policy, he would fit in very well, government has a role to provide basic Human Services but its limited and that government. Has a responsibility to mspend every tax dollar that it collects responsibly and that the role it has in society should be limited and only tax enough to meet those services. And thats consistent with strong Economic and Job Growth, where we are not piling on debt and running huge deficits, especially in good economic times. The other half when it comes to Social Issues, someone whose more Moderate-Liberal or even a classical Social Conservative, instead of what we see today, would fill in the other half, to give. This Independent a complete picture, someone like an Agnus King of Maine.

America needs a strong Conservative Party, that believe in Economic Freedom but also Social Freedom. That allows Americans to live their own lives, instead of government trying to decide for them, how they should live, as well as believing in Fiscal Responsibility, as it relates to the entire. Federal Budget, not just the Safety Net, as well as Limited Government and we are not getting that right now from the Republican Party, that thanks to Tea Party Neoconservatives. Has become an exclusive Far Right Statist Party.

CBC Sports: CFL 1991: WEST Semifinal: Lions @ Stampeders

Danny Barrett is a blast from the past in the CFL, the Vancouver Lions-Calgary Stampeders rivalry, is. One of the oldest and best rivalries in the CFL and they've played a lot of great close games against each other in the CFL Playoffs. NHL players Sound Off on The Labor Crisis

Did the NHL not learn a damn thing from 2004-05, I mean only in the NHL when their popularity and revenue is up. They do something to mess it up, they haven't figured out that they are both better off, when management and the players are getting their cut, rather then trying to one up the other.

Politico: Dylan Myers: GOP VP Nominee Representative Paul Ryan breaks 'no whining rule'

Paul Ryan breaks 'no whining rule'

There's no whining in politics!

Fiscal Times: Real Corporate Tax Reform: Still a Long Way Off

Real Corporate Tax Reform: Still a Long Way Off

Real Corporate Tax Reform is about eliminating Corporate Welfare and lowering the Corporate Tax. Lowering the rates while expanding the base.