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Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Fiscal Times: Opinion- Thomas Ferraro and Richard Cowan: Will the GOP Survive the Party’s Split on Taxes?

Source: Five Thirty Eight
Source: The Fiscal Times: Opinion- Thomas Ferraro and Richard Cowan: Will The GOP Survive The Party's Split on Taxes?

As hard as this might be to believe the Republican Party right now is somewhat split between two political factions, the Christian-Right that probably has more power in the GOP that's made up of Christian and Neoconservatives people like Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum and a Conservative-Libertarian wing people like Senators Mike Lee, Rand Paul, Ron Johnson and others the people who tend to agree more often with the Ron Paul Libertarian coalition than the Christian-Right.

But the one thing that keeps this party together, the Pat Robertson coalition and the Goldwater-Reagan coalition is hatred for taxes and their love for economic freedom and fiscal responsibility. It's just that the Goldwater-Reagan Conservatives are also support personal freedom as well and if the Republican Party isn't a fiscally as well as economically conservative party, there isn't much of a reason for them to exist. Because the Neoconservatives and Conservative-Libertarians will be arguing everything else. Like the right to privacy, free speech, cilvil liberties, America's involvement in the world and so forth.

Which means that Speaker Boehner has to get a good deal out of this and be able to tell House Republicans and the rest of the Republican that even if he has to give a little on taxes, he's going to have to get a big deal on spending cuts. That at least matches whatever revenue is raised through tax hikes and President Obama knows the position that Speaker Boehner is in right now and is trying to holdout for the best deal that he can and put as much pressure on the Speaker as possible.
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