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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

PBS: NewsHour- Spencer Michaels: California Law Aspires to Improve Mental Health

Source: PBS NewsHour-
Source: PBS: NewsHour- Spencer Michaels: California Law Aspires To Improve Mental Health

It's a good thing that California is taking a lead on something positive for a change as it relates to their government by funding mental health care. It's not as if we can't fund mental health care in this country, but it's that we've decided as a country that funding mental health care should not be a priority, or that it's too expensive. Which is not true! It should be a priority, because of the people we've lost in these shootings and we can afford it through things like health insurance and public assistance for people who can't afford it on their own. We're paying a bigger price in human life an d I would argue financially as well when it comes to our law enforcement and corrections system and having to put mental handicapped in prison instead of hospitals, that if those people who committed these horrible crimes wouldn't have happened in the first place, if these people were just in mental institutions, or at the very least getting outpatient therapy and on medication. We wouldn't have seen the shootings in Aurora and Connecticut, that we've seen this year.